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How to Update a Split-Level Ranch

During the 1970's, split levels soared in popularity and today there are still plenty of them on the market, but most of us say we don't like the style or want to live in one. The catch, like in the '70's, you are buying more house for the dollar. What do you do if you own a split-level, love your neighborhood, and don't really want to move? Renovate! Here are some tips on how to transform that 1970's style home:

a glamper with a purpose, Glamper 2 ready for a new owner

A Glamper With a Purpose

About a year ago I wrote a story on Hometalk about a 14-year-old girl who bought a camper with her babysitting money and redid it into the CUTEST little glamper ever, with the help of her family. She's now 15 and just redid another one, but this time it's to raise money for her friend who is fighting cancer. Follow her progress here and see how adorable this glamper is! (For more details and photos, go to the original blog link at the end of this story.)

a shed in the wrong place

A Shed in the Wrong Place

When we moved to our house during Winter,4 years ago, we found an old shed out of place. It was attached to the house in front of bedroom and bathroom windows! Because we live in Washington State, we had a foot or two of snow during the Winter months, so during the cold months,the whole family worked on brainstorming ideas for the project. Once the snow melted in ealry Spring, we transformed that space into one of our favorite places in the house.

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House Tour: A Lively Cottage Revival

An eclectic mix of new & old furnishings gives this Victorian home character. What’s your favorite element of this lively cottage? See the full house tour >

do you crave farmhouse style but live in suburbia, home decor

Do You Crave Farmhouse-Style but Live in Suburbia?

If you are like me, you love all things Farmhouse, but live in a more modern suburban home. I may never live in my dream Farmhouse, but I can bring Farmhouse-style to me. And so can you with these ten ideas.

the remodel is finally complete before after

The Remodel is Finally Complete! Before & After!

I am so excited to finally show you guys the before and after of the entire little house remodel! It took me about fifteen days in total to get this place up to snuff and around $3,000 to complete it. I had a serious plan and took a few hits when that plan collided with reality – I also tried a new product (styrofoam ceiling tiles!) for the ceiling in the main room and in the bathroom. I also purchased the most expensive plywood I have ever purchased (nearly $100 for a sheet!) that my husband helped me cut and get into place in the kitchen for the counter tops.There is really only one thing you need to know about my dad to completely understand the state of this place: He doesn’t care what anything looks like, he doesn’t like paying bills, cleaning is not his strong suit and the man apparently believes that Everything can be fixed with spray foam. EVERY. THING. Hence: eight inches of foam board glued to the walls, windows bulging with 6-8 inches of spray foam around them and the entire house is still covered in cat hair from a cat that’s been gone for many years. He lived here for ten years before building his own place and moving last year, now it was my job to bring life back to this little house.

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Bi-Fold Closet Door Makeover

It has been quite some time since I decided I was making over all of the bi-fold closet doors in our home. You can check out my first closet door makeover here (our most popular post to date!). Those got black paint and now this project gets just the opposite.....white. I'll give you the steps just in case you ever want to give yours a new look.

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Remedy for Wallpaper Nightmare!

We tried to remove wallpaper for years! We couldn't just paint over it and redoing the drywall was out of the question.
We used 8" strips of wood cut from 1/4" underlayment and painted white to get the shiplap look. My husband liked the wood but I wanted it white.
This was our first DIY project but couldn't be happier with the results!

domestic imperfection home tour, home decor, Living room looking onto the kitchen dining room

Domestic Imperfection Home Tour

Our house started out as a bland (pink!) fixer upper, but with a lot of sweat equity and creativity we are slowly turning it into a something we love. To see the full tour and all the before and afters, go here -

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Faux Tin Ceiling.

When we made my art room, it originally started out that I was going to have a big plain room with lots of storage.
BUT, I have a wonderful husband who said I deserved more and so I ended up with the most beautiful and functional art room I can imagine.
When we did the drywall, on the ceiling, I decided since the room was so pretty, that I wanted faux tin and bought Styrofoam ceiling tiles to achieve the effect.

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Characteristics of Hollywood Regency Style Decorating

This week in my decorating style series I'm going to tell you about the characteristics of Hollywood Regency style decorating. Hollywood Regency style originated in the golden age of Hollywood and is reminiscent of the sleek set design of the Studio era in the 1930′s. This decorating style is all about the glitz and glam of luxurious living and encompasses a range of neoclassical styles developed in the early 19th century and is characterized by sleek lines, color, drama and contrast.
I've included a detailed outline of the characteristics of Hollywood Regency Style Decorating, as well as ideas and inspirations of this luxurious decorating style.

from garden shed to modern farmhouse guest cottage in 5 weeks

From Garden Shed to Modern Farmhouse Guest Cottage in 5 Weeks

Over the course of 5 weeks, we took an unused, garden shed and transformed it into a guest cottage that will also be a getaway for my stepdaughter (away from the boys' rooms) when she comes to stay with us a couple weekends a month. I'm having a hard time not wanting it to be my own little getaway. We call it the guest shed, but believe me, it looks nothing like a shed now!

the secret to dealing with quirky room challenges, home decor, Eco friendly script bamboo mats pull furniture together and provides a cohesive look from room to room

The Secret to Dealing with Quirky Room Challenges

Our circa 1875 home presents unique design challenges when trying to place furniture to create good traffic flow. Too many doors and odd-sized walls means having to be creative with furniture choices and decor. Our living room is the most challenging since it sits in the middle of the house.

exterior shutters transform a 90s home, curb appeal, window treatments, windows

Exterior Shutters Transform A 90s Home

I always thought the front of our home was missing something. New board and batten exterior shutters have transformed the plain exterior of our 90s builder house. We love how these custom shutters look on our home.

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Tips for Mixing Furniture Styles

am all over the board when it comes to my “style.” Sometimes I like French, sometimes Traditional and sometimes Rustic. Because of this, I sometimes find myself mixing and matching my furniture styles to help create a look that is uniquely me! It used to be that matching furniture sets were a sign of luxury, but today, there is a move away from having all pieces in a room be identical. While this makes the buying decisions a bit more difficult, it creates a more interesting and unique space!
Is it okay to mix different furniture styles together in one space? Absolutely! But when mixing and matching furniture styles, try to create something in common between all of your pieces to help create a unified look and keep your space from looking cluttered or chaotic. Here are 5 ways to find common ground among differing styles.
1. Color

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Our 100% DIY Hand-Built , Debt-Free, Off-Grid Shelter:

I have been a Hometalk fan for several years and always follow other people's DIY projects. Then I realized I have a massive DIY project of my own, and entered a competition sponsored by a WONDERFUL store in Truckee, CA, called High Camp Home. ( We won the DIY Contest and everything escalated from there. We initially had to find some land, and came across high-elevation farmland in South West Colorado. Starting off in a TENT, we spent the next few years building a shelter from five 40 foot shipping containers, which my husband reinforced with beams and then buried to keep them cool in Summer and warm in Winter. We got a well operating for water as a first action.

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Historic Guest Cottage is Renewed as Grandmother's Home

It was a 100-year old house near the shores of Lake Minnetonka, owned by a family in the lumber business and marked by beautiful raised panel walls and millwork. But after decades of decay, the house and adjoining guest cottage were marked for destruction.
Had the heirs of that lumber family not saved the house from oblivion in the 1990s, Florence Gropel would not have stood in the great room of the guest cottage in 2015 and wondered how to turn an ancient catering galley into a modern kitchen. A few years earlier, her daughter's family had purchased the property but had never fully used the guest house. Although the main residence had been updated, the guest house remained much as it did in 1940 when it was built.

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How To Increase the Price of Your Property

Are you a homeowner looking to sell, a landlord or someone who simply deals with properties? Do you want to add value to your home and to your life? Here are some tips you might like. Some investments cost more than others, but in the long run they are all worth the trouble. With some good taste, basic knowledge on interior design and psychology, you will go a long way!
P.S. Keep in mind we are not advising you to lie, cheat, or manipulate! If implemented these ideas will not only make your property look good, but will optimize it and make it more functional. These tips will add value both to your home and to your life and those who will move after you.
1. Front Door. Have you heard that first impressions are the most lasting? It is true! Make sure that your property makes a good first impression by giving a cheap uplift to your front porch and front door. If the lock needs a fix - do it. It is great to start praising your house by emphasizing on the fact that it has a new, complex and safe door/lock.

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The Power of Trim - Installing Trim at The Cabin

Adding trim whether it be rough-cut cedar (like most of the trim in this cabin) or crisp painted white trim.... it all adds to a space. Not only does it hide imperfections with your flooring/wall seams but it also adds charm whether that be rustic or chic.

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How to Give Curb Appeal to a New Business!

My husband & I decided to relocate to a small town that was closer to our family, that meant selling a successful business that I had owned for 24 yrs to follow our dream! So I found this little building in our new town & had a vision.

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Country Club Loft

The project is situated at the Campestre Golf Club in Monterrey, Mexico.
Monterrey is a couple of hours drive from Texas and is the most Industrialized City of Mexico, with about 5 million people. For many years the "Colonia del Valle" a suburb in a secluded Valley by the Sierra Madre has been the enclave for Industrialists and their families, with its own million-dollar membership fee Golf Club and home to several corporate headquarters, it is one of the top per capita suburbs in the country.

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Classically Cool Shore House

Inspired by a sunset over water, this home's style is soft yet streamlined. Which room is your favorite? Click to shop the look!

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Back to School Organizing Closet

time brings back images of sharpened pencils and blank construction paper. Being prepared and organized for the coming school year always held such promise. Now, as a mom, just getting everyone out the door with all their stuff can be a major task!

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Repainted All the Walls in Our Mobile Home, and Redone Our Kitchen.

We live in a Mobile Home, but I have redone all the walls to make it look like a house. I can't find any pictures of our home before I redid it, maybe I didn't even take any because it looked so bad, although I know now I should have.
My husband made new doors with dental molding for my cabinets and painted all the cabinets white using gloss paint, so I could wash them. He put up new backsplash a few years ago, and added a new black sink and industrial faucet that came from Lowe's. We redid the bathrooms, put up tile, floor covering, and added a new sink and faucet from Lowe's.