weathered wood plank wall laundry room

Weathered Wood Plank Wall - Laundry Room

Over the course of the last two weekends, I gave my laundry room a mini-makeover. The room had been painted a flat off-white paint, and with our linoleum floors, plain brown wood doors and trim, and formica counters and sink, the room definitely needed a little pizzaz. We aren't ready to update the floors, doors, counters or sink yet, since those are all higher priced items and we'll replace those items as part of a larger kitchen remodel sometimes in the future when we have the time and funds, but I did make some smaller changes to update the look of the room. The first step in the makeover was to add a weathered wood plank wall behind my washer and dryer.

adding wood planks to our dining room and side wall

Adding Wood Planks to Our Dining Room and Side Wall

Am I the only one that’s noticed a big shift in popularity of anything wood on a wall? I’m guessing we can thank Joanna Gaines for that! I have to agree though, that adding any sort of wood to a wall adds warmth and architectural detail. I’ll also admit that I’m a huge fan of planked walls (shiplap, board and batten, you name it, I love it). That’s why I’ve decided to plank a few areas in my dining room and show you how I added wood planks to our dining room column and side walls.Over the past year I have become very familiar with adding different types of wood to my walls. I’ve created a faux shiplap wall with no power tools, an easy DIY board and batten with minimal materials, and now I’ve decided it’s time to use real wood to plank our column and side walls.The wood planks I’m using are from Weaber Lumber. Weaber has a great instructional video on how to install the boards HERE. You can see the boards I received HERE.

ignoring the ceiling statement ceiling focal point in an afternoon

Ignoring The Ceiling!? Statement Ceiling Focal Point in an Afternoon!

Ceilings typically get the short end of the design deal but this year, statement ceilings are trending! Creating a bold, eye-catching look above you might be 'in' but it can also quickly overpower a room. Instead of transforming the entire ceiling, construct a statement ceiling focal point. You'll still get that trending look but it won't become overwhelming or feel heavy.

entry way wall makeover with shiplap

Entry Way Wall Makeover With Shiplap

Using shiplap for a smaller area in your home is a great way to see if you want to implement it elsewhere on a larger scale plus it is a good starting point if you have never done it before. We get a lot of compliments on this wall as it is the first thing our guests see when they enter our home.We had this orange-ish wall that really needed revitalized into something other than "orange-ish! I was over it and knew that this was the perfect wall to shiplap.

yum how to make marquee letters, diy, home decor, woodworking projects

YUM--How To Make "Marquee" Letters

After seeing a YUM on the dining room wall in a recent episode of HGTV's Fixer Upper, I knew I had to make one. The show created the YUM with vintage marquee letters, I made mine with reclaimed wood, painted in fun, happy colors.

i first solo project guest bathroom blah to beachy, bathroom ideas, home maintenance repairs, paint colors, painting, Framed vacation mementos shells and such

My First Solo Project - Guest Bathroom Blah to Beachy

We had built our house two years ago and had never finished the guest bathroom. It was blah, to say the least.

pallet wall, diy, home decor, pallet, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas, wall decor, Finished YAY I LOVE it

Pallet Wall/Reclaimed Wood

I have wanted to add character to our Kitchen forever! It a basic layout with an abundance of orange oak cabinets. So the first step was to add a pallet wall. I LOVE the way it turned on to those cabinets. )

get the shiplap look for less

Get the Shiplap Look for Less

I am beyond excited to share our weekend DIY project with you all! You will never guess what we did… okay, you probably did because it was in the title. I have wanted shiplap since the very first episode of Fixer Upper. We didn’t use true shiplap, but it still looks amazing! We chose underlayment (luan) due to our budget. This is about an 8th of the cost of true shiplap.We moved into our home about 10 months ago. The longer we’ve lived here, the more projects I’ve added to my list. But this foyer has been at the top for a while. I think it was originally wallpaper, then painted over with these hideous stripes. I knew it would be difficult to paint over due to oil based metallic gold paint. It would’ve taken about 20 coats of paint to cover this hot mess. But shiplap, well, it can cover even the ugliest of a wall. So it was the perfect choice.So let me share with you how we transformed this hot mess of a foyer into a farmhouse dream foyer. Our foyer is roughly 54 square feet and, working with my husband, we were able to complete the project in 2 days. Of course, that doesn’t include painting. Before we get started, let me show you a picture of the “hot mess” I mentioned…

install picture frame moulding budget friendly wainscoting, wall decor, woodworking projects

Install Picture Frame Moulding - Budget Friendly Wainscoting

Your guests will think you spent thousands on this wall treatment. And that would be perfectly fine with me. :)
Are you thinking about freshening up a boring mundane space. Consider this inexpensive wainscoting solution. What is wainscoting you ask? Well it's wooden paneling that lines the lower part of the Toolbox Divas - how to install picture frame moulding wainscoting walls of a rooms like in the dining room, bathroom, hallway or along a staircase. It's a super easy way to add depth and character to a space.
However, it can easily run a person any where from $1,200 to $3,900 to purchase the materials and have it installed. BUT I'm going to show you how to achieve this look for under $200.

shiplap wall in the master bedroom for less than 100, bedroom ideas

Shiplap Wall in the Master Bedroom for Less Than $100

This past weekend we decided to give our master bedroom a much needed makeover. I think that your bedroom should be a place where you feel like you can relax and get away from the stress and problems of the world. Well our old design wasn't cutting it so we had to do some changes and I LOVE how it came out! The best part is that it only took a weekend to do and about $100!

