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Wall Pockets From 3 Ring Binders

Wall mounted file pockets are expensive. We’ll, we’ve found a way to make super cheap & creative wall mounted holders using 3 ring binders! The pockets can be used to organize or hold all types of things but we created 7 DIFFERENT PRINTABLES so they can be used as a homework helper. COMPLETE DETAILS, PHOTOS & PRINTABLES ON OUR SITE HERE

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Sparkling Marble Magnets

Today I am sharing a very inexpensive project of Sparkling Marble Magnets using the marbles, some leftover nail polish and magnets. I think this is a fabulous project for tweens/teens to make custom magnets for their rooms!
Please join us at for the full tutorial.

diy round cork board holder, crafts, wall decor

DIY Round Cork Board Holder

There are literally so many things you can do with cork and it was hard to come up with something that hasn’t been done before. I’m pretty sure people have hung three round cork boards up on their wall, but I added a little twist.

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DIY Custom Bulletin Board

Do you know how to make a custom shaped bulletin board? Here is my take on a DIY bulletin board. If you want to make some ornate design I may not be able to help you, but with straight edges and simple angles, I could do this. I was motivated to take on this project by a challenge by Hometalk to create a decorative item or wall art for them to use in their New York City headquarters. Challenge accepted!

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EASY Pallet Message Board

This is for those people who HATE working with those impossible pallets. YES, they really are a pain in the butt to dismantle. I'm not a fan. So when this idea hit me to keep my kids school stuff organized, I was glad it didn't involve too much "pallet reconstruction"! So if you like the pallet look but don't enjoy the work involved with them, this is pretty minimal and is for YOU!

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Simplify Deciding What To Make For Dinner With This Menu Planning Idea

Restaurants have nightly specials so why can’t we do the same at home. We all have a favourite restaurant that we love to go to on a certain day of the week because we know they are serving their famous dish or favourite food theme. How many of us enjoy ‘Wing Night’ or “All You Can Eat Pasta Night”? We can use the same idea when menu planning at home to simplify the daily task and sometimes daily chore of what to prepare and serve for dinner.

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Peg Board Kitchen Storage Wall

Lacking cabinet space in your kitchen? This might be a great option for you! Not only is this a great option for storage, but can be used to make a fun statement on your wall! By simply drilling a peg board to your wall you create a great and fun space to decorate and store things!We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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Vintage Farmhouse-Style Reminder Center

While some people just need a "Message Center" in their homes, *I* need a REMINDER CENTER! Put out the recycling...empty the stamps...Mom's birthday get the idea! So I created one by repurposing a vintage washboard and some old, deconstructed mouse traps as "clip boards". Love that farmhouse style!

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DIY Cork Board

I used an old and outdated picture frame and turned it into a cork board. You can use this in your home office or use it as a jewelry holder. I love that it does not look like a cork board so it would look great in any room of the house.

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Multitasking DIY: One Peg Board - Thousands of Possibilities

I have the ultimate musthave multitasking home DIY for you today (because it's very easy to make and mega manifold), you'll want to have it, too! I'm probably not the first one to make such a peg board and it's possible that you find a board with ready-made holes in the building supplies store, but I had fun making this one myself and was surprised to see how many possibilities it offers - and it's quite cheap and very easy to make (I would presume even somebody with two left hands would be able to do it). It took me much longer to style and put the board in scene, make photos and edit them, than it took me to make it (including drying time for the layers of paint)! My DIY is a magnetic storage, organization and deco board made of wood, which can be used with / without wooden pegs. There are thousands of possibilities and the nicest thing is that you can use it in every room of the house. "Pure" it's like an object of art. Find even more photos and ideas on my blog!

diy bulletin board from wine corks

DIY Bulletin Board From Wine Corks

Getting organized has never been easier! You can do this fun upcycle in around 30 minutes and have a super cute way to organize your office. All those to do lists will finally have some place to live.Materials Needed:Wine Corks (You're going to need a LOT of them)Shoe Box LidHot GlueRibbonPaint

upcycle mason jar lids into photo magnets

Upcycle Mason Jar Lids Into Photo Magnets

When was the last time you actually printed pictures? We have our Instagram feeds and Facebook photo albums to hold all our family photos so if you're anything like me, you rarely print photos out any more. I happened to have a stack of photos printed out that I found in a drawer while tidying up my home for the holidays and I wanted to do a project with them. I also had several mason jar lids in my craft room - leftover from a few projects I did this summer - so I decided to put them together to make a neat way to display photos.

diy activity wall chalkboard magnet board art display organization, chalkboard paint, crafts, organizing

DIY Activity Wall - Chalkboard/Magnet Board/Art Display Organization

SO MUCH CLUTTER!! This is a common complaint I hear from homeowners. Kids rooms seem to be the biggest culprits. Parents don't want to take away their children's fun and creativity, but they don't know how to take control of their mess. This is a great easy DIY if you need some organization in your home (and life).

diy nautical peg board, basement ideas, diy, entertainment rec rooms, wall decor

DIY Nautical Peg Board

Hi All :) This post is part of our DIY September's theme is Peg Board. I was stumped at first. This is what I had to work with. (Read: Not much!)

free printable blogger planner half size filofax a5, cleaning tips

Free Printable Blogger Planner | Half-Size (Filofax A5)

In order to avoid turning into the "Office Space" movie cover guy, drastic changes NEEDED to be made to organize my lil 'ol blog. And since the entire planner was handmade albeit a labor of love, why not share it with the world?
This bad boy is 132 (half sized) pages chock full with the standard:
-Calendar (get that editorial calendar up and running)

magnetic organizing with dollar store cookie sheets

Magnetic Organizing With Dollar Store Cookie Sheets

Transform a simple Dollar Store cookie sheet into a handy magnetic organizer with a few simple supplies. Use this DIY organizing solution anywhere in your house!We have all seen the kitchen supply section in the dollar store. Every time I'm there, I always wonder how I can make a DIY project out of something in that aisle. Well, now I finally have!All you need is a cookie tray, Mod Podge, and some craft paper (here's the exact paper I used). I LOVE it! I have used it on several projects. Feel free to use any type of decorative paper, wrapping paper, or even fabric that you like!

wooden growth chart, wall decor, woodworking projects

Wooden Growth Chart

We made this incredibly simple DIY growth chart to keep track of how quickly our toddler is growing without leaving permanent marks on our walls. We wanted something we could easily bring with us when and if we move, and we love how this one turned out! It's very, very easy to make and looks adorable in the room! You can see all of the details and a few more photos on my blog post.

diy wooden clipboard


Another wood scrap project. Very easy project to do.

pumpkin stack growth chart, Add marks for measuring

Pumpkin Stack Growth Chart

Each year, Woodcraft corporate employees bring their children and grandchildren to the office, and we have a special Halloween Trunk or Treat for them. Tasked with painting something for a photo op for the party, I opted for a stack of nearly-toppling pumpkins and a slinky black cat with measurement markings along the side. This fun, new display will become something we use from year to year, and the little kiddies can see how much they’ve grown. CUT OUTBen Bice from our Product Development Team got two 3/4" x 48" plywood birch boards for the project. Using a jigsaw, he cut around the shape I sketched on the bottom half for the first three pumpkins and cut down the top board to 18" wide. He saved the scrap wood for later use. He sanded the edges lightly so there wouldn’t be any splinters before I began painting it.

family chalkboard central command center, cleaning tips

Family Chalkboard Central Command Center

This 30″ wide wall has had more makeovers than any other spot in my home. In the almost 3 years that we've lived here, I think it's had at least 6 lives – thank goodness it's not an entire room. But I have to say, this 30″ wall is the key to how we function – it's our Central Command Center... a.k.a. CCC - an organized spot with all the essentials: a family calendar, key box, chore chart, reward chart, grocery chart, etc. >>>

transform a pizza pan into a stylish magnet board

Transform a Pizza Pan Into a Stylish Magnet Board!

I find that one of the best ways to get (and stay) organized is by having several prominent spots to put important papers. Because of that, I have several bulletin boards and magnet boards throughout my home. One day while shopping at Dollar Tree, I spotted a plain pizza pan and immediately had the idea to turn it into a stylish magnet board for my daughter's bedroom! It's such an easy project that will help control some of her paper clutter (hopefully). If you'd like to see some other easy organization ideas I have, please visit my Organization Ideas Gallery on my blog!

give a thrift store tray a new life

Give A Thrift Store Tray A New Life

I see wooden trays all of the time at the thrift stores and I wanted to make something fun using one of them. I decided a magnetic message board would be the perfect project.

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Concrete #StarWars Magnets & Pushpins: Easy DIY Father's Day Gift

Yippee! It’s our 5th month of the Home Depot Gift Challenge and things are really heating up! This month Amanda over at Dwelling in Happiness had the pick, and she chose concrete as our item and a father as our gift recipient, as this Sunday is Father’s Day. Be sure to check out the last 4 challenge projects: copper fittings, wood dowels, pegboard & and 2x4s.

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Ironing Board Storage Pegboard

Well I've been trying to do this project for 2 months. Finally got a little time and space to get her done! This Ironing board was half off $3.99 at Goodwill, with broken legs. Who needs an ironing board anyway? Not me lol. I painted her with Shabby paint. Carefully Remove the legs. Paint then add some cute vinyl letters, stencil, or free hand. (I'm not that talented)
UPDATE: Somebody mentioned limited space and I got to thinking that this would work vertical with vertical lettering. Then limited space led me to think of a peg board and the S hooks fit! How awesome to have a space for stuff on an ironing board in your laundry. I can't wait to see one hanging like that on the back of a laundry door.

cardboard box message board, crafts, home decor, repurposing upcycling

Cardboard Box Message Board

This is a great upcycling project that used a cardboard box, fabric scraps, and an old picture frame. It came together in no time and only cost a couple of dollars!