mudroom for 4 in about 2 square feet of space featuring fusion paint

Mudroom for 4, in About 2 Sq. Feet of Space - Featuring Fusion Paint

I have been dreaming of a mudroom for quite some time but since we rent, I needed to come up with a portable idea. I entered a Fusion Mineral Paint contest and gave the project that I would most like to create as a "spinning mudroom". I was picked as one of the winners! Which made this design go from an idea to reality. The great thing about this project is that there are many places that you can stop along the way and call your project done. For example, it doesn't have to spin to still be functional. Another alternative is if you leave off the lazy susan and the bottom crates it is a very cool toddler bench. This is the first time that I have used Fusion Mineral Paint and their clear Beeswax Finish. The color that I won was Renfrew Blue. I had so much fun playing with the paint and wax. The color is really pretty and very intense. I hope the color really comes through in my pictures because it really is a show stopper. I tried to do a variety of techniques to show just some of the colors and looks that you can achieve from one container of paint. And if you want to see what I make next with my Renfrew Blue paint just follow me to see my next project which is an Ikea hack.

blah to charming laundry room, flooring, laundry rooms, shelving ideas, wall decor

Blah to Charming Laundry Room

We took our boring laundry room and made it charming by adding cabinets and crown molding, painting the linoleum floors, building a half table for a workspace, adding shelves, hanging board and batten, and adding a fancy door.

diy mini barn doors, doors, outdoor living

DIY Mini Barn Doors

Are you one of those weird (oh, I mean, "perfectly normal") people who haunts the aisles at your local hardware store imagining all the wonderful ways you could reinvent some of the seemingly basic stuff?Well, don't feel alone because I too am one of those perfectly normal people. And it's thanks to my perfect normality (LOL!) that these super affordable, and totally do-able, DIY mini barn doors came into existence.Absolutely anyone can have a go at this project!I've summarised the tutorial slightly for Home Talk however you can find the complete how-to here on my blog.

laundry room with curtains

Laundry Room With Curtains

My washer and dryer are in my kitchen. It drives me crazy. And until we get to remodeling that part of the house, I needed a temporary fix! So with a few failed attempts at covering them up, I was finally successful with this idea. I wanted to make this as inexpensive as I possibly could. I went to the Dollar Store for the curtain rods and the shower curtain rings. And for the curtains themselves, I scoured the thrift stores for fabric. And without any luck I went through old curtains I had from our previous home that didn't fit the windows of our new (work in progress) home. I found the length I needed (84") and went to work. I knew I wouldn't be using these curtains again so I wasn't hesitant to cut little slits in them to put the curtain rings thru. I first hung the curtain rods from the ceiling. Using a measiring tape to get the exact width and a simple piece of string to help keep everything in line. One those were in place I layed the curtains on the floor stacked one on top of another. I cut slats for 3 curtain rings per panel. And that was it. Hung them up and walked away! I completely love the temp fix to hide the washer and dryer before we can relocate them to the basement. Side Note: I strongly recommend the curtain rings. They make opening and closing the curtains extremely easy. I originally had the curtains hung without the rings and could barely pull them open. Not to mention they came up short in length. The rings make all the difference!!Thanks for checking out my post!!!!

farmhouse laundry renovation reveal

Farmhouse Laundry Renovation: Reveal

This project has been a long time coming and took us a total of 6 months from start to finish. My husband and I did all the work ourselves without hiring out a single bit of it. It's a lot of work living in an 1800's farmhouse but we're passionate about restoring it and this was a room we've wanted to renovate from the very beginning.

class character for an open storage room layering textures, storage ideas

Class & Character for an Open Storage Room: Layering Textures!

New Years Resolution? Every Year I pick a FOUL JOB & try to make things better. The worst has to be painting a room that has ALL THE JUNK in it: Storage areas. Our laundry-pantry room has not been painted since the house was built in 1994. So it is contractor's white, with all the dings & dirt that 23 years of use can provide.
All you smart home-fixers & artist-types know that White is a Good Color IF you want objects to STAND OUT against it...
IF you want a room to appear LARGER and Brighter...

laundry room er closet mini makeover, FYI don t stand on your dryer Dent

Laundry Room, Er Closet, Mini-Makeover

Hey everyone! This is my 1st project post, so please bear with me. K, now, we have a laundry room/closet in our kitchen. This is a rental, but, seriously, anything done in here couldn't possibly be deemed negative! Plus, lets face it. I have impeccable taste!.... And a little bit of an ego problem, lol. My biggest issue is the shelving. Or, in this case, lack of shelving. Also, no character. Below is a before pic.

