vanity makeover on a low budget, painted furniture

Vanity Makeover On a Low Budget

Looking for a cheap and simple way to transform your bathroom vanity? I was able to transform my outdated vanity for under $50.

repurposed 100 yr old barn door to the bathroom

Repurposed 100+ Year Old Barn Door to the Bathroom!

Every year, hubby Greg and I do at least one bigger project around the house. Last year it was a much needed air conditioning unit. This year we decided it was time to upgrade our 80's powder room. I like to do things a little differently, so... Here's what we decided to do.

the olive bathroom a mancave ensuite we can agree on, bathroom ideas, home decor, painting, Downstairs Powder Room

The Olive Bathroom – A Mancave Ensuite We Can Agree On

Men like masculine colors…what?! Well, I should say, my Husband likes what he calls 'guy colors'.
As a Designer married to an Engineer, form and function are topics often discussed in our home. I prefer elegant yet laid-back design and my husband likes our surroundings to look appealing, as well. So when he mentions ‘no girly-colors’ for his man-cave bathroom, I say, ‘but what do you…mean’?

80 s master bath remodel, bathroom ideas, home decor, home improvement

80's Master Bath Remodel

We moved into our home a little over a year ago. I hated the master bath. So my husband and I set out to remodel it and make it our own. We replaced the huge double sink vanity with two pedestal sinks (love) and added additional storage with a piece I found on Craigslist for $40, all it needed was a coat of paint. We also removed the dated floor tiles with new tiles that look like wood. We removed the dated glass block walls in the shower, with a curved shower curtain rod that we made out of electrical conduit. We added bead board panels to the walls and framed them out with 1x4's and 1x6's. Replaced the old lights fixtures with outdoor fixtures from Lowes, new mirrors from Hobby Lobby.I absolutely love my new master bath!

master bath makeover, bathroom ideas, diy, home decor, wall decor

Master Bath Makeover

We gave our master bathroom a makeover... makeover

bath vanity makeover, bathroom ideas

Bath Vanity Makeover

My home…it was/is living in the 80’s….The bathrooms are fake marble countertops with matching sinks attached.The size of the countertop and vanity…are not the normal size. This is what they look like….Yuck

ma am your escutcheons are bent and upside down i beg your pardon, bathroom ideas, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to, paint colors, painting, tiling, wall decor

Ma'am, Your Escutcheons Are Bent and Upside Down! I Beg Your Pardon

Making the most of a 520 Sq Foot Mobile Home - A Bathroom Renovation!

repurposed vintage bathroom, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, organizing, painting, repurposing upcycling

Repurposed vintage bathroom

After collecting a hodge podge of sale items they all came together in my "new" vintage bathroom, one of my favorite rooms in the house.

farmhouse bath renovation

Farmhouse Bath Renovation

If you've visited my hometalk and blog before, you saw the disaster that was our guest bath. You also saw our mini renovation we did as well as the low budget we had! I've since made some updates and wanted to share them with you. But of course, let's start off with the before!

shiplap in the bathroom

Shiplap in the Bathroom

I know the craziness about shiplap but I started way before Joanna and Chip. As you can see my past posting of the wall for backpacks. I know it is a different shiplap.Anyway, I wanted to change our bathroom (builder grade) but not to spend a ton of money. Have the usual brown bathroom vanities, frameless mirrors, nowhere to put our towels and I had enough of our laundry basket.My husband and I decided to make one wall out of shiplap. Of course the hardest with window openings, outlets ,bathtub...oh well, we started it so we had to finish it.

small bathroom makeover wallpaper fun bright, bathroom ideas, countertops, diy, flooring, small bathroom ideas, wall decor

New Life For a Dark and Dreary Powder Room

This TINY powder room was an add on and it inexplicably opens up into the dining room. No natural light, no room, and VERY dated. I tried my hand at wallpaper right when we moved in and it helped... but it was peeling and a mess already. So I decided to bring in some heavier artillery and redo the whole space! I peeled the wallpaper and replaced it with board and batten and FABRIC. For the vanity, I gave the laminate counter a concrete skim coat, painted the sink (yep.. the SINK), replaced the faucet and painted the cabinet. The ceiling and dated fan got a coat of paint and the turquoise floor was replaced with gorgeous penny tile. Out with the blue toilet and in with this pretty new white one. And the door? Well that started out as a solid wood door from a local salvage joint and I replaced the top panel with this clouded glass with a fun vinyl washroom sticker. To say it's an improvement is an understatement!

bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodel

So we bought a fixer upper...understatement. Closed on Thursday and spent Friday - Sunday blowing in 76 packages of greenfiber cellulose insulation 13 inches deep in the attic (no insulation, the owner had $600 electric bills in the summer). Monday the AC team arrived to replace the heatpump and all ductwork (awful, original from 1979 and full of pet hair from years of pets, 2 dogs, 4 cats occupied the house when we bought). In the process, AC guy says "your toilet is about to fall through the floor, only tile holding it up". I'm thinking he's talking about the master bath, which has a hole in the floor not so much. It was the bathroom we planned to use while remodeling. So, move i delayed while the first of many remodeling projects started after work and weekends! We had never remodeled a home, we could fix little things, change out light fixtures, I could lay tile and had in our last house in a small bath. We learned most of what we needed via YouTube.

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Safely Removing Your Builder Grade Mirror

We didn't want to sink a lot of money into the guest bathroom at the moment because we have a few other projects going on in the house. So I have been making a point to only make changes that are budget friendly and still make a big impact. For now the black granite counters, tile, cabinets, and shower will stay as is. But their time will come!After changing out some decor, adding beadboard, and a new vanity light, it was looking so much better! But this bathroom was still looking dated. So we decided it was time to finally tackle the builder grade mirror and medicine cabinet. It was sooo fast, easy, and the mirror didn't crack! We are kicking ourselves that we did not do it before this! We knew this would be the cheapest way to make a big impact! I wanted to share with you truly how manageable this is. But please keep in mind this bathroom is still very much a work in progress and I will share the final reveal soon!

powder room makeover, bathroom ideas, home improvement, how to, small bathroom ideas, tile flooring

Powder Room Makeover

So, I want to use this blog to also talk about our most recent purchase - a lake house in Wisconsin. It had always been our dream to purchase an old home and completely renovate it. I know many people want the "turn-key" ready house, but to me, that's boring. I wanted something we could really leave our imprint on and add in our own personal touch. Well, this house has proved to be nothing short of a place that we can make our own...and by that I mean, literally every square inch of the house needs work. Going through this renovation has been somewhat of an emotional roller-coaster. We'll get so excited about new ideas and projects, but then feel completely dejected when we uncover some new problem of the house. There are many times when we've asked ourselves, "What were we thinking?! We're in over our heads!" But then we think about all the great memories to be made in the future and think, "Ok, this is going to be the best dumb decision we've ever made!" With that, I'm excited to unveil the first room makeover...the powder room!

how to paint your bathroom vanity

How to Paint Your Bathroom Vanity

My mini-bathroom makeover has finally begun after living with a very bland bathroom for a few years. I started with updating the vanity and I am so pleased with the outcome. With a few tips you can do yours too!Does your vanity need a pick-me-up? Check out how to make over your builder grade vanity with a Hometalk expert, to get a custom look!

goodbye 1970 s hello beautiful, bathroom ideas, diy, home improvement

Goodbye 1970's, Hello Beautiful!!

My husband and I bought our home in 2013. It's a 1970's walkout ranch (that has seen little updates in it's life) located in the middle of a beautiful forest in northern lower Michigan. We liked the potential and character of the home even though we knew we were in for a lot of work to bring it into the new century. We started with the room that needed our attention the worst - the bathroom!

80s bath makeover, bathroom ideas, repurposing upcycling

'80s Bath Gets a Whole New Look

This bath remodel came out better than we ever dreamed. From the sky light to the heated stone floor, from the re-purposed vanity to the paint finishes, this was a dream come true.

quick and easy vanity light update, bathroom ideas, lighting

Quick and Easy Vanity Light Update

We're in the middle of a makeover of our master bathroom, and one of the many outdated fixtures we've needed to deal with is this vanity light. We're trying to do things as inexpensively as we can in here (in hopes of saving money for a more thorough overhaul a few years down the road), so we opted to keep the existing light and give it a quick update.

small bathroom renovation after reveal, bathroom ideas

Small Bathroom Makeover Under $2,750

The only full bathroom is the biggest renovation project to take on in our tiny apartment makeover, but it is proving to have the biggest impact! With the neutral tile we selected, I wanted to have a little fun with the paint color.

drastic before after bathroom remodel all diy, bathroom ideas, home improvement

Drastic Before/After Bathroom Remodel (all DIY!)

We had it all the undesirables in our bathroom when we moved in: carpet, floor-to-ceiling peeling wallpaper, miss-aligned sconces, leaking faucets, etc. With lots of tutorial reading and elbow grease, we transformed the bathroom in to something that we are proud of!

12 hour half bath reno , bathroom ideas, home improvement, 12 Hour Half Bath Reno AFTER

12 Hour Half Bath Reno...

So we were at Home Depot picking up something like screws when we walked by and saw a vanity that we'd looked at previously ON CLEARANCE... we had a START THE CAR moment, scooped up the vanity and mirror and rushed off home...
We had no intention of renovating our half bath when we left the house that day but when we got back we got right to work...

beautiful shower curtains ceiling tracks for your shower and bath

Beautiful Shower Curtains Ceiling Tracks for Your Shower and Bath.

I don't like the look of just a single shower curtain nor do I like the look of a double shower rod. Aside from the look of the shower curtain rod it doesn’t seem to draw smoothly. It tends to catch along the way. Though I like to be thrifty getting a designer look for the least amount of money is my goal. What I use is a ceiling curtain track with a cloth liner and rod pocket panels. You will need a longer shower liner that you can find on Amazon.

won t wait for an update vanity

Won't Wait For An Update Vanity

1994 was a great year for mauve and blue. 2017 looking to stay trendy with grey's and blacks, and wanting to lean towards elegance and not pop art. I've never been accused of being patient but I did get ahead of myself and caused my better half more work and he already works to hard! I'm committed to showing you what I did in a few hours in the day that caused a chain of events!Might I mention that my Master bedroom looks like a motel room with the lay out of the bathroom. It was the only point that I wasn't thrilled with but we got 2.5 acres on a private lane in the woods so I guess you have to decide if its a deal breaker. A header will go across the top in hopes of making it less of a motel feel. If I were into the farmhouse look I would simply put a sliding barn door across. (Still looking for inspiration. )

gorgeous bathroom makeover, bathroom ideas, home decor, home improvement, AFTER

GORGEOUS Bathroom Makeover

My husband just finished remodeling a master bathroom for a client of his. The results are gorgeous!
The bathroom got a complete overall, including removing a corner tub and rearranging the layout of the bathroom, new tile floor, granite vanity top, new paint and bead board, and more. Check it out by clicking on the link.

tiled bathroom mirror frame no grout, bathroom ideas, how to, tiling, wall decor

Tiled Bathroom Mirror Frame - No Grout!

I wanted to add a little color and some character to the kids bathroom without a lot of cost, time or mess! I put a glass mosaic tile border around it without using any grout!