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A Bit of Basement Organization

After a few intense hours of rolling up my sleeves and digging in, I got a huge portion of our

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Walk-In Cold Storage Room in Your Basement - DIY Root Cellar

In 2003, I decided to build myself a cold storage room in my home basement. Homesteaders name this a Positive Cold Room.

The goal was to store garden kitchen vegetable, canning, canned food and beverages. Of course, one of my wishes was to be able to walk in the cold to access to the shelves (Walk-in Cold Room).

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Small Utility Room Paint Supply Storage & Organization

The utility room in our basement is very small - so small that, for years, I thought there was no room for any kind of storage. There are pipes running every which way, and the floor is sloped toward the drain in the center, making it impossible to stand even the smallest of shelf units in the corner.
I was determined to make use of the limited space, and I finally found a way to create storage for all of our paint and paint supplies {water based paint only - nothing flammable near the water heater}!

a wall of shelves using store bought shelf organizers

A Wall of Shelves Using Store-bought Shelf Organizers

The builder who built my house finished the entire basement. While it's nice and one huge room, it left no storage. I needed storage. I also love bookshelves and always dreamed of having a wall of shelves. They are very expensive to have custom built. So I figured out a work-around. The beauty of this wall is that the next owners can just take it down if they don't like it. But, for me, I love it!

simple shelving using two tools

Simple Shelving Using Two Tools

Need shelving in your basement or garage? These simple shelves can be made so easily and all you really need are two simple tools - a screwdriver and a level.

basement overhaul phase i

Basement Overhaul Phase I

Rob and I have been trying to purge our house (especially the basement) while also working on a little renovation in our kitchen/living room area. It's amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the past 6 and a half years of being together--not to mention the fact that between the two of us we had a house and a storage unit before meeting. For the past 4 years, I've picked back up my passion of art, crafts and have made a living doing all sorts of projects and handmade items, so of course my stash of supplies has expanded exponentially! Life gets busy and since we're not in the basement everyday, things start to pile up so we finally got down there together and started getting a grip on the chaos. Thankfully, we already had a few storage shelves and several bins so it was just a matter of organizing and re-figuring the space.

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Trash to Treasure Shelf Makeover

Hello everyone!! I wanted to share with you today another TRASH TO TREASURE SHELF MAKEOVER that I did to a shelf that someone was throwing away. I know that some people might think I am crazy for taking things that people throw away, but sometimes people throw away things that are in good condition or just need a little touch up to make it BEAUTIFUL and FUNCTIONAL again. So when I saw this metal shelf being thrown away I knew I could fix it and use it in my house for storage.

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I've had a wonderful chance to work with Peter Walsh on an organizational video. Yes THE Peter Walsh, Oprah Winfrey’s organizer. I remember watching him work organization miracles on the Oprah Show and now on the Rachel Ray show and now I’m working with him! Talk about a dream come true! In my blog I shared how I organized our Man Cave Play Room . You've read it correctly! It's a playroom and a man cave in one! Watch the video in my blog to see how I combined these two spaces to serve double duty but still work for both guys and toddlers.

i ve always wanted to try to get the basement cleaned out

I've Always Wanted To Try To Get -- The Basement Cleaned Out

This is not a fun, exciting project. It is one of those that gets relegated to the back burner over and over. I keep the main floor very clean and organized, the craft area a little less so, depending what I'm working on, but, as you can tell, the basement storage area is a disaster.

diy storage shelves

DIY Storage Shelves

Things have been crazy around here, especially since I have decided to declutter my house all at the same time, so everything is just OUT all over the place and in the midst of it I have about five other projects due, Easter and my son’s birthday, and soccer season starting. I really hope I don’t just drown in all the craziness.But one thing that is making me happy is my newly organized storage room. At least there’s that. Ironically the messiest room is now the cleanest and the clean-ish house is shambles. I built some custom heavy duty diy storage shelves inspired by this post.

easy storage shelving for less than 70

Easy Storage Shelving For Less Than $70!

Hi, it’s Brittany from Our Home Made Easy! I am passionate about sharing easy DIY projects around the house for other busy families.Today I wanted to share how we built easy shelving to store our totes. You can see the full storage shelving tutorial here.When it comes to organizing, I like to store everything in plastic totes. While they aren’t all the same color or size, I love the feeling of packing away we don’t need right now in exchange for freeing up some space around the house. However, the totes need some organization themselves! And that led us to this super easy DIY storage shelving that we built for less than $70!

man cave storage space

Man Cave Storage Space

My husband wanted, well actually NEEDED, a space for his gun stuff. He had a gun safe but it wasn't enough to store everything. I really didn't want that gun safe or the rest of the related gun stuff in our bedroom, or living room, or well anywhere out in the open. And he didn't like it stuck in various closets or under the bed. Luckily there was a solution!

my girl s cave for 55

My Girl's Cave for $55

Tutorial team challenge : I have always wanted to try... ...to have my own crafting/woodworking room!WARNING : As per hubby's request... Plz note that invading your man's cave may poke the bear in him. He might start to wine like Chewbacca... As soon as reason takes over his hormones, he will become civilized again. Okay guys! Please keep in mind... It is not suppose to look good, but practical!! 🔨We had what we called the messy room downstairs. We used it to store tools, camping and sport stuff. It wasn't that bad, until we made our bigger boys moved to their new bedroom next to it and they decided to store things in there too! Store...? Let's be honest : they threw things in there!Even my dog seems to think it's a mess!

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Open Free Standing Shelves

I needed some extra storage space and had an area that suited some extra shelves. However this same space may be needed for other uses down the track so I wanted something temporary. Using 2x4's and melamine shelving I built this free standing or self supporting shelves that suited perfectly, doing the job for now but later can be shifted to where I need them. Included in these instructions is a You Tube video showing step by step details.

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Building Storage Shelves/ Organizing the basement

See how we built shelves in our storage room in the basement. This gave us more room and easier access to the storage boxes. See my blog to see the before, during and after photos.