simple diy jewelry organizer

Simple DIY Jewelry Organizer

This is a much less complicated version of my Painted Serape Jewelry Organizer on Girls Build Club blog. For this jewelry holder, all you need is a board and some furniture upholstery nails. This easy project is simple but stunning and gets your jewelry on display and organized in no time!

diy jewelry holder

DIY Jewelry Holder

In this post I am going to show you how I made this very simple DIY necklace holder. This only took a few materials and a few tools to make. This was not something I typically do, but it was for a good friend, so I figured I would show you how I did it. Enjoy!

linen closet organization, closet, organizing

Linen Closet Organization

Hallelujah I finally have an organized linen closet!!! For roughly $60 I was able to turn my cluttered mess of a linen closet into an organized oasis (ok maybe just an oasis for my mind but still...!). I've always been a bit of a perfectionist with most things in life which also means that I've always been very organized and meticulous about my things; however, once I got married and then added a child to the mix, life tends to take over at times and things aren't quite as orderly as I'd like. Alas, this mama is on a mission to get my small home tidy and revamped!

my diy master walk in closet reveal

My DIY Master Walk-In Closet Reveal

Transforming a dark and disorganized closet into a bright dreamy personal walk-in boutique.

rework a wire shoe rack to hold stilettos, cleaning tips, closet, Rework a Wire Shoe Rack to Hold Stilettos

ReWork a Wire Shoe Rack to Hold Stilettos

I always hated how my high heels would fall into the wire of my shoe rack. Not interested in purchasing a new shoe rack (because I didn't want to spend the money, and because we plan to rebuild our master closet at some point), I decided to fix the problem! With a little ingenuity, the shoe rack works great now!

organize your pantry, closet, organizing

Organize Your Pantry

See how you can double the space in your pantry using a few items from IKEA, and a little creativity!

closet organization and hacks

Closet Organization and Hacks

We have lived in our house for almost 17 years now. I consider myself a pretty organized person but as with anyone some spaces in my house get neglected and I would say my closet is one of them. It took me most of the day but I'm really glad it did it and I am excited about the way it turned out. You can see more of my crazy creations here

diy storage hooks over door organizing, closet, diy, organizing, storage ideas, woodworking projects

DIY Over the Door Hooks for Extra Storage in a Closet

Have you ever wanted to use over the door hooks but couldn't because the space between the top of the door and the door frame is too narrow, say from a million coats of paint? This happened to me in my new apartment and I came up with a really easy, inexpensive DIY version of over the door hooks a la MacGyver:

small closet makeover

Small Closet Makeover

We bought a small 1982 ranch house a few years ago and we've been working for three years now to fix it up...piece by piece. We've done all kinds of simple DIY projects to update the look of the house both internal and external (see my profile for all the projects), but this is one of my favorite projects BY FAR because I took my outdated, ugly, small closet and brought it into this century for under $750!Let's check out the before...

kids chore chart system with popsicle sticks, crafts, organizing

Kids Chore Chart System With Popsicle Sticks

After noticing that my quick thrown together cup and popsicle stick chore chart system was my girls' favorite, I decided to make a more permanent system for the home. The popsicle sticks allow for easy chore rotations and edits, so you can add or remove chores anytime you wish.

vintage cooking grill jewelry organizers, organizing, repurposing upcycling, After photo

Vintage Cooking Grill Jewelry Organizers

I've always loved polka dots and when I saw this $1 vintage set of what I think are cooking grills, or some kind of roasting pans, I immediately knew what I needed them to be... hanging jewelry organizers. To see the full details of how I did this pop over to my blog post

lofted cottage bed for our little girl s dream room, bedroom ideas, diy, home decor, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, We added painted metal handles the railing is not used for support when climbing up and down the ladder

Lofted "Cottage" Bed...for Our Little Girl's "DREAM" Room...

We have VERY small bedrooms in our home. We decided to loft our daughters bed to create more "play" space and some fun cottage charm...

children s reading nook, shelving ideas, storage ideas, These gutter bookshelves were super easy and inexpensive to create We had them cut down when we purchased them at Home Depot and had them installed in less than 15 minutes

Children's Reading Nook

We created this reading nook space in my son's room for a cozy place to read. Gutter bookshelves are easy to create and provide a colorful book display as well as easy access to the books for your little ones.

installing a sloped ceiling wardrobe in 2 minutes

Installing a Sloped Ceiling Wardrobe - in 2 Minutes!

With a day available to install this wardrobe, we started at 730 and completed by 330! The video at the bottom of this post show the 2 minute timelapse of this project. Everything we do is handmade. We are so proud of that and hope you enjoy our handmade sloped ceiling wardrobe. We had previously made this in our workshop a few days prior.The interior is all made from mdf sander to a fine p240 finish, with the option of the client painting once installed. The exterior was made from Birch ply and oiled in a raw polyx oil from OSMO brand. The interior was a mixture of adjustable shelving, hanging and drawers.The doors were all soft close and finger pull handles and mirror were added last.We received an email from our client who requested a wardrobe for a room that had a sloped ceiling. We received a photo of the space and a sketch of what he wanted for the space with rough measurements. We proved an initial estimate via email and then arranged for our joiner to visit the client to discuss materials and design. Following this visit we produced a computer design and a final quote.After initially wanting a white hand painted/spray finish the client really liked the birch faced ply finish. To keep costs down the client opted for an unpainted MDF interior and a birch faced ply exterior.After a deposit has been received our next step is to draw up a cutting list. With a sloped ceiling this can be very tricky so we use a computer programme called sketch up to draw up to scale the design.A cutting list is drawn up and sent to our wood suppliers. We have our materials cut to size at the suppliers to save time.After taking delivery of the materials, our first job is to sand the edges and machine the components. We pre- drill holes and machine biscuit joints.We then construct the units in our workshop ready for fitting.Whilst on site our first job is to lay down protection and cover all surfaces. We then fix bearers to the floor which are levelled for the units to be screwed to. The units are put in place levelled up and screwed together. We then hang the doors and fit any additional components such as push release handles. The last step for construction is to fit the trims which often take the longest. We scribe our trims to the walls which in most cases are not straight.Once construction is complete we clean up the unit, polishing the carcasses and doors ready to be loaded up by our client.

how to build a garment rack, closet, storage ideas

How To Build A Garment Rack

We all want more storage, right? That’s why I built a garment rack that will eventually go in our basement. We have so much overflow that we ended up using all the closet space in our office for extra jackets, wedding dresses, etc. Doesn’t help that since we have an old house, we have some pretty small closets. Eventually I would love to get some canvas hanging bags for when storing out of season items on this.This was my first time working with piping, and I loved it!

diy dollar tree storage shelf

DIY Dollar Tree Storage Shelf

Need more storage in your home? You can make this adorable and functional storage shelf in under 10 minutes for under $10!Love this project? You can buy your own by clicking the link below. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

rolling toy boxes made from drawers, bedroom ideas, how to, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Rolling Toy Boxes Made From Drawers

Our children needed more storage in their bedroom for their toys. Since their bunkbeds have a large space underneath, we knew we could find a way to utilize it for storage.

realistic linen closet organization, closet, organizing, storage ideas

Realistic Linen Closet Organization

How I organized our linen closet using budget-friendly, simple materials that I can easily transfer to our next home.

jewelry and makeup organization from an old dye rack, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Jewelry and Makeup Organization From an Old Dye Rack

My makeup started out in a travel bag that worked out ok for awhile. But then I had my colors done and figuring out what looked good on me and what worked with the colors that were best for me tor me to wear, my collection gradually began to outgrow the bag. My jewelry was the same way. I had a spot for necklaces, an old display rack, but no where for earrings. I kept them in a muslin pouch but that wasn't working at all. I'd have to dump everything out to see what I wanted to wear and it was hard on the dangly ones! I'd bought this old RIT dye rack at a benefit auction thinking I'd use it at the store as a display piece. But one day it hit me that it just might work to organize my jewelry and my makeup AND it would fit very well on my bathroom counter!

want to purge want to organize don t want to spend any money doing it, closet, organizing, shelving ideas, Wait until you see the before

Want to purge? Want to organize? Don't want to spend any money doing it?

I shared a few posts on tips on purging and used my own tips. These are tips and "tools" that I use with "clients" that I help get organized. I decided to deal with a space that I had an "issue" with. I even aired the "ugly" before. This is the reveal and I spent ZERO dollars to get this look. You can get rid of "stuff", add some "bling" and feel so good!

flip flop bin

How to Make a Flip Flop Bin for Storage and Organization

It's Flip Flop Season! Yah one of my favorite times of the year. I have so many flip flops and I needed to tame this mess in my closet. I was storing my flip flops in a plastic drawer making it difficult to find the matching pair.

jeweleryframe the best ever

Jeweleryframe....the Best Ever!

This is a project of mine I started two years ago. The best jeweleryframe ever.
It's beautiful and it gives you a perfect overview! No clutter, no stress, relax and pick the earrings, the necklace, the bracelet that fits the outfit of that day!

diy shoe storage from old drawer, diy, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas, I used an old drawer I found in an industrial area Added Wheels oversized knobs Hides my family s shoes perfectly

DIY Shoe Storage From Old Drawer

Tired of the pile of shoes by front door or bottom of stairs? I used a large industrial sized drawer I found for free. Added wheels, painted it, instant under bench or sofa shoe storage!

http blog woodcraft com 2016 04 picture frame jewelry organizer , crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling

Picture Perfect Wooden Frame Jewelry Organizer

Last summer I ran across two really nice, wide picture frames (free!), and I immediately had an idea to upcycle them as jewelry organizers for my teenage nieces. This is also an easy gift idea for Mother's Day, Christmas, or a birthday. With some chicken wire (more technically, it's called hardware cloth), simple hardware, a dowel rod and knobs, you can create a beautiful jewelry holder for your favorite fashionista in no time!

rustic wood and copper jewelry hanger, crafts, home decor, how to, organizing

Rustic Wood and Copper Pipe Jewelry Hanger

If you're anything like me you have quite a collection of jewelry and adornments. For several years now I have simply hung my necklaces from 2 nails creating a tangled pile of chains and rope. That's why I decided to make this jewelry hanger. All it takes is a couple of copper pipes glued to wood and some cup hooks. It is also extremely customizable to fit your needs and style!