coffee table restoration, painted furniture

Coffee Table Restoration

Found an outdated coffee table at the used furniture store for $65 bucks. It was solid oak and had interesting glass cutouts. I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it to make it MINE.

renovating a fixer upper house before and after dining room, dining room ideas, home decor, And the After looking from the same spot

Renovating a Fixer Upper House/Before and After Dining room

I'm so happy to be finished with the renovation of my 1979 fixer upper. Thought it would be fun to share the Before and After of my dining room, which is complete except for drapes. It was a long process, but it's nice to finally get to decorate and make it pretty after the renovation process.

remodeled dinning room and living room, home improvement

Remodeled Dinning Room, and Living Room

Dinning room is 24 feet by 14 feet, very large. Covered in dated paneling. Wall had to go to open up the living spaces. Had to bring in Professional to add support beam in order to do that. added Faded silk paint and Victorian lace trim. plus accessories. stripped china hutch and painted it voodoo black and kept the brass knobs. added a brushed antique chandelier and carried in black from kitchen to light covers in the dinning room.

adding wood planks to our dining room and side wall

Adding Wood Planks to Our Dining Room and Side Wall

Am I the only one that’s noticed a big shift in popularity of anything wood on a wall? I’m guessing we can thank Joanna Gaines for that! I have to agree though, that adding any sort of wood to a wall adds warmth and architectural detail. I’ll also admit that I’m a huge fan of planked walls (shiplap, board and batten, you name it, I love it). That’s why I’ve decided to plank a few areas in my dining room and show you how I added wood planks to our dining room column and side walls.Over the past year I have become very familiar with adding different types of wood to my walls. I’ve created a faux shiplap wall with no power tools, an easy DIY board and batten with minimal materials, and now I’ve decided it’s time to use real wood to plank our column and side walls.The wood planks I’m using are from Weaber Lumber. Weaber has a great instructional video on how to install the boards HERE. You can see the boards I received HERE.

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Holiday Ready Dining Room Reveal

My favorite holiday tradition is being home. Gathering around the dinner table, entertaining, and lingering a little bit longer than normal. We moved into our home less than a month ago and this dining room/kitchen is what sold us on the house!
But when we moved in, the space seemed dark, lacked seating, and didn't have enough storage. This needed to be fixed before the holidays! We painted and added in pieces that solved our issues and made this the perfect dining room for entertaining.
Visit my post for the complete source and color list.

adding piping to dining room chairs is easier than you think, painted furniture, reupholster, Piping adds a beautiful finished look

Adding Piping to Dining Room Chairs is Easier Than You Think!

Here is how I added piping to my dining room chairs for a more finished, professional look. You don't even have to sew if you don't want to. I'll show you both ways! Here's a peek at the sew method. For full details and the no-sew method, follow the link to my bloggity blog.

kitchen and dining room tiling a big mistake you don t want to make, diy, kitchen design, tiling, This is where we got when we realized our booboo And we were doing so well too

Kitchen and Dining Room Tiling - A Big Mistake You Don't Want to Make!

We tiled our kitchen and dining room floor and we made a big mistake. We want to share our mistake with you so you don't make it too! It looks great now thanks to my honey and a very inventive and helpful customer service worker.

living room update new wood floors, flooring, hardwood floors, living room ideas

The Sexy to My Dining Room: Our New Wood Floors

We have wanted wood floors our entire homeowner life. On days where couldn't stand the idea of living another day with our matted down, wrinkled, stained carpet, we'd imagine our home with wood floors. After 13 years, our wood floor dreams came true, and we just can't believe the difference!

easy diy farmhouse style wainscot


DIY farmhouse style wainscot is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install your own wainscot. Adding wainscot to your home is a classic and timeless design that will last for years to come.

china cabinet makeover from traditional to farmhouse, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painted furniture

China Cabinet Makeover (from Traditional to Farmhouse)

As a Furniture Artist, I am always looking for different ways to transform my pieces. For this project I wanted to take a traditional looking china cabinet and transform it into more of a rustic farmhouse style with barnwood and pure white paint.

spring dining room before and after, dining room ideas, wall decor

Spring Dining Room +Before and After

My dining room has gone through a ton of changes over the past few years, and here's just another one of them :) Plus, now that Spring is here, I had fun incorporating some bright colors.

how to paint faux brick

How to Paint Faux Brick

Painting Faux Brick is an easy technique and very inexpensive to create. I will admit, it is a little time consuming, but worth the time and effort you put into it.

gorgeous shiplap at a fraction of the price, bedroom ideas, doors, home decor, outdoor living, painting, repurposing upcycling, wall decor

Gorgeous Shiplap at a Fraction of the Price

I have a girl crush on Joanna Gaines and when I grow up, i want to be her. Seriously. Not only are Chip and Jo the definition of "relationship goals", but Jo has made a career doing what she loves and has been such an inspiration to so many people along the way - myself included. Not to mention, she basically introduced the world to shiplap and for that, I am eternally grateful. Shiplap doesn't seem to have been used in the homes in east Tennessee so I wasn't able to salvage any and i definitely wasn't lucky enough to discover it behind some nasty drywall on the infamous "demo day." so we made our own and we spent less than $60 doing so!

how to add board and batten to walls, diy, how to, wall decor, woodworking projects

How to Add Board and Batten to Walls

A great way to give your home or any room in your home a custom more detailed look is to add details to the walls. Board and batten is a great look for many different styles of decor. This tutorial gives my top 5 board and batten wall tips for adding this detail to your room.
This is my dining room that was in need of an update and I decided this would be high impact with low expense.

stencil how to a rustic cabinet makeover with modello stencils, diy, how to, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, woodworking projects

Stencil How To: A Rustic Cabinet Makeover With Modello(R) Stencils

This old, rustic cabinet came from the gigantic Hillsville, Virginia Labor Day antiques show, probably 15 years ago. I loved it, but my neighbor bought it out from under me. I ended up trading her for my old kitchen cabinets later that year and ended up with it myself after all. It is a prize piece in my home office because it is narrow, yet holds all of my boring, cluttery office supplies. It - also - was - boring.
Do you have a similar piece that you will never part with, but it needs just a tiny something to add some pizzazz? Having spent many years in the faux finishing business, I loved to use Royal Design Studio's Modello one-time masking patterns in my clients' homes. They are like a stencil, but you can choose the pattern and size you want. Ages ago, I imagined using an over-scale design on this cabinet, with just a simple touch of stain.
What do you think? Want to try something new and quite simple? You'll be amazed at how fast this goes

before and after painted dining table top to refinished natural wood, painted furniture, woodworking projects

Before and After: Painted Dining Table Top to Refinished Natural Wood!

I loved my dining room table and chairs, but the painted table top started showing obvious wear over the years. Any heat started to make hazy permanent marks on the black paint. I decided I had to fix it!

10 day diy living and dining room renovation

10-Day DIY Living and Dining Room Renovation

Did you know that less than two weeks you can completely renovate your living and dining room? In this room renovation, we removed decade old wallpaper, painted the walls, and replaced the flooring. All of the furniture remained the same, and look what a difference it made!

interior design for a fireman

Interior Design for a Fireman

We recently wrapped up an interior design job for a local Troy fireman. the fireman was awesome to work with and pretty much gave me free reign to design, purchase, and install furniture/decor for his dining and living room.

black mirrored dining room

Black Mirrored Dining Room

For 11 years I played with the idea of painting my hallways black and covering them with mirrors. After years of collecting thrift store mirrors, I finally went for it! Only I did it to my dining room. It's spectacular in candlelight, these iPhone photos do not do it justice. My husband made me the steampunk mannequin for Christmas and she fit right in with all the metallic framed mirrors. End result: we LOVE it (except when we play card games at the table and can see each other's hands)!

painting a pair of french henredon tables, painted furniture

A Pair of French Henredon Tables

A client dropped off a pair of lovely Henredon tables that she had purchased on Craigslist. She wanted them done in a french look and I decided on a blue with gold accents. The finish complements the style of the tables and enhances their beauty.

how to paint french linen stripes for a custom design look diy, painted furniture

How To Paint French Linen Stripes For A Custom Design Look-- DIY

If you are looking for an easy way to dress up the back of a bookcase or china cabinet, then French linen stripes may be the way to go. I fell in love with this bookcase I found on a Facebook selling site; however, I felt like the stained shelves took away from the overall appearance. I knew the shelves needed to be painted, but at the same time I thought a solid color wouldn't give the visual impact I was wanting. Here's my solution to that problem.

my eclectic living and dining room update, dining room ideas, home decor

My Eclectic Living and Dining Room Update

Spring is finally here and summer is on her way! Let me just say, being raised in California where the weather is gorgeous most of the year and moving to Wyoming where you get 3 maybe 4 good months of beautiful weather you get a little over excited when the warmer days do finally decide to show up. Anyway, I was inspired to make my living and dining room bright and airy. I shopped my home, bought discounted items, and scored some really unique flea market and thrifted finds . I also repurposed a few items I had laying around in my shed. I love color, I love uniqueness and quirkiness. My home will always be a collection of the things I love and things that have a story to tell.

updating our dining room on a 350 budget

Updating Our Dining Room on a $350 Budget

I did not want to waste alot of money on the dining room (since technically we don't like to formally eat anyways) but still wanted to have the dining room look filled and inviting , just in case we have guests.

real thin brick accent wall

Real Thin Brick Accent Wall

I added a real thin brick accent wall to my dining room!This is a project I have wanted to attempt for years. I had read about a few home decor bloggers that installed thin brick veneer in their homes and the results always looked amazing.Thin brick veneer is just like regular brick except it’s thin. It gives you the look of brick but with the ease of installing tile. You can put it on your walls, your floors, indoors or outdoors.If you’ve never installed tile and the thought of it feels intimidating, this is the project for you. The great thing about brick is that it looks better when it’s not perfect. I’m really into that “farmhouse” style Joanna Gaines has made popular over the past couple of years and a brick wall fits in perfectly with that aesthetic. If you mess up part of this project, it’s no big deal- brick walls are meant to have character.

metallic silver bronze luster

DIY Metallic Silver & Bronze Luster Sideboard Buffet

This is soo silver shabby,Another piece from the set of my previous project of the Dining Table Set. It was used as a side buffet, but now they will use a entry Console in their foyer as our client beautiful Susan requested. She said ''make it something elegant looks.'' Hope we did it?