reviving our exterior front entrance

Reviving Our Exterior Front Entrance

It’s time to add some excitement to the front entrance! You may recall from our exterior plans that we were debating on whether or not to build a covered porch or just update what we currently have.

stair rail update

Stair Rail Update

Our stair rail was the head of the 1980's welcoming committee before it got this much needed update into the new millennium. Check out how we transformed this oak beast into the belle of our foyer!

stair railing makeover diy baluster, stairs

Stair Railing Makeover DIY Baluster

We live in a bi-level and guests enter our home and come up five stairs into the living room. The stair railing that is at the top of those stairs can be seen in this photo:

weekend project installing new stair treads

Weekend Project – Installing New Stair Treads

Have you ever dreamt of having beautiful hardwood stairs but your stairs look something like this? Did you know that you do not have to rip out your old stairs?

how to fix up that ugly stairwell

How to Fix Up That Ugly Stairwell!

Do you have a stairwell that is this ugly? Seriously, have you ever seen one that is worse than this?Wait till you see what we did to change this up! It has totally transformed our entry way.

diy shiplap staircase organization bench video

DIY Shiplap-Staircase Organization Bench (VIDEO)

How to build an organization bench with a shiplap wall!

a new look for the front of our house curb appeal, curb appeal, home improvement, painted furniture

A New Look for the Front of Our House/ Curb Appeal!

For years we had old, wood steps that needed repair, etc. on an annual basis. We invested in some new concrete steps with a nice landing, sturdy metal railings, two new lights to surround the front door.

huge blank wall amazing photo backdrop, wall decor, Scaffolding is gone

Huge Blank Wall = Amazing Photo Backdrop

We have the world's ugliest stairwell that USED to have a ceiling mount fixture. The burned out light bulb had NEVER been changed.
As we were doing some renovations in the house, I decided to take down the current dining room pendant light and replace it with a chandelier. Thus, I had a handy, dandy, LONG, hanging light on my hands.
As I tripped down the stairwell for the millionth time, I realized that I could put our used pendant light to good use - in the stairwell. Because of the height and the fact that scaffolding would be required, we opted to have a professional installer come in and change the light.

quick and easy ways to spruce up your front porch

Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Front Porch

Our north-facing front steps take a lot of abuse in wet weather, making our entryway look dingy and dirty. With a little help from some spray paint, the power washer, and colorful flowers, I created a bright and cheerful entryway with major curb appeal!

diy pet steps, chalk paint, home decor, painted furniture, painting, stairs

Little Doggy Stairs

My sweet Scottie Gus is just a little too short to jump up onto my bed. Although I would love to get a mini workout in by lifting him up every time, I decided to make him his own mini steps.

outdated oak staircase makeover

Outdated Oak Staircase Makeover

See how we transformed our outdated orange oak staircase into a beautiful feature of our home. The stair renovation was by far the most difficult project we did in our house. In hindsight, we maybe should have gotten a contractor to sand and stain our upstairs floors and the stairs, but I guess our attitude is “why would we hire someone when we can do it ourselves?” If you are the type of person who likes to save money by doing home renovations yourself, this project is for you!

a diy stair runner using ikea rugs, diy, flooring, how to, stairs, reupholster

A DIY Stair Runner Using IKEA Rugs

After giving our side entryway a small makeover, it was time to tackle the stairs. Enter: a DIY stair runner using IKEA rugs! Here is the space to help jog your memory:

how to modernize stair railing

How to Modernize Stair Railing

Some people would love the scroll stairway railing that we had in our house but it wasn't for us. I have a modern aesthetic and it just wasn't working. After getting a few quotes to replace the stair railing (at over 6k!), I knew replacing the railing wasn't an option. So, with lots of elbow grease we decided to see if we could change the existing railing. You have got to see this BEFORE/AFTER!

stair risers wallpaper border, stairs, wall decor, Beautiful inexpensive easy

Stair Risers + Wallpaper Border

An easy and beautiful fix for shabby stair risers. EDIT: the new headline says "boring," but in fact the risers were nothing but. Scratched, gouged, would have been a challenge to refinish or paint.Looks like HomeTalk has reformatted things, so my explanatory text has gone away. Briefly: --measure risers' width and height--pick up a border to come close in height, in sufficient length to do all the steps plus some extra. This border was 50 cents for 5 yards, and I found five rolls of it at the ReStore.--determine placement--cut to fit length--loose skirt board on some steps enabled me to work the paper inside, providing a nice clean finish--protecting the work area, spray the backside with adhesive--place on riser, lightly press down--enjoy!I did the lowest step first, proceeded with other home renovations, then returned to complete the remaining steps about five weeks later. Actual time is about 5 minutes each...1920 house, measure measure measure!

transform your staircase in just 2 hours

Transform Your Staircase in Just 2 Hours!

An easy project to change your boring white stair's kick plate or front into something out of a magazine. You're neighbors will be so envious!!Watch the video below to see what it looks like now!

remodel your stairs under 80

Remodel Your Stairs Under $80!!

I wanted to make over my staircase since it was reallllyyyyy UGLY! Haha. I have no nice words for how the staircase looked before. I got the bug to redecorate since our entryway was the first thing you saw, but let me backtrack. The "entryway" is more of a landing on the top of our stairs cluttered with shoes and toys my kids regularly throws over the baby gate. It wasn't a good first impression so I decided to finally do something about it.

update your entryway with this easy staircase makeover


An Easy Staircase Makeover is surprisingly possible in just one weekend. Check out how we did it and you”ll soon see why!

slip free stairs, Added quarter round for looks

Slip Free Stairs

I hate carpet! So I ripped it up and installed Pergo laminate (LOVE!!). But what about the stairs? Installing laminate would have cost over $1000 (no thanks!) So I combined home-talkers ideas with a few of my own, and viola! Slip free, custom stairs.

whitewashed stairs and a foyer update, chalk paint, foyer, painting, stairs

Whitewashed Stairs and a Foyer Update

I used paint to create a new look for my stairs and painted my walls Benjamin Moore Linen White. The foyer is now light and bright!
For more great "Before and After's" visit!

stairs from carpet to wood, Stairs After

Stairs From Carpet to Wood

My husband and I recently tore the carpet from our stairs and painted the wood underneath creating a fresh, clean, and modern look! We did this project over a full weekend and two additional weeks nights following.

stair makeover with accent lighting, lighting, stairs

Stair Makeover With Accent Lighting

Watch how we turn a plain, old and white staircase into a more modern one using only some LED strip lights, some carpet, and a couple of angles. If you're someone who likes interior design, or simply looking for stair makeover or stair light design inspiration, you should check out this makeover.

a creative staircase makeover, diy, stairs, My Beautiful Painted Staircase All Finished

A Creative Staircase Makeover

Our staircase is the first thing you see when you walk into our home and it suffered from dingy carpeing syndrome. I decided to rip off the old carpet and give it a decorative paint job. It was a bit more work than I thought it would be but in the end, all of the time and backaches was well worth it. I love my stais now! To read about the entire transformation please visit my post

diy front porch railing replacement project, After

DIY Front Porch Railing Replacement Project

Before and After - Replacing old front porch railings with new Richmond Rails and balusters, and bringing it up to code.

wallpaper update on the stairs, stairs, All Done Pop over to blog post to see the whole staircase and the bright pop of green in one of the patterns

Wallpaper update on the stairs

I knew I didn't want to paint them or stencil them, so I tried this...

stair tread refresh

Stair Tread Refresh

My builder used regular trim paint on my stairs