how to paint wood floors to last

How To Paint Wood Floors To Last

As the nest emptied out I was able to take one of the kids rooms as my own to create a home office that I use for my blog business. My budget for this project was very small and just about everything was repurposed, including the tattered wood floors. Here is a basic tutorial of what we did and you'll find complete instructions on my blog, linked below.

12 wide plank pine floor

12" Wide Plank Pine Floor

We are renovating a log home and one of the goals has been to choose materials that fit the house well and honor its uniqueness. The floor of the kitchen in our house is original, 30 years old, and it is 12" wide Ponderosa pine planks that were top nailed into the joists. Here is how we duplicated that floor in our attached MIL apartment on our house after talking with the original homeowner/builder. This is what the 450 sq ft room looked like before we started.

new cheap floor, flooring

New Cheap Floor

Depending on your floor, repairs or replacement can be quite costly. We have found a way to cut costs and have a beautiful floor with little effort. This will work on any type of floor. Make sure, whatever floor you are doing, is cleaned. If you have uneven spots on your floor try to make them even by sanding them down. Got to your local menards or any hardware store. Supplies you will need.● Large roll of paper (thickness depends on your preference but, I think thicker paper is much easier to work with)● One gallon or more of Elmer's glue ● One to two gallons of polyurethane (we used an oil based but, water based is less smelly)Tear your pieces of paper in any size and shape you'd like. Mix your glue with water, ratio is 1:1.Put your paper into the glue and crinkle your paper to wring it out, this will give you the effect in you paper that looks like cracks.After you wring out your paper, open it up and spread it flat onto your surface, smoothing it out and pushing out any air bubbles underneath. Once you get your floor covered the way you like it, let it dry over night. Time to apply your polyurethane. There are several ways to apply it so, Google them and see which is best for you. Our floor took 5 coats of polyurethane. On the fourth coat, once it was dry, we sand it with 220 grit sand paper. This will help smooth the surface from any imperfections. Note:This is a little hard on the back and knees.

laying plywood floors, flooring, woodworking projects, The floors with six coats of polyurethane

Laying plywood floors

We ripped up our old stained carpet and cut and laid plywood strips. Then we stained and polyurethaned it. We absolutely love it!!

bathroom floor tile river, bathroom ideas, tile flooring, tiling

"A River Runs Through It"

When we were building our home I had a vision of course. Every rooms finishes I had planned out. I even had the wallpaper for the dining room and the master bedroom ceiling in my possession long before we ever broke ground. I had a plan! My husband's plan however- quite different. In an effort to save money I volunteered (more like, if you want it, you have to do it...and I wanted it!) to do all the tiling. I decided to add a little of my own, unique flair to the master bathroom. I call it, "A River Runs Through It". I love the way it turned out.

porches painted concrete stone stencil makeover, concrete masonry, diy, painting, porches, All done and cozy now

Painted Concrete Porch With a Stone Stencil

I pressure washed my porch many times but could not get all the stains out/off, so I decided to paint it and use the stone stencil to give it a stone look finish with more colors.
First I painted the whole thing with one color so that it would look like a mortar or grout when I used the stencil with the other colors. I used 3 other colors in each of the blocks of the stencil and used a brush to scrub them into the concert which made each one come out a different look or color of stones.
It made the porch a little cozier while sitting out in my swing. I spend more time on the porch now, in my swing.

material of the week rustoleum garage floor kits

Material of the Week: Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Kits

The warmer weather is finally here (fingers crossed?), and now’s a perfect time to redo your garage floor. Check out this DIY garage floor kit that you can use to seal and protect your garage floor from water and stains. You'll be amazed at just how incredible a garage floor can look! Take a look at the Material of the Week: Rust-Oleum Garage Coating Kit in a variety of colors and accents here. The kit comes with everything you'll need to transform your garage floor from just functional to fabulous!

tiled bathroom floor apartment renovation, bathroom ideas, flooring, tile flooring, tiling, bathroom floor after

Tiled Bathroom Floor - apartment renovation

We're renovating a small apartment and making progress. The bathroom floor was just tiled and a new vanity, sink, toilet and lighting installed. And what a difference paint makes! Time to move on to decorating!

take your bathroom from builder grade to custom made

Take Your Bathroom From Builder Grade to Custom Made!

