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A $2 Mudroom Made From Junk

When you have a broken bookshelf and dismantled cabinet door, you typically don't think of a mudroom. But, I'm sure glad I did! For just $2 and some creativity, I now have a mudroom in my house flip!
**I buy old, neglected, and dated homes and flip them all by myself! I tackle many of the DIY projects myself, so come follow along on this crazy house-flipping life at my blog, The Bachelorette Pad Flip: https://bachelorettepadflip.wordpress.com/

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So Thankful for My Craft Space

Took 10 years to get........I spend no less then 7 hours a day in my space. Love how everything is in reaching distance. The room inspires me everyday.
You can view the kinds of projects I make in my space here:
The Cutting Cafe: http://thecuttingcafe.typepad.com/

diy activity wall chalkboard magnet board art display organization, chalkboard paint, crafts, organizing

DIY Activity Wall - Chalkboard/Magnet Board/Art Display Organization

SO MUCH CLUTTER!! This is a common complaint I hear from homeowners. Kids rooms seem to be the biggest culprits. Parents don't want to take away their children's fun and creativity, but they don't know how to take control of their mess. This is a great easy DIY if you need some organization in your home (and life).

faux subway tile plus a giveaway

Faux Subway Tile [plus a Giveaway!]

We haven't done much in our laundry room since moving in and we finally decided to tackle it. Sure, it could have been worse but between the floor (which had stains all over it from who knows what) and the blue paint on the walls, it felt very out of place in the rest of our neutral, woods and whites, home. After creating an inspiration board, I realized that I REALLY wanted subway tile in our laundry room. BUT..... that just wasn't in the budget, so I partnered with Cutting Edge Stencils and came up with a way to fake it.

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"STAINED" Glass Dining !!! #UnicornSPiT

My cure for the holiday blues !!! .... Thanksgiving was over, and Christmas was rapidly approaching... I just had my NJ family here in Florida, and felt so deflated, knowing I would spend Christmas without them. My cure ?.....Unicorn SPiT and an original idea !!! Hope you all like it ! True ART THERAPY !We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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Glam Laundry Room Makeover - for Under $300

Our laundry room was in a sad state. Not only did it seriously lack style, it had zero functionality. It's a tiny room - (6 ft. x 8ft.) - stuck between the kitchen and garage. The two doors took up all of the wall space, and made the flow of the tiny room even more difficult. Also, things were always falling behind the washer and dryer, and I'd have to perform all sorts of contortions to try to rescue stray clothing! There was no where to air dry clothing, which is a real problem if you own as many sweaters as I do!
Because this room is visible from our newly renovated kitchen, it was definitely time for a change!

modern farmhouse laundry room reveal

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room REVEAL!

We built a room on the back of our home to create a mud room/ laundry room for our family! It is super functional for us. The room includes a folding and sorting station for laundry, a washer and dryer station, a sink station, plus a coat station too. We DIY'ed this whole project by ourselves and you can too! Come check it out!

diy porch welcome sign

DIY Porch Welcome Sign

I love looking at homeowners' decorated front porches. I've always wanted to decorate my front porch, but in actuality, my home's front "porch" is just a stoop! So I came up with decor that has big impact, but a little footprint. With just a few supplies I already had on hand, I created a beautiful and sweet standing fall welcome sign.

diy board and batten coat rack wall, foyer, organizing, wall decor

DIY Board and Batten Coat Rack Wall

Imagine this pretty (and functional) wall greeting you every time you walked into your home!

airing my dirty laundry laundry room makeover reveal, home improvement, laundry rooms, organizing, storage ideas

Airing My Dirty Laundry--Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

I've always wanted a nice laundry room. My past homes have only had small laundry closets. When we moved into our current house, it had a good sized laundry room and I was excited to finally have a real laundry ROOM. This is what our old laundry room looked like. It had utility cabinets that were nice, but took up ALOT of space. It was dark and cramped and I just needed something bright and happy.

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Pallet Privacy Living Wall

I decided to make this when looking for an alternative way to achieve a little privacy near our hot tub. I had a taller than usual pallet at the house that we received while having something shipped to the house so it was just begging to be used for something!

a vintage inspired red aqua laundry room makeover, laundry rooms, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas, wall decor

A Vintage Inspired Red & Aqua Laundry Room Makeover

Our little laundry & utility room was functional, but it wasn't as functional as it COULD be. I wanted to make it a pretty space with more storage. With a small budget and a lot of elbow grease, my husband and I transformed our laundry room into a vintage-inspired red & aqua retreat!

kitchen table and chair makeover with stain and paint, dining room ideas, kitchen design, painted furniture

Kitchen Table and Chair Makeover With Stain and Paint

Do you have a table and chair set you are certain is ready for the dumpster? Don't get rid of it yet...A quick dose of stain and paint can work wonders!

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Thrift Store Coffee Station

I made this Coffee Station with thrift store items for the contest. My son is in college and LOVES his coffee but doesn't really have a good place to keep it in the dorm room. So, I chose his favorite color, red and created a space that he can store the coffee, filters, cups and the pot in a small space. What do you think?

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A MUST Have Tip for Anyone Who Paints Furniture & Some Java Gel Stain!

I'm swallowing my pride here and letting you in on a very dirty little secret. Ok, it's not really THAT serious, but it's definitely an hot mess that I'm not proud of, especially being a painter. Hometalkers, meet my kitchen table...Yup, this sad surface is where we eat our meals. Between our little one practicing how to write her name on the table, some random oil stain that ate through the factory finish (and one of the littles so lovingly scraped off) and paint flecks from using the table as my work space, it was a hot dang mess! Add to that the horrifying state of the chairs (I'll save your eyes from having to see the before of those!) and all the junk that seemed to accumulate on the cushions despite cleaning them on a daily basis, I wanted to toss the set... seriously. I was just so disgusted.

how to paint a diamond rug on wood floor, flooring, how to, painting

How To Paint A Diamond Rug With No Math Needed

In the fall of 2011, I painted a rug directly onto my front porch. And it was fabulous. For the first few years. And then the elements had their way with it, leaving my fabulous painted on porch rug less than fabulous. So when it was time to create a new porch rug, I wanted to mix it up a bit. And try my hand at diamonds this go around. And I figured out a way to do it without having to deal with mind-bending mathematical formulas ...

diy acorn front porch sign

DIY Acorn Front Porch Sign

Fall is here and it's time to boost your curb appeal with some seasonal accents! While pumpkins are always a go-to for fall decor, why not try a different seasonal staple this year - the acorn! Whip up a cute DIY Acorn Sign for your front porch and keep it out until winter. (You might also enjoy checking out my other Fall & Seasonal Projects in my Project Gallery here!)To begin, all you need is a piece of scrap plywood, like this, or a large wooden plaque from the craft store.

christmas tree pallet, christmas decorations, crafts, pallet

Christmas Tree Pallet

Looking to give your porch some Christmas spirit? Check out this pallet project.

cracked concrete slab into art, concrete masonry, curb appeal, outdoor living, Old cracked concrete used as inspiration for vines and leaves

SK's Cracked Concrete Slab Into Art

I was implored to save this nasty and very old concrete porch. It would cost many $ to replace. I used an acid to clean off a hundred years of gunk. I used a diamond bladed Roto-Zip and carved the cracks into vines and leaves. I use concrete acid stain to color the leaves and vines. Then topped the whole thing with an outdoor wet-look concrete sealer.

fall porch inspirations

Fall Porch Inspirations

Step by step ideas to get your porch ready for fall!

how to build paint and install a custom diy mailbox

How to Build, Paint, and Install a Custom DIY Mailbox

Imagine you saw this weather-beaten, decaying mailbox post, leaning over in one last honorable attempt to collect your mail?If you’re like most people, you’d run to Home Depot, buy yourself one of those handy mailbox kits, and self-install it in one afternoon.That’s what normal people do.Not me.I decided to DIY my own mailbox.

hallway transformation idea, diy, foyer, home decor, home improvement

Hallway Transformation

Rustic neutral hallway transformation by JST Design.

a fire destroyed their dream home forcing this couple to rebuild, architecture, go green, home improvement

A Fire Destroyed Their Dream Home, Forcing This Couple to Rebuild

When a fire tore through the forest outside Evergreen CO in 2012, it destroyed the 1200 square-foot home that Kristen Moeller and her husband David Cottrell lived in. Scrambling to escape, they left just about everything, saving only their wedding photos. Upon returning, only a charred totem pole remained standing. Their house, boat, and belongings were vaporized.

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DIY Board & Batten Mudroom Wall

My back entry/mudroom is a real mess, and in desperate need of a makeover. I’m going to tackle the mudroom one section at a time, starting with adding a board and batten wall with hooks so we can hang all our coats and hats on it.

diy entryway feature wall makeover, foyer, painted furniture

DIY Entryway Feature Wall Makeover

In my new home the entryway wall was one of the biggest eye sores in our new house.