rustic laundry room reveal

Rustic Laundry Room Reveal

I am thrilled to share with you our new and improved laundry room! We have been wanting to give our laundry room a makeover for a long time now, and finally just had enough with the space. It wasn’t very functional nor aesthetically appealing. Having two boys under three we do a lot of laundry (boys are dirty), and I found myself in the laundry room often daydreaming about what the room could amount to. So…with a lot of help from my husband we made that dream into a reality (with some hiccups along the way of course). Let’s take a look at where it all started!

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Laundry Room Makeover & A Renter Friendly Cabinet Makeover

Giving our laundry room a facelift was never really in my plans with as often as we move. And then my step-dad gave me 4 vintage wash boards and I couldn’t resist making over this space to showcase them. I spent about $20 total on this whole makeover by repurposing things I already had around the house. You’d be surprised how little you can spend on re-doing a room when you “shop” from around your own house. Here’s how I did it (and details on where I bought some of the things I already had on hand)…

our laundry room turned butlers pantry, closet, home decor, laundry rooms, shelving ideas, updated laundry room

Our Laundry Room Turned Butlers Pantry

Under $150 makeover turned it into a dual purpose room. See before pics on the blog.

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Laundry Room Gets a Makeover!

Laundry today…or…Naked Tomorrow!
It’s finally finished…let the unveiling begin! As promised, one laundry room complete with built-in cabinets! I shared my story last week of how I was folding towels when our shelving above the washer and dryer came flying down and landed on my chest, shoving me into the wall. I thought lemons, why not lemonade ;-) I reached up and kindly helped the rest of the wire shelving release from the wall showing the shelving its new home in the garage floor, then I got to work designing a new space complete with laundry room cabinets and tons of great storage.
Let’s face it, the laundry room was not high on our list of projects, but now that I had been attacked, the laundry room’s ranking moved to #1 on my list. We started planning by asking how much time we spent in the room, defined our work zones to include places for both dirty and clean clothing and designed the new flow. We made sure to include plenty of space for functional laundry room cabinets. After all, if it’s efficient, it will stay clean – right? ;-)

glam laundry room makeover for under 300, laundry rooms, storage ideas, wall decor

Glam Laundry Room Makeover - for Under $300

Our laundry room was in a sad state. Not only did it seriously lack style, it had zero functionality. It's a tiny room - (6 ft. x 8ft.) - stuck between the kitchen and garage. The two doors took up all of the wall space, and made the flow of the tiny room even more difficult. Also, things were always falling behind the washer and dryer, and I'd have to perform all sorts of contortions to try to rescue stray clothing! There was no where to air dry clothing, which is a real problem if you own as many sweaters as I do!
Because this room is visible from our newly renovated kitchen, it was definitely time for a change!

small space solution laundry closet makeover, closet

Small Space Solution - Laundry Closet Makeover

Take a peek at how we converted a tiny closet into a designated laundry area...

polka dot washer dryer, appliances, crafts, laundry rooms, painting

Polka Dot Washer & Dryer

I have been slowly (very slowly!) working on a laundry room makeover over the last several months. Sometimes it takes awhile! ha! (Scroll down to see the before & after!) My most recent addition to this makeover are my adorable polka dot washer & dryer. So let's get started! :)

124 laundry room overhaul pass through to garage custom diy shelves labels, flowers, garages, home decor, laundry rooms, organizing, shelving ideas, DIY 124 Laundry Room Overhaul

$124 Laundry Room Overhaul- Pass Through to Garage (Custom DIY Shelves, Labels, Storage, Organization)

I know laundry rooms can be a bit of a bore, but this one is no longer- I went for high impact (on a budget)!
We have one of those terribly awkward and tiny "pass-through" laundry rooms, making it prime realty to collect junk and become disorganized. I finally decided that enough was enough and took matters into my own hands! With less then $150, I completed a custom color-blocked herringbone paint treatment using paint I had on hand, DIY'd new
shelving, created a hang-dry area for delicates, added some storage boxes with custom labels (made sans a Silhouette machine), hung bars for our frequently used cleaners and some hand towels, DIY'd some basic decor (included our swiffer duster "holder" vase, flowers in sand vases, and wall art with $1 frames and some travel art that I bought several years ago). In the end, the room turned out better than I ever could've imagined

make a magnetic ironing pad, crafts, how to, laundry rooms

Make a Magnetic Ironing Pad

Hey everyone! This is my magnetic ironing pad, which I made to sit on top of my dryer in my tiny laundry room. I have a little ironing board, but it's kind of a pain to drag out, so this is a great solution for me.
For the outer layers, I used a piece of decorative fabric and a piece of cushioned fabric.