It's amazing how updating your vanity and floor can completely transform your bathroom and make it look brand new! This is a project ANYONE can do! I'm going to show you just how easy this is.Want to do this project? Get your custom project kit here. It includes step by step instructions, products shipped to your door, and one-on-one DIY support if you have questions!

chalk paint stenciled floor cloth, flooring, painting, Classical Border Corner Stencil Florentine Damask Stencil and our Eastern Lattice Moroccan Stencil were used on this beautiful carpet

Chalk Paint® Stenciled Floor Cloth

Painted and stenciled floorcloths have a rich history - used in homes throughout England and the United States prior to the invention of linoleum, they were often made from recycled canvas ship sails. For a quick and easy alternative floor covering we created this amazing stenciled vinyl floorcloth using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the BACK side of some pre-cut vinyl. Check out the full blog post for complete instructions and tips!

staining concrete and patio tour, concrete masonry, flooring, painting, patio

Staining Concrete and Patio Tour

We built our house in 2009 and have wanted to do something with the cement floor in the patio since then. I went back and forth trying to decide whether to install tile or to get the concrete stained. We finally made the decision to stain and we love it. We hired Keefe Duhon of Concrete Revolution. He is located in South Louisiana but has worked all over the United States. He does residential and commercial work. Here are some of the before and after pictures.

how to install a vinyl plank floor

A Cold Tiled Basement is Transformed Into a Fun Playroom for Kids

Houses typically come with a blank slate of concrete floors, framed and insulated exterior walls, and endless possibilities. Our basement came partially finished with carpet and tile flooring, but no ceiling and not to code plumbing, electrical and heating.

stair case

Stair Case Black and White

Removed wall-wall carpet, pulled staples, nails, filled holes, sanded (more times than I can count). Added shoe molding to treads/riser area. Primed, sanded, painted a black and white theme; then added carpet treads from Dean Flooring (Pet Friendly that does not use any tacks, staples, or tape; just place them and they do not move; love them and they make it much safer for a dog. If you notice in one photo a red circle. I added this piece to make this shaky rail more stable. Tightening the rail bolt was fruitless. I Drilled and counter sunk a long lag bolt from the backside of newel post, into the underside of the handrail. I cut a 3/4" piece of PVC pipe and filled it will foam peanuts, then filed the ends of this pipe to match the curvature of the post. held my PVC pipe piece place, inserted lag bolt. (the foam peanuts will keep the pipe snug to the bolt). I then filled in my countersunk bolt on newel post with wood filler and painted, and painted the PVC pipe black; looks like it supposed to be there, and now the rail is very sturdy. Took 8 weekends and a few weeknights. My wife helped a lot with this project, so not a 1 person deal. It's a lot of labor; but now the front stair case is a showpiece, and not dull. I put cost at $400; however, the carpet treads added additional $400 to that. So $400 was for shoe molding, paint, primer, sandpaper, wood filler and a few other parts.

burl floor handmade, diy, flooring, woodworking projects, The finished Log Floor

Log Floor (Handmade)

This is a at the Slaughterbeck Floors website.

painted concrete floors that last and last and last, diy, flooring, painting, porches, finished porch floor

Painted Concrete Floors That Last and Last and Last

Ten years ago when we built this house, to save money we painted all the floors, which are made of concrete. I thought "oh, in a few years when we get some money ahead we'll do regular flooring" That didn't happen yet! And the floors today need another coat of sealer and wax, but other than losing their shine the paint is still fine. A few places, like under the dining room table have shown wear. But the wear from chairs was stopped as soon as I put felt on the bottom of the chairs. I saw a question or two about painted floors and hoped this might help someone.Here are the basic steps to follow to reproduce this, each step is pictured below as well:Pick your pattern. I had the clock face for a table top and Google showed some nice brick patio arrangements.Use masking tape to outline the brick pattern. Where the tape is, the concrete natural color will show.Paint the first darkest brick color over the entire floor. No worries about seeping, as fuzzy lines make a painting look more natural.When the first coat is dry, with your brush - brush on the next lighter brick color. Don't brush out to the tape, leave some of the dark color showing around the edges.When the second coat is dry, with your sponge - sponge on some lighter highlights. You may even want to select a brick here and there to receive more of the highlights than others to simulate natural brick.When the paint is dry, remove the masking tape. This is when I painted the clock face using tracing paper to put the design onto the floor.When all is dry, put on three coats of the sealer that is linked to below. You can buy this at the big box home improvement store too.When the sealer is dry, put on two or three coats of wax. You are done.

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Tiling With a Finishing Touch

We finally finished the tile floor! I absolutely love how it looks and how much bigger the downstairs looks with a continuous floor from the kitchen into the mud room. It is definitely not level (we knew that would happen) but I like to think the natural irregularities in the rough slate makes it less noticeable :). What do you think?

ugly tile cover up

Ugly Tile Cover Up

Cover up some ugly tiles cheaply and easily!

paint a fake rag rug how to, how to, painting

How to Paint a Faux Rag Rug

When I finished painting my upstairs hallway floor I really wanted to try painting a faux rag rug, and I'm so happy that I actually went ahead and did it.

small bathroom remodel on a budget

Small Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

I’ve been remodeling my guest bathroom for such a long time, and at one point I thought it was never going to get done.I considered just turning off the water in there, locking the door, and telling everyone it’s just a random junk closet.Okay, I get it. That’s a little dramatic…But it totally went through my mind once or twice. Or 12 times.I powered through, though, and I can safely say The Bathroom Is Done.Pass me the championship belt, blast my victory song, and pop the champagne.And never, never, never make me remodel a bathroom again. (This year. Ha!)

pylwood plank flooring

Pylwood Plank Flooring

After seeing alot of other people doing this online, we decided to try our hand at it. We had planned on using 3/8" plywood but after looking at what was offered at the time at the local Home Depot, we chose 3/4 inch 7ply plywood. We got the sheets home and ran it through the table saw to 6 inch wide planks. We sanded the planks to give a beveled edge to them, then cleaned off the dust for staining.After we had several of the boards dry after staining, we took them into the bedroom to put down. We used "Liquid Nails" on the back of each board and tacked each one down with 18 guage 1.5" nails. After all the boards were nailed down, we used a pole and pad to apply the polyurathane. We let it dry for 12 hours before applying the second coat. We then let that "cure" for 4 days before moving furniture on it.We really like how it turned out and are planning on doing the rest of the rooms like this.

installing base molding

Installing Base Molding

As many of you know, Rob and I are on the homestretch of a little kitchen/living room renovation in our small home. Thankfully, Rob knows construction quite well as he owns his own subcontracting/carpentry business, but for the past 21+ months, he's been the project manager on a huge residential job for a well known manufacturer owner. Between him being on the dream job he's currently on and me working with Hometalk, our wheels have been spinning on how we could improve the space (or lack thereof) in our own humble abode. Instead of adding a full blown extension, we thought it was be more beneficial financially for us if we re-worked the space we already had. With this decision, we had to knock down some walls, make a few new ones, and add in things like base molding. Rob took the lead on this project as he knows what he's doing (and let's face it, I don't when it comes to construction!) and I was his little helper.

hwdiy cracked concrete, concrete masonry, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to, Cracked Concrete can compromise the water seal of your basement

Learn How to Repair Cracked Concrete - HWDIY

On this episode, Kim demonstrates how to repair cracked rotting concrete, to help fix damp and dusky basements.
If your basement is feeling a little bit damp, you may need to get some water proofing done. A damp basement can lead to all sorts of costly problems. Luckily, parging is a cost effective task that can save you, and your sinking basement, from going under.

refinished 100 year old hardwood flooring, flooring, hardwood floors, woodworking projects, The relaid flooring after being lovingly planed cleaned and gently sanded

Refinished 100 year old hardwood flooring

After tearing up the wood flooring in our dining room, we planed, cleaned, relaid, sanded and sealed the floor. We are so happy with the results! It makes the room brighter and so much more attractive.
Read more at The Rehomesteaders' Blog:

my version of paper bag floor

My Version of Paper Bag Floor

I’ve hung on to some family books for years because I just couldn’t toss them. I wanted to put my ancestors’ books to use in my 120 year old house that’s been in my family for FOUR generations. Every time I cleaned I wanted to toss the books but I just moved them from place to place waiting for the perfect project. Some are in Czech brought over the years by visiting relatives. Some were my grandpa’s when he was a kid and sick with polio in this very house. Luckily he survived and that’s how I got here! I investigated the value of each book, some were pretty beat up, before I put them to use just to be sure I wasn’t destroying a masterpiece. My advice if you do this is, make sure the value of the book under-weighs the need for a new floor.

carpet and linoleum to faux wood floor

Carpet and Linoleum to Faux Wood Floor

After removing carpet in our living room and main hallway (and later the linoleum from the laundry room), we painted our concrete foundation to look like wood planks. The process is fairly easy, but it can be hard on your knees and back.We have two large dogs and two small children, so our almost white carpet was constantly nasty. My husband and I both wanted wood floors, but we were already knee-deep in other house projects, so we needed something inexpensive and fast! So, like everything else ugly in my house that needs a quick makeover, paint!