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How To Stencil A DIY Bone Inlay Dresser

We can all agree that bone inlay furniture is gorgeous but the hefty price tag that comes attached to it is not. If you've been daydreaming about owning your own beautiful bone inlay piece of furniture then we have the perfect DIY project for you. Stencils are an easy and inexpensive way to create that designer look you've been lusting after. Today we're sharing a DIY bone inlay mirror that was created using our Indian Inlay Stencil Kit.

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Black Wash

One of the first pieces of furniture I painted for my business I used this particular technique. I had no idea if it would work or if it would even look nice but I put my faith in myself and just did it. I was quite happy with the result and now I have another item I thought the technique would look great on so I did it again. This technique is definitely for pieces that have some nice details on them. Here is what the dresser looked like before I started the process.

how to remove wood veneer easier

How to Remove Wood Veneer Easier!!

Challenging furniture makeovers may be time consuming but can be so worthwhile and fulfilling when you can transform a dumpster ready piece into a gem. Already this dresser that I picked up on the side of the road, in the rain, had stench issues.

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DIY Upholstered Bed

An upholstered bed doesn't have to be out of your design budget! This is an easy bed to DIY. Using inexpensive materials makes it very affordable.

painted furniture dresser map redo, painted furniture

I've Got the World on a Dresser

Last fall, a couple of friends and I ventured to The District Flea in Washington, DC. We found some great treasures and one of them was this pretty amazing map. I knew I had to have it!

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Walls Republic Wallpaper Challenge

When I received an email from Hometalk inviting me to participate in a new "Share-a-thon" involving Walls Republic Wallpaper products I jumped at the opportunity. I love to hang wallpaper (yep, I'm weird that way) and the new products with updated patterns are simply fabulous.
I had over a dozen patterns to choose from with a variety of color selections. Decisions, decisions! I finally narrowed it down to two, and the winner is Tia (pattern # 97461) in the color Dove.
Now, what am I going to do with it?

tufted headboard slip cover

Tufted Headboard Slip Cover

I love my traditional wooden headboard and wanted to keep it. I also wanted to lighten my bedroom. I decided to make a slip cover for the headboard so that I could go back to my wood look when ever I'd like to. So I got busy using two full sized foam mattress pads, 3 yards of fabric, a button making kit, upholsters needle and a little math...I was able to pull it off (literally, get it? slip cover? pull it off? ha ha) turn out really nicely.

fabric inlaid dresser, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, reupholster

Fabric Inlaid Dresser

Hi there Hometalk Friends! Are you up for a little furniture makeover? Today I'm sharing the makeover of one very brown thrift store dresser.
Here it is before:

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Creating a Cheap Bed Crown for a Little Girl's Bedroom

Did you know bed crowns can run around $500? Yeah, that is a lot of money! So, I wanted to share my inspiration that cost me $12!

from blah to yah raised stencil project

From BLAH to YAH! Raised Stencil Project

Single dressers are my favorite project pieces. Their size lends them to many options for your home. Entryways, bathroom, or bedroom these smaller pieces with drawers offer a lot of function for very little space.Also, they're quicker to do than a huge armoire or triple dresser. HA!

accordian style iron baby bed transformed

Accordian Style Iron Baby Bed Transformed.

I turned a rusty old accordian style baby bed into a one of a kind, fancy, girly, awesome day bed

easy barn door hardware

Easy Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors are really on trend as you know but the hardware can be really expensive. Here is how you can make it for $30.

star wars bb8 hand painted dresser, painted furniture


As part of my boys room makeover, I hand painted an unfinished wood dresser as my son's favorite Star Wars character the BB8 Droid.

fab 5 dresser makeover, chalk paint, painted furniture

Fab $5 Dresser Makeover

Garage Sale season is in full swing here in Sask, whoop whoop! Come check out this great dresser I found for $5 and see what I did to give it back some life!

circa 1880, After

Circa 1880

I found this 1880 Eastlake Chest at a thrift store and couldn’t wait to transform her 😀

how to give a new life to an old laminate table

How to Give a New Life to an Old Laminate Table

I had this table in my home for many years but it was quietly falling apart. First of all the top was laminate and full of scratches. And the color was not making me feel happy at all.

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Updating a Crappy 1970's Ornate Dresser-lots of Tips and How To's!

I love to transform vintage dressers. I've done, oh, maybe a hundred or so! All kinds, from antiques to the 1980's. I"ve found that these ornate dressers from the 70's are quite popular when done in crisp, glossy beautiful shades. I decided to do this one in a 'ballet pink'.

dresser that i painted with lace, painted furniture

dresser that I painted with lace!

This is a little dresser that I acquired and painted using lace. Before and after pictures on my blog:

diy dresser knobs glitter mod podge budget, crafts, painted furniture

Make Your Own Dresser Knobs-Easy and Cheap!

Fancy knobs can get expensive. Here is an easy, fun, and cheap way to update the look of your dresser using just a little mod podge and glitter!

dresser turned media console fireplace, fireplaces mantels, painted furniture

Dresser Turned Media Console Fireplace

So I paid $20 for this dresser and mirror. It was in decent shape so I figured I would sand and throw some chalk paint on it and resell for a good profit.

from old to new

From Old to New

My $10.00 dresser from Facebook yard sale. Filled in all the deep gouges with wood filler. Let dry for 24 hours. Sanded with 80 grit. Then 220 grit. Vacuum the dresser, washed with dawn, in side the base and drawers. While still damp I took a empty spice bottle. Filled it twice with baking soda. Sprinkled it all over in the base and drawers. It really smelled. I did this in the garage. Then the weather turned 100 degrees. It was like it baked the dresser. It was meant to be. After the weather cooled down it didn't smell. Put the hardware in HOT dawn dish soap, let them sit all afternoon. Sanded the base and drawers with 80 grit sandpaper. Then vacuum it all off. Then sanded again with 220 grit. Had to spot glue the dove tailed drawers. Bottom drawer fell apart when I pulled it out. Before I painted, I used tack cloth ALL over. Repaired the bottom slide with a new screw. Let the dresser dry 24 hours after the 2 coats of paint. My granddaughter Rebecca painted the fine line in 2 of the drawers. Then I polyurethane with one coat. Let it sit for 28 hours. Sanded again with 220 grit. Used tack cloth and got the dust off again. Polyurethane the last coat. Let it sit for another 28 hours. In between poly, I washed the hardware and let it dry good. Assembled all the trim and hardware yesterday. Will let all of it sit for a good week, for it to cure. Then I will get a bar of soap and rub it on the drawer rails. To be sure they pull out smooth.

a groovy shaggy ottoman to rest my feet, flooring, painted furniture, My shaggy ottoman

A groovy shaggy ottoman to rest my feet!

Love texture? This ottoman has texture! I saw a shaggy ottoman in the Viva Terra catalog just after buying an ottoman for $20 at a local thrift shop. I decided to make a removable shaggy slip cover. First I removed the outdated paint. For now, I wanted a bare wood look. In the future I may decide to paint the legs creamy white or black. After removing the paint I sanded lightly and waxed the wood. Then I made a slip cover using burlap and hot glue. The hot glue sealed the edges and kept the burlap from unraveling. I bought four types on yarn and string and cut it into six inch pieces. Using a crochet hook, I looped the yarn and string into the burlap. After watching eleven movies over the next eleven evenings and looping yarn...I finished! Now I can put my feet up! Rug hookers, would a rug hook have worked? Viva Terra

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Deck Post Finial Bed Risers

We are currently hosting my office area in the corner of our bedroom and we wanted to add some extra storage space. The best place to achieve this was under the bed, since we didn’t want to add more furniture pieces. So, we researched some different ideas and after eliminating traditional, store bought bed risers (which we heard have a tendency to break in the middle of the night,yikes!) we decided to go the DIY route.

how i added a country fresh produce stencil to my old bench

How I Added a Country Fresh Produce Stencil to My Old Bench

Just a couple of weeks ago I fixed this old bench using wood putty and Dark Walnut stain. Of the three benches my grandparents made that I have this one had taken the biggest beating. But, with just a little elbow grease I had her looking almost like new again. After that I made a no-sew cushion for it complete with tufting and buttons! Check out the post all about it here.Stencil Revolution makes really neat and high quality stencils and they were kind enough to offer me two! My first post using one of their stencils was my Mother’s Day sign using their Greatest Mom in all the Land stencil. The other one I chose was this Country Fresh Produce stencil.

the peacock project spitchallenge, painted furniture

The Peacock Project #SpitChallenge

We took this sad little cedar lane chest from the 60's and gave it a peacock style makeover using unicorn spit and acrylic paints and the peacock top is sealed using epoxy. The sides are sealed using polyurethane.