laundry mud room revamp on a budget, chalk paint, cleaning tips, laundry rooms, painting, new shelf countertop and no sew curtain panels to hide the washer and dryer

Laundry Mud Room Revamp on a Budget

We redid our laundry/mud room on a reasonable budget of $340. We added horizontal paneling to the lower walls, repainted, created custom art, added hooks and a DIY upcycled oar keyhook holder, painted the cabinets and back door with homemade turqouise chalk paint, added a countertop and storage shelf, and created no-sew curtains to hide the washer and dryer. Check out "A Very Revealing Look at Our Laundry Mud Room Revamp" at

laundry room re do, doors, home decor, home improvement, laundry rooms, Finished project

Laundry room re-do

We never had a formal laundry room. All we had was a laundry "space." My husband, who's had no carpentry experience, decided to extend a wall, add a pocket door, and a few other things. We have really enjoyed this new room. Project completed in 2008.

trash sewing bench to clothes hamper, cleaning tips, laundry rooms, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Trash Sewing Bench to Clothes Hamper

I (Vicki) have been known to stop and pick up trash along the road, not just any trash—I’m particular about my trash. It needs to be a piece of furniture in terrible shape that the owner has determined is not even fit to donate to a thrift so out to the curb it goes. This little sewing machine bench was on the curb in my neighborhood along with its water damaged, beyond repair sewing machine cabinet buddy. I passed this sad little pair three times before I decided to load up the bench. The cabinet was just in too bad of shape to take and try to rehab.
The bench sat outside another week before I had a idea for its transformation. I decided it would make a great clothes hamper for my bathroom. I’ve needed one for a while and just hadn’t found anything I’d want sitting out in the open where it can be seen.

it all began with a post it note, The post it template

It All Began With a Post-It Note

5 years ago we moved into a 5 year old house that had wallpaper in every room. Being we were moving from another state with time constraints we hired out for removal of all wallpaper and to re-paint each room. To save a little money I opted to keep the laundry room wallpaper. It wasn't hideous but after living with it for 5 years I wanted a little change.

how to hide an electrical box

How to Hide an Electrical Box

Raise your hand if you have an ugly electrical box you have to stare at while doing laundry! We have one in our laundry closet and it was a not pretty. The solution: hide it with an easy DIY.

laundry room reveal, laundry rooms, painting, storage ideas

Laundry Room Reveal

When we first moved into our home last fall, all the colors were painted a dark tan color and the laundry room had old, outdated cupboards with a hideous plastic utility sink. The room had a long ugly, industrial ceiling light that would BUZZ every time it was turned on. The room is right off of the garage and the garage is actually the front of the people walked through it often. We decided we really wanted to tackle updating this room by adding more storage, functionality, as well as making it much prettier and more updated!! Check out the before photos first...

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Making a Wall From Old Fence Panels

UPDATE: I HAD NO IDEA HOW POPULAR THIS POST WOULD BECOME AND HAVE HAD SEVERAL QUESTIONS. I POSTED AN UPDATE ON MY BLOG: I tore out 70's paneling and made a wall from old fence panels. We also tore out two ugly windows that were nailed shut, a bi-fold door going into the kitchen and replaced a french door with a solid wood vintage door. For more pictures and information about this reno please visit my blog!

fold down laundry room folding table, laundry rooms, woodworking projects

Collapsible Laundry Room Folding Table

When searching for something interesting to add some life to my laundry room, I wasn't very inspired by what I was seeing. So I created my own beautiful and functional art piece!

diy wooden sign for laundry room tutorial, crafts, how to, laundry rooms, wall decor, woodworking projects

DIY Wooden Sign for Laundry Room Tutorial

I try to avoid my laundry room as much as I can mainly because I don't like doing laundry, but also because it is such a boring space! I am trying to change that by adding some decor, starting with this wooden sign. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and please be sure to go to the link at the bottom for full instructions.