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My Creative Space - Part 2

If you enjoyed part 1 of the tour of my creative space, I hope you'll check out the rest.
With limited space, how I stored things has been a big part of adapting this room to be a craft room.

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Attic Craft Room Reveal

This project has taken months, but my husband and I feel the time and effort spent is so worth it! Here is my new attic craft room, set up in a space in our attic that used to be unfinished (or, barely finished...or badly finished). Now it's functional and bright, perfect for getting away to craft and blog!
The room was originally only marginally finished if that, so it was torn down to the studs, then we installed wood floors and dry wall. Primed, painted, trimmed, replaced both windows, recreated both window sills, built doors to access the knee walls.
The room isn't that big, but I was able to fit in plenty of storage with a card catalog that I split and a few pieces of furniture from Ikea.

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Craft Closet Makeover

We are turning a small 12x12 bedroom into my craft/office room in our home. We started the process by turning the reach-in closet into my new craft closet. To make it look less like a closet, we removed the header. This really opened up the space and made it easier for me to see and reach the upper shelves. To see more of this makeover, click on the link.

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Craft Room Makeover - From Living Room to Craft Room

I love crafting. At some point I realized that it would be easier to convert my empty formal living room area into an actual craft room. So, that's what I did! I removed all the formal hunter green and burgundy wallpaper and replaced it with vibrant colors that made me happy.

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Junk Room to Craft Room Makeover

When I'd had enough of my all-in-one junk room where I used to toss anything that didn't have a place, I decided it was time for a craft room makeover!

built in bookcases, craft rooms, storage ideas, All gussied up with storage boxes and containers for my craft supplies

Built in bookcases

I used four Billy bookcases (with extenders) from Ikea to install a wall of built in bookcases for my craft room. For a few hundred dollars, we have a custom look!

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Craft Room DIY Desk Tutorial

I have a small 10x10ft craft room in my home and needed to find a desk that would provide workspace and storage. After scouring the web and nearby stores, I figured my best option would be to build my desk using some simple supplies.
I purchased some white kitchen base cabinets from Lowe's, plywood for the base of the desktop, and laminate flooring for a finished look on the top. Add a little molding and it was perfect!
Two places to sit, 10 feet of workspace, plenty of storage, and one happy crafter!

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How-to Make a Chalkboard Wall in Your Home Office/Craft Room

Another craft room project is complete! Check out my Chalkboard Wall! It's actually more than just a chalkboard wall. Click over to the blog for all the details!

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Welcome To My Potting Shed

Spring will soon be arriving and it will be time to reopen my potting shed. My potting shed is my favorite place to hang out. It's my own little creative space where I spend time gardening, working on projects, reading and listening to music.

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Craft Closet Makeover

Our home had a thin, long, rather unused closet. Since I was missing having a space to do projects, I decided to convert the closet into my craft space. I took down the shelf and pole, measured the width, and tackled the project for less than $50. All I needed was one sheet of plywood, some 2x2 furring strips and 1x2 trim pieces. I used the 1x2's as cleats to screw into the studs, then set my plywood on top and screwed into the cleats. The 2x2's became support legs. I left the center section open so I'd have room to sew and use the desk. The desk is 28" tall, the shelves are 15" high and 11" long, while the whole thing is 20" deep. It's the perfect solution for this closet! More details on my blog, here

craft room makeover, cleaning tips, craft rooms, home decor, storage ideas

Craft Room Makeover

My craft room was getting out of control FAST due to a lack of storage. As one of my projects for Lowes, I created additional storage by adding cabinets. I bought the unfinished cabinets and the cheapest counter top which happened to be white. The cabinets, paint, cost was about $700.

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Organized Craft Closet

Our office closet had quickly become a catch all for everything in our house that didn't have a proper place to be. I finally got sick of the unorganized chaos and designed the perfect dream craft closet using IKEA's Algot system.

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Craft Room Closet Makeover {Love My DIY Home)

My mom passed away December of 2014. She lived in our home in our 3rd floor apartment.
One of the first things I did was convert her bedroom over into my craft room. It was to her room first that I would to run each time I finished a project or posted a DIY tutorial.
She was my best cheerleader.

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Vintage inspired craft room/home office.

There's a lot going on in this room, but it's organized and a great work space.

grommeted linen counter skirt, countertops

Grommeted Linen Counter Skirt

I have a counter in my office/craft room that I use for my frequent projects, which sometimes include painting and gluing projects. While I love the usefulness of this counter, it's a standard builder's grade white Formica counter and so not the loveliest thing. I recently decided to update and redecorate this office/craft room and really wanted to find a way to improve the looks of this counter.
Replacing it with a nicer surface wasn't really a good option; I often use bleach and abrasives to keep this surface clean .
I spied a curtained table in a Ballard Design catalog and the lightbulb went off!

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Create A Hidden Vertical Space To Store Large Size Paper

Do you have large size paper and similar sized items like poster board, cutting mats, art canvas and bits and pieces of cardboard that you hate to throw out just in case you need it?
Storing these kinds of items can be a problem. You don't want to store them so they take up a lot of room, don't get damaged and you want them to be easily accessible. Typical storage options are under a bed or at the back of a closet.
I came up with a storage solution that works perfectly in my craft room!

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Inexpensive Craftroom Makeover

With some garage sale finds and paint, I transformed my Craftroom into a happy place!

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The Making of a Craft Studio (III) - If You Build It, She Will Come!

In part II of The Making of a Craft Studio, I showed you how to use Ikea's Pax Planner to design a storage solution for your craft studio (Canadian and US version links are on my blog). Today, I'm going to highlight installing the cabinets, some of the indispensable tools we used in the installation, installation tips specific to drawers and how we adapted an Ikea pullout to work at the bottom of one of our cabinets. I'm also going to show you how I've started to use the cabinets to organize all my craft goodies and tools!

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DIY Activity Wall - Chalkboard/Magnet Board/Art Display Organization

SO MUCH CLUTTER!! This is a common complaint I hear from homeowners. Kids rooms seem to be the biggest culprits. Parents don't want to take away their children's fun and creativity, but they don't know how to take control of their mess. This is a great easy DIY if you need some organization in your home (and life).

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So Thankful for My Craft Space

Took 10 years to get........I spend no less then 7 hours a day in my space. Love how everything is in reaching distance. The room inspires me everyday.
You can view the kinds of projects I make in my space here:
The Cutting Cafe:

craft room, craft rooms, home decor, This bookshelf was in my daughters bedroom when she no longer wanted it I moved it to my craft room for additional storage The craft letters are from JoAnn Fabrics I painted them and used 3 M tape to hang them up

Craft Room

My craft room is in our finished basement and I wanted to create a fun place to craft and scrapbook but didn't want to spend a lot of money. Most of the items were purchased at craft stores (on sale or with a coupon). I also re-purposed items we already had to save money.

my dream craft room makeover on a budget

My Dream Craft Room Makeover on a Budget!

When we started the renovations on the house, we had set a budget aside. As with all things nothing goes according to plan, so we ended up spending most of it on other rooms (more important than my craft room). When it came to the craft room, which was a bonus to me, I needed to get creative, use things I already had at home, repurpose, repaint and rethink everything!! Here is what I did!!

how to make an upcycled diy pendant lamp, craft rooms, electrical, repurposing upcycling, If you ve got an cute but broken item around your house like I had this Crate and Barrel fruit basket you can make an upcycled pendant lamp

How to Make a DIY Pendant Lamp -- Have you always wanted to make your own pendant lamp? This is how I UPCYCLED a pretty little wire fruit basket to make a pendant lamp for my thrifted craft room. Super cheap! To see more pics of my thrifted craft room, where nearly everything came from my favorite thrift store, visit:

my thrifted craft room, chalk paint, craft rooms, home decor, How my craft room look so far It s coming along nicely It contains a thrifted vintage drafting table a DIY card catalog and a thrifted shelf

My Thrifted Craft Room

All the pieces of furniture in my craft room have come from the thrift store or bought second-hand! It's still "IN PROGRESS" but I will be finished soon! Here's a look at its progress and how inexpensive it's was to furnish!

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Building a Pottery Barn Inspired Home Office

A year ago I converted my son's old bedroom into a home office. It's become a haven, a place where I blog full time, sew, craft and relax. The office took a little over a year to really complete. I tend to be a slow decorator, only buying pieces I really love for a space. Check out the full transformation from Bedroom to Home Office in this post at Between Naps on the Porch: