fireplace with faux marble mantel and livingroom redo with paint

Fireplace With Faux Marble Mantel and Livingroom Redo With Paint.

Before we moved we had a beautiful living room, we loved the colour so we use it again in our new home - problem - the difference in light from a south east facing romm to a north west facing room. The brown varied between brown orange and pink depending on the light; ICK.

revamp an ugly brick fireplace no paint, concrete masonry, fireplaces mantels

Revamp an Ugly Brick Fireplace No Paint

Ok, I hated this fireplace so I purchased a used Mantle Craigslist find ($600.00) and started on my plan. Everything worked around this "mantle" as it was very ornate.

fireplace makeover using chalk paint, chalk paint, fireplace makeovers, fireplaces mantels, painting

Fireplace Makeover Using Chalk Paint

Take your outdated and boring old fireplace up a notch. Let me show you how easy this transformation is!

fireplace redo cottage chic brick white, diy, fireplaces mantels, home decor, wall decor

Cottage Chic Fireplace Redo

The hubby and I had such a fun time tackling our first big home improvement project! We gave our old brick fireplace a fun and fresh cottage chic look!

airstone fireplace transformation new 2018


Wow, I am SO glad you’re here because today I’m sharing a HUGE transformation DIY project using Airstone! We were able to transform the gas fireplace completely. Brandon and I had been working on this project for quite awhile (we both have busy schedules). To be honest, it took a bit of convincing him to use Airstone because he just wasn’t sold on the idea of using faux brick. However, after he seen what the Airstone looked like in real life (at Lowe’s) he was completely sold on it, right away. It looks and feels like real brick, and it has the durability of real stone, except it’s 70% lighter than actual stone. This can also be installed directly onto your wall.I would like to thank Airstone for providing us with the product in order to make this EPIC DIY Transformation!All together we had over 10 hours of video footage and somehow I was able to compile it down into a comprehensive (hopefully) easy to understand video and you get to see the total transformation in under 6 minutes.

an easy and affordable fireplace surround update

An Easy and Affordable Fireplace Surround Update

If your lackluster fireplace has you frustrated then you've come to the right spot! Our tile stencils are an affordable and easy way to give a tired-looking fireplace a fresh new look. All you have to do is simply choose your favorite tile stencil and paint color. This simple project will give your fireplace a whole new look! Today we’re sharing a fireplace surround makeover painted with our Santa Ana Tile Stencil. Come take a look...

mantel makeover an easy diy project, fireplaces mantels

Mantel Makeover - An Easy DIY Project

Add style to your home and fireplace with this easy DIY Mantel Makeover for under $50. Use crown moulding to add detail to home decor.

cozy master bedroom retreat, bedroom ideas, fireplaces mantels, home decor

Cozy Master Bedroom Retreat

I've slowly been transforming my master bedroom with furniture finds, painted personalized touches, a chalkboard fireplace, and a custom DIY bench. I now have a cozy room to retreat to at the end of the day and everything in the room was budget-conscious and under $900 (except for mattress).

custom built fireplace, fireplaces mantels, home decor, home improvement, living room ideas

Custom Built Fireplace

One room in our lake house I haven't shared yet is the Great Room. We're still waiting on a couple pieces of furniture until it's fully complete, but today I thought I'd share my favorite feature of the room with you - the fireplace. I think all rooms have features that, if executed properly, become the focal point of the room and really define the space. But if ignored, those features just become a missed opportunity. Here is what the fireplace looked like originally.

fireplace facelift beautiful mantel built with scraps, diy, fireplaces mantels, how to, living room ideas, repurposing upcycling

Fireplace Facelift: Beautiful Mantel Built With Scraps

The small granite surround on our fireplace was a pinkish tan granite, trimmed with narrow wood. I wanted something that made a statement but I didn't want to spend any money! We used scraps and things we found in our barn to build the mantel and I painted the granite with Zinsser's Perma-White paint.

fire place makeover with mosaic tiles diy, diy, fireplaces mantels, living room ideas, tiling

Fire Place Makeover With Mosaic Tiles #DIY #Tiling

This summer we finally saved up enough money to do some home improvements to our house. We started with one project and then all the sudden it snow balled to all of different projects. We ended up putting in a tile back splash in our kitchen and because of that, we felt like we needed to do a few other things to make our house look more fancy and that included redoing our fireplace.

winter firplace garland

Winter Firplace Garland

Are the winter blues starting to set in?   I have a solution!   Let’s create a warm winter fireplace with a yarn and greenery garland.

flowery fireplace updo, fireplaces mantels

Flowery Fireplace Updo

After a gas fire and back boiler removal I was left with an ugly Space. I fancied something easy, quick and unique to add character to my new lounge. I bought some chicken wire and set about using some of my fake flowers gathered cheaply from flea markets and Ebay.

fireplace refresh, fireplaces mantels

Fireplace Refresh

One of the reasons we fell in love with our new house when we were first looking was the beautiful wood work it had in the family room. The crown molding and the fireplace mantel were two big things that stuck out in our head – in a good way! However, the whole house was oak everything. It was not bad, it just wasn’t our style but we knew it would be an easy fix.

fireplace makeovers going white, Lime Painted Brick Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeovers - Going White!

Let's face it...white is in! Whether your style is modern, farmhouse, French country, traditional or shabby chic, white is a great way to lighten your space. Many times it's just white paint with existing decor that will completely change the design and style of the space. White is airy, pure and breathes freshness into a space. Take a look at how we changed living rooms by simply painting the fireplace white. Prep and clean the surface of red brick.

how to frame a tile fireplace surround

How to Frame a Tile Fireplace Surround

When I demoed my fireplace, I discovered brick behind the dated tile.

how to update a fireplace door with spray paint

How to Update a Fireplace Door With Spray Paint

My new house is all brass. I mean brass door knobs, brass light switches, brass. brass. brass. I can't stand it. So I'm slowing getting rid of the brass room by room.... starting with the fireplace doors. This project was a quick and easy update that makes all the difference. If you follow me on social media, you know I'm all about the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to DIY. I love a quick afternoon project that transforms the room!! And this is it!

diy planked fireplace wall, diy, fireplaces mantels, home decor, living room ideas, wall decor, DIY Fireplace Planked Wall

DIY Planked Fireplace Wall

We wanted to add some wow to our blank fireplace wall. To do this for minimal cost we purchased some birch plywood and cut it into 5 ft long by 5 inch wide strips. For less than $100 we added a wonderful custom feature to our home.

repurposed using an old barn tin roof and barn wood for a fireplace makeover, fireplaces mantels, home decor, mason jars, repurposing upcycling, Fireplace makeover by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes using an old rusty tin roof and a barn wood mantle

Repurposed- Using an old barn tin roof and barn wood for a fireplace makeover

We updated an 80's style fireplace by using an old rusty tin roof and barn wood from a torn down barn. We added the rusted tin to the blank wall above the fireplace to add texture and visual interest. We used the barn wood to create a mantel. We also used vintage blue mason jars, old books, globes and other repurposed vintage items to create unique collected bookshelves of treasures. We painted the shelves and bricks with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and then glazed with wood stain to make it look old. You can read more about this project on our blog or follow us on Facebook to keep up with our latest projects at

diy fireplace mantel reveal , fireplace makeovers, fireplaces mantels, how to, painting

DIY Fireplace Mantel Reveal!

Hello friends. Today I'm checking off one of the time-consuming projects I've been working on this summer and I'm pretty happy with the end result.
Hooray! Our DIY fireplace mantel that we built around an old wood remnant-- with its beautifully carved finally done!
And I think it's perfect for our cottage style home.

super simple fireplace makeover

Super Simple Fireplace Makeover

All you need is paint to make this drastic change!

fake it til you make it a faux fireplace, diy, fireplaces mantels, living room ideas, woodworking projects

Fake It Til You Make It--A Faux Fireplace

My sister had asked me to build her a “faux” fireplace to set her TV (massive TV I might add) on to replace the metal and glass stand she had but didn’t like. Simple enough, I thought. But, then she started sending me a gazillion pictures of fireplaces like “can you do this, but make this part like that, then do the moulding like this, but not make this part so big? Oh, and I want it to come in at this point but stick out here.” Oh. Em. Gee. “Um, why don’t I come over and we can draw out a picture and get the design settled?” Is this what having “clients” is like? Love my sister, she’s just a little picky…
So I went over and measured the space and we drew out a picture of what she wanted. Don’t laugh, it’s drawn by hand and on a church bulletin and totally not proportional and I drew it in a hurry. Don’t judge me. Here’s the rough idea:

fireplace and mantel makeover, concrete masonry, fireplaces mantels, how to, living room ideas

Goodbye 1970's Dark Brick Fireplace...Hello Mantel Makeover!!

We had a dated 1970's era fireplace, complete with dark, stained-brown built-ins. It was brown from floor to entire wall of dark brown...very much like a cabin...but in our house --which is not a cabin. It was surprisingly easy to completely change the look of our fireplace...easy enough for two DIY'ers to tackle in about 48 hours.

transform a brick fireplace with a white wash before after, concrete masonry, fireplaces mantels, painting, An amazing fireplace transformation

Transform A Brick Fireplace With A White Wash {Before & After}

I decided to white wash the bricks because I wanted to see some texture and color variations. I was slightly terrified to begin, so I started out with a 2 parts water/1 part paint mixture. You can see how that looked below the mantel. It just made the bricks look dirty. And there was too much pinky-peach coming through. After I did the 2:1 ratio, I went back with a 1:1 ratio and it was much better. I used a little bucket, a cheap paintbrush and a rag. I painted on and wiped the excess off. It is very important to get the paint in the crevices. Doing this makes a big difference. After the second coat was dry, I went back and dry brushed over the bricks with a X brush stroke. This brightened the bricks just a little bit and the X strokes made everything look a bit more random. I'm thrilled with how it turned out! I even made a "tent" out of plastic and spray painted the gas logs insert right in place. The difference is astounding!

flat screen tv wiring visible mantel reno solution, electrical, wall decor, I created a mantel box for housing our wiring You can do it too

Flat Screen TV Wiring Visible? Mantel Reno Solution!

Does it bother you to see wires strung across a wall from a flat screen TV? My goal in our mantel reno was to hide the wiring necessary for our TV and components. See how I did it, and you can do it, too. Visit me for full details at