diy shiplap staircase organization bench video

DIY Shiplap-Staircase Organization Bench (VIDEO)

How to build an organization bench with a shiplap wall!

staircase carpet to wood reveal, stairs, woodworking projects

Carpet to Wood Staircase Reveal

After seeing all the beautiful wood staircase in the blogosphere we were convinced that we could...

reviving our exterior front entrance

Reviving Our Exterior Front Entrance

It’s time to add some excitement to the front entrance! You may recall from our exterior plans that...

dark chocolate painted staircase makeover

Dark Chocolate Painted Staircase Makeover

Holy smokes, how many times am I going to paint our front stairs? For those who may ask why I...

update your entryway with this easy staircase makeover


An Easy Staircase Makeover is surprisingly possible in just one weekend. Check out how we did it and...

painted playroom stairs, entertainment rec rooms, home improvement, stairs

Painted Playroom Stairs

We needed an inexpensive way to redo our basement stairs to our recently finished off playroom...

stair rail update

Stair Rail Update

Our stair rail was the head of the 1980's welcoming committee before it got this much needed update...

stair railing remodel

Stair Railing Remodel

We needed to update our dated and dangerous stair rail, especially with two young children. The way...

transform your staircase in just 2 hours

Transform Your Staircase in Just 2 Hours!

An easy project to change your boring white stair's kick plate or front into something out of a...

diy front porch railing replacement project, After

DIY Front Porch Railing Replacement Project

Before and After - Replacing old front porch railings with new Richmond Rails and balusters, and...

new year new staircase

New Year, New Staircase

Just before Christmas we started ripping the old carpet off the stairs and good riddance to it! It...

interior stairs makeover, stairs, Done Not an extremely difficult project but it was time consuming Still so worth it

Interior Stairs Makeover

After seeing so many stair makeovers, I finally took the plunge and pulled the 20+ year old carpet...

stairs renovation, painting, stairs

Stairs Renovation

My hall was too dark so I decided to paint the stairs

how to paint stairs and get on with your day while the paint dries, basement ideas, home improvement, how to, painting, stairs

How to Paint Stairs and Get on With Your Day While the Paint Dries

I've never painted stairs before, but when we went to paint our basement stairs, I suddenly realized...

how to transform your stairs from boring to alluring, foyer, how to, painting, stairs

How To Transform Your Stairs From Boring To Alluring

If you have stairs that are boring and could use an easy transformation then this tutorial is one...

diy staircase remodel, hardwood floors, home improvement, stairs, woodworking projects

DIY Staircase Remodel

If you would like the full detailed post with more pictures please visit
Ginger & The Huth

stairs remodel home improvement, diy, home improvement, stairs

Staircase Remodel | Otsego, MN

From carpet to wood treads, we are finally here to talk about our staircase remodel!
When you walk

we have stairs and the are finally finished, stairs

We Have STAIRS and They Are Finally Finished!

Still building our home and we waited on finishing the stairs until we had most of the building...

80s banister and entryway update

'80s Banister and Entryway Update

Our '80s banister in our tri-level house was an orange-colored oak. I replaced the oak trim with...

staircase makeover

Staircase Makeover

You may remember our staircase makeover from a few years ago, but we've revamped the tutorial so...

my entrance and stairs makeover


A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this makeover. And paint too.. let’s not forget the paint...

a new look for the front of our house curb appeal, curb appeal, home improvement, painted furniture

A New Look for the Front of Our House/ Curb Appeal!

For years we had old, wood steps that needed repair, etc. on an annual basis. We invested in some...

refinishing staircase banisters a complete makeover, home improvement, stairs, After

Refinishing Staircase Banisters!! A Complete Makeover!!

Every time I worked on staircase banisters, I get amazed with every transformation.. How much every...

stair riser stencil with tuscan tile design, flooring, home decor, how to, paint colors, painting, stairs

Stair Riser Stencil With Tuscan Tile Design

Plywood stairs aren't pretty, but covering them up with carpet is both costly and high maintenance....