diy board batten wall

DIY Board & Batten Wall

This faux board and batten wall is an easy afternoon project that will totally transform your look. It's incredibly simple because it doesn't utilize the "board" (meaning, you don't have to cover your walls first), and can be applied directly onto your drywall. If you love this project, you can find more DIY projects for the home on my blog, Love & Renovations.

how to build a shiplap wall for 75, how to

How to Build a Shiplap Wall for $75

Over the past year we have been updating our kitchen to give it more of a bright and white look. When you walked into our kitchen it was very dark and boring but now it has the wow factor that we were looking for. We decided that it needed one more thing to really make the room pop, we decided to do shiplap on our dining room wall. It was super easy to do and I love how it looks!

pallet garden shed potting old windows cans, diy, outdoor living, pallet, repurposing upcycling, roofing, woodworking projects

Pallet Shed Using Pallets, Old Windows & Tin Cans

It’s been a long journey and a learning lesson from the first pallet to the last. My pallet shed is finally complete and I am very pleased how it turned out. It's still one of my favorite pallet projects to date.

faux shiplap wall

The Easiest Way to Get a Faux Shiplap Wall

Low on funds and want to try something different in your home? This is the perfect little project to give any accent wall in your house a facelift without breaking the bank!

the boudoir wall treatment 4

The Boudoir Wall Treatment 4!!

So I’m thinking I should have called this the “what the heck did you do to the walls!!” Treatment... the reactions I’ve been getting are mixed ...some people love and other people aren’t too sure. BUT I AM in LOVE with it, no matter what!!

how to turn a bare wall in to a tree mural with a stencil, how to, painting, wall decor

Turn a Bare Wall in to a Tree Mural With a Stencil. It's Easy!

I love murals. They make us think, they make us dream and they can be found in some of the most upscale homes in the world.
They can add such beauty to any room, becoming a focal point or just softly adding a feeling of the outdoors to the space. Don't let creating a mural intimidate you! Instead, let me show you how easy it is with a stencil and just blobs of paint.

how to diy a faux brick wall the easy way

How to DIY a Faux Brick Wall the Easy Way

Do you love the look of brick? Do you want to add it to a space but don't want to fully commit to messing up your walls? I have the perfect, budget friendly easy DIY faux brick wall for you. Here is our space way before.

fence picket wall, bathroom ideas, how to, repurposing upcycling, wall decor, woodworking projects

Fence Picket Wall

I've wanted to do this project for a very long time now and for Valentine's Day this year, this was my present from my Honey! He's the bestest! Visit our blog for complete step by step details.

easy board and batten with minimal mitering

Easy Board and Batten With Minimal Mitering!

Board and batten or ‘wainscotting’ wall treatments look amazing but can be super labor intensive with lots of miter cuts. This easy version gives you a very similar look, uses existing baseboard trim, and cuts out time and work. And best of all - minimal mitering! Sponsored in part by Rust-Oleum!

faux metal letters from cardboard


I love industrial looking metal letters! However I'm not such a fan of the actual pricing of them. So recently I decided to be a little out there and try and make them from a cardboard box! Crazy idea huh? But I think I may have just pulled it off....
Here's the cardboard box I started with (yup it also happens to be an ikea sofa got delivered in there..can you believe?!) I planned to display these letters in my dining room which is undergoing a huge makeover - CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER ROOM MAKEOVERS (Can you tell I love colour?)

adding a junk wood wall to the she shed nailedit, repurposing upcycling, wall decor

Adding a Junk Wood Wall to the She Shed #nailedit

I have picked up and been saving odds and ends of junk wood for a couple years now. I knew that someday I wanted to make a junk wood wall. I needed more and found some of it at Restore. I also stained some of the leftover pieces of cedar and added them here and there. We just built me a she shed and it was the perfect place for this junk wood wall. If we had been doing this inside our home I would have been more particular, but for the shed; I just wanted it to look, well; kind of junky.

planked dinning room wall, dining room ideas, how to, wall decor

Planked Dining Room Wall

My dining room is very open with only one long solid wall. It is the first room you can see when you walk into my home. I had been wanting to add some planking on the wall. Originally I wanted to add bead board. I had some bead board wall paper, but it was old and fell off the wall. My ceilings are 10 feet high and solid sheets of bead board would not work. I like ship lap but my handy hubby is not a fan. So off to Lowes and Home Depot to find a compromise.

how to stencil an accent wall

How to Stencil an Accent Wall

If you are looking to add character to a room or space in your home, think about stenciling an accent wall. Stencils are very inexpensive, easily customizable as far as colors and sometimes sizes, and they turn out absolutely gorgeous. If you are willing to put the time in, you can create a gorgeous focal wall in your home using a stencil.

quick entryway update using peel and stick wallpaper, home decor, wall decor

Quick Entryway Update Using Peel And Stick Wallpaper

I'd been wanting to update my entryway with some blue and white stripes since we moved in. However, I wasn't convinced I wanted to paint the stripes on and make that kind of commitment. I'd thought about some peel and stick wallpaper I'd found at Target. When I saw two rolls of navy blue and white peel and stick wallpaper on clearance for half price I bought them right away.
The peel and stick wallpaper is easy to apply and easy to remove should you change your mind in the future. I applied the paper to the wall on my own, which worked fine, but it would have been easier to have an extra set of hands. The hardest part was making sure the steps were level, but if I ever made a mistake the paper was easy to reposition.
There are lots more details about the project on my blog.

diy wood plank wall

DIY Wood Plank Wall

Sometimes, all it takes is adding an accent to one wall in a room to change the entire mood of your house. A wood plank wall could be just the accent you're looking for! Take a look at the video below to see how you can add a wood plank wall to your home: