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Inexpensive Garage Organization

My husband and I work best in a tidy and organized environment, and this includes our garage. We have used several inexpensive options for keeping our garage a well functioning space. Check out my blog for more info

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Garage Organizing Tips

Tidy up the garage (or basement, or attic even) using these simple, cheap, and easy organizing tips!

how to build storage for scrap wood of all sizes

How to Build Storage for Scrap Wood of All Sizes

Anyone who works with wood always has scraps leftover. Leftover wood is an ongoing byproduct of woodworking, and we have our fair share of scraps and offcuts. Prior to this build, we did not have an efficient way to store these wood pieces so we ended up not using them--because we didn't know what we had!We built two units to store larger pieces as well as smaller ones. Now we can see instantly what we have available to use.

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DIY Skateboard Wall Storage

We had a client who has moved from apartment to apartment in the last year, trying to find the perfect home for her and her son. Once they settled on a great place with tons of amenities, our client wanted to make sure her son felt at home as soon as possible. He loves to skateboard, but found it difficult to store his equipment in their new, but small, NYC apartment. We thought this would be a great opportunity to make him feel like he had a space all his own where he could store his skateboards and other sports equipment. We went to the hardware store, played around with different design options for shelving using plumbing fittings, and created a floating surface for this little guy to display his skateboards on! What's even better is he can use the top of the skateboard surface to place his helmet, bags, sunglasses, or whatever else little dudes need to have fun!

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Garden Supply Storage Solution

My mess of gardening stuff in the garage was getting on my nerves, and I was itching to do a project!

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DIY Garage Storage: Ceiling Mounted Shelves

As fall gives way to winter, our attention has turned toward neglected indoor projects. These are the projects we all tend to put off when the weather is nice and we'd rather be outside. It's easy to procrastinate on projects like garage clean-up, hanging pictures, and repainting rooms. One of those neglected projects on our list was finding a way to improve the storage and organization in the garage.

diy 2x4 shelving unit

DIY 2x4 Shelving Unit

Are you like me and have a lot of stuff and no place to store it? This past winter I worked on organizing my basement and needed shelves to both store and display my treasures. I'm a life long collector of vintage and love to use my things in my decor but I can't use them all at one time. My new shelving units now house my collectibles when they aren't being used. These shelves are super sturdy and can hold much heavier items than what I'm storing on them. Another great feature is if we ever move, these can easily be taken apart and moved to a new location. If you have a garage (I don't), these shelves would be perfect there for storage.

garage ball storage

Garage Ball Storage

Our garage is filled with soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs.. random balls, haha! We needed organization ASAP. I will show you how to create your own sports ball storage to keep them all in one place.

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Organized Garage and Workshop

Our garage is my retreat. It's where I go to build and create with wood. But, it is a small space and I had to build custom storage to squeeze in storage wherever possible. I also hung Habitat ReStore cabinets for sawdust protected storage over the workbench.

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Plier Rack

Grab a tool, use it and put it back instead of hunting in a drawer or turning it through 180.

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How to Make Wood Storage Shelves

My garage had very little storage and as a result, organizing it was very difficult. I researched how to maximize the storage space in a garage and decided to put in wood storage shelves that custom fit storage bins I had.In my research, I found many use ceiling storage. I was not wanting to do a garage storage system along the ceiling because I was afraid that putting up and getting down heavy items would be too difficult. So, with help, we built shelves in my garage to fit 50 of these 27 galloon storage bins/totes. They have been so useful! The storage shelves only take up the perimeter of the garage and the bins fit great on them.To help with ease of getting items I need out of storage, I put the lighter totes on the top shelves (yarn, light decorations, etc.), the heavier ones lower to the ground (stationary supplies, tools, extra dishes, etc.) and the middle weight ones (Seasonal decor and clothing, extra bedding, etc.) in the middle. This storage system with these spacious bins, has made my life so much easier. My house is much less cluttered, finding things is very easy as I labeled everything using vinyl and my Cricut, and I’m able to park easily in my garage. It’s a great solution for much needed easy-access storage space.When I bid this out, a local guy was charging $350 for an 8 foot unit installed. My friend did his entire garage (3- 8 foot units) for a few hundred ($800 savings). My friend wrote the following instructions for his wood storage shelving unit. I made mine taller (8″ ft tall and built in four shelves). The instructions are able to be tweaked a bit. So you can take these instructions and work with them a little to fit the size of your garage (height and width) and storage needs.Cut List:Cut both sheets of plywood in half, length wise, giving you four sheets that are 2’ x 8’. One sheet will be scrap or can be used for a second set of shelves. Home depot can cut these with their panel saw for free or you can do it yourself with a table or skil saw.

building a large heavy duty garage shelf

Building A Large Heavy Duty Garage Shelf

We recently bought a little condo retreat for ourselves for our 20 year anniversary. It has been a dream of ours and it is where we were married 20 years ago and we were coming up here 2-4 times a year. It came with a small single car garage and we needed to build a shelf to help with storage. This is an extra deep & heavy duty shelf. You can build one or more with this concept and personalize your garage to suit your needs and space. You can see more of my crazy creations here

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Easy DIY Garage Shelving!

When trying to clean out my garage a while back, I needed a place to store not only my wood for future projects but also all my tools, stain, paints, etc. This shelf modified from Ana White's plans was the perfect solution!!

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Keeping My Garage Tidy

I may be a professional organizer, but don't expect my garage to always be perfectly organized. I have a system for keeping it "good enough" and it works for me. About three times a year, I give my garage a good tidy. Each time I do this, I try to focus on improving something. When you’ve got a fairly organized foundation, everything else is just a little tweak. Getting into maintenance mode is a bit more work at the start, but once you are there, it feels so good.
Here are some pictures from my recent garage cleanup. This time I finally organized the bikes and focused more on the shelves. To see my annual plan for maintaining and more pictures, check the link at the bottom.

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IKEA Hack: Magnetic Shelf

As my (Steph) collection of nails, screws, and extra parts expand, I realized it was time for some new organization. I've been storing these items in a plastic compartment storage container, but it’s getting cumbersome to use and I want to be able to see everything clearly and easily.
I found a few different ideas online and decided to combine a few. My goal was to use what I have and not to have to buy a lot of extra materials. Check out the video before to see how I added a shelf with some magnetic storage to my garage!

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2x4 Garage Storage Shelf

We all know there's no such thing as too much storage, so today we're building a DIY 2x4 garage shelving unit. This unit is made using nothing but 2x4 lumber that is cut, glued and screwed together and it stores almost everything I need in my garage DIY workshop! Plus, it's under a hundred bucks!

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How To Organize Your Storage Pantry When It’s A Nightmare Mess

The word nightmare always seems to be paired perfectly with the word mess. Doesn’t a mess pantry or closet make you wanna scream? It’s it overwhelming when you see the mess and don’t know where to begin to get it organized?

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Garage Wall Storage Made Easy

Spray cans, caulking tubes, boxes of nails - where do you store this stuff?
If you're like me it ends up in cardboard boxes on the garage floor.
So I decided to make a wall storage cabinet that could help me organize all my old supplies.

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Garage Paint Storage

I was using 2 plastic bins to store all my paint brushes, rollers, scrappers, trays etc. And it wasn't working. So I added a metal cart that I can roll around the garage/driveway when I'm painting bigger pieces of furntiure. And a pegboard above with shelves for all my spray paint and paint samples. Now I can see exactly what I have.

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DIY Garage Wall Cabinet With Sliding Door

My garage needed some TLC . I wanted a bench and a wall cabinet to store "stuff". This is what me and hubby came up with.

filing cabinet turned garage organization

Filing Cabinet-Turned-Garage Organization

For the last few years, Rob and I have had this ugly, old filing cabinet down in our basement. He got it from his uncle and we used it to store his old business files, tax documents, and other paperwork that we didn't need on a daily basis but when we decided to overhaul the basement, we decided we were going to put it to the curb. However, I came across a really cool idea that ended up not being as much work as I had thought it would be, and now this ugly, clunky hunk of metal looks a whole lot nicer and is serving a purpose!

seven different ways to use a magnetic strip

Seven Different Ways to Use a Magnetic Strip

Everyone knows you can hang knives from a magnetic strip, but did you know there are so many more ideas??

get your shed or garage organized

Get Your Shed or Garage Organized!

Our shed was a mess! It was so full of random stuff, we couldn't get the lawnmower or bikes out without rearranging things. These simple shelves are easy to build with minimal cuts and less than $75 for all the materials!

how an old window helped organize this mess

How an Old Window Helped Organize A Mess

Everyone has a landing place were things get dropped. It could be a desk, a place in your hallway or a dining room table. I have a table in my basement gardening space. I had to get this organized!

making a heavy duty folding garage workbench, 3D model showing my workbench unfolded

Making a Heavy Duty Folding Garage Workbench

If you’re a DIY’er, having a garage workbench is a necessity. But if you‘re like most people, you have to compromise with space in order to also fit your car. Well here’s a solution that gives you the best of both worlds - a large heavy duty workbench that folds flat against the wall to allow your car to fit.