make magazine holder from a cereal box, crafts, repurposing upcycling

Make Magazine Holder From a Cereal Box

Cardboard boxes have now opened up a whole new world for me! No longer are they destined for the recycling bin. I now see endless opportunities of basically free organization opportunities!
When I saw a giant cereal box, I knew it was destined for a life beyond containing cereal. Instead of cereal box I saw magazine holder. And this is how I did it...

hide cord clutter using repurposed nightstands, organizing, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Cut the Cord Clutter!

With all the electronics we have these days, cords can be a challenge! I was tired of looking at this mess, but really had no place to store all the chargers when they weren't in use.

diy open top rolling filing cabinet, crafts, home office, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

DIY Open-Top Rolling Filing Cabinet

I transformed an old wooden crate into a super functional rolling filing cabinet. It's perfect for storing some files and I love that it's open on top so I can see all my files at a glance when I'm working at my desk.

how to hide a printer, crafts, organizing

How to Hide a Printer

Electronics can be eye sores in any home, but this DIY solves the problem of a big printer messing with your home decor! Instead of keeping your big ugly printer out in plain sight, you can hide it in a fashionable basket and keep it out in the open on a bookshelf.
Honestly, the hardest part of this project is finding the right basket to hold your printer (we found ours at HomeGoods).

diy filing chest woodworking, diy, organizing, storage ideas, woodworking projects

DIY Filing Chest

Our home office is a small space, and our tall, boxy filing cabinet always made it feel extra crowded. To create a solution that didn't sacrifice on storage, I built a long, low chest that doubles as a bench! Inside, there's room for nearly four feet of hanging files, a sliding tray for office supplies, and a bulletin board for reminders and notes.
Today I'm sharing a quick view of how the parts come together, but you can always hop over to my blog, Build Basic, using the link below to see each detailed step, and a full cut list for this project!

how a cutting board and scrabble game piece can make your life easier, crafts, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

How a Cutting Board and Scrabble Game Piece Can Make Your Life Easier

An old cutting board and a Scrabble game tile holder work perfectly together to create an Ipad stand.

upcycled bedside table, painted furniture

Upcycled Bedside Table

Brought to you by Megan from The Homes I Have Made over on our sister site For the full tutorial with details on what supplies, paint, etc. to use, visit the blog here -->
Some elbow grease, paint, and creativity can go a long way from turning a curb-side castoff into an apartment treasure! With a wide variety of products now available on the market, almost any piece of furniture can be given a fresh life.

repurpose chip containers to organize media device cords , crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Repurpose Chip Containers to Organize Media Device Cords!

A while back someone on Hometalk asked how they could repurpose Pringles containers. After my last post about repurposing tea boxes to organize media cords and a kid who loves Pringles, I came up with an idea!

organizing the desk of disaster, cleaning tips, home office, organizing

Organizing the "Desk of Disaster"

Hubby and I own 3 businesses between us, and we share this desk...which is a total disaster! With the help of Maeve Richmond and Good Housekeeping, we tackled the disaster and organized everything for less than $10.

teacher appreciation gift fdiy lower pot pen holder, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Flower Pot Pen Holder

This project is quick, easy & very affordable. You can decorate the potted flowers in so many different ways.

console table charging station for behind our sofa

Console Table Charging Station for Behind Our Sofa!

How to build a simple console table for behind your sofa, with plugin added for easy phone charging! Joe and I are probably a lot like most couples right now where we admittedly spend a certain amount of time on our phones, in front of the tv, after work, every day. So I’m currently limping along a 3 year old Motorolla whose battery life leaves a lot to be desired. So, inevitably, I have to run upstairs, get my phone charger and plug it in wherever I’m sitting which usually means having to move the sofa or an end table out so I can reach an outlet. I’ve been thinking a console table would be the ticket to make for easier charging but also to create a little area for display as well so I got to work!

get organized with built ins, home office, organizing, shelving ideas, storage ideas

Get Organized With Built-ins!

I am super excited about the latest update in my office: built-in shelves along with crown molding for the entire room! It's always remarkable to me how much of a difference crown molding makes! We had a friend who is a master carpenter build shelves out on both sides of the window.

install a usb outlet cover in a snap

Install a USB Outlet Cover in a Snap!

We came across this neat product called SnapPower, which adds a USB port to an outlet cover. This seemed like a great solution for a bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere you need to charge your phone, tablet, camera, and more!Before we discovered this product, the only way to add a USB was to completely remove the existing outlet and wire in a new USB compatible one. This one requires no wiring! We ordered one on Amazon to give it a try. It really is a fast way to add some tech to your home!

repurpose tea boxes into to organize media device cords , organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Repurpose Tea Boxes To Organize Media Device Cords! No Cost Involved!

Do you have a drawer that looks like this? I can't stand when I go to grab a cord and they are all tangled together.

cooks corner a repurposed wood project, chalk paint, crafts, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Cooks Corner - A Repurposed Wood Project.

I found this broken chair back at my local green dump and quickly swooped it up, I figured I could at least use the spindles for something! What I came up with used way more than just the spindles!!

repurposed old jewelry chest to desk organizer, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Trash to Treasure- Old Jewelry Chest....reborn!

A little paint and some new hardware can bring just about anything back to life....check out the rebirth (and new use) of this nasty, old jewelry chest!

how i organize without using a file cabinet, organizing

How I Organize Without Using A File Cabinet

Paper clutter is one of the biggest "stoppers" of being organized, isn't it? Having a catch-all place on the counter, in the office or bedroom for papers, is a common dilemma.

vintage suitcase upcycled to electronics charging station, repurposing upcycling, All filled up and ready to charge

Vintage Suitcase Upcycled to Electronics Charging Station

An old suitcase is a perfect place to hide all of your electronics and their cords while they're charging. I used cheery fabric to update the lining of the suitcase, drilled 2 holes in the back to accomodate 2 extension cords, and filled it up! So simple, and looks so much better to have everything tucked away out of sight. And no more lost chargers!

easy build diy wall file organizer, how to, organizing, woodworking projects

Easy Build DIY Wall File Organizer

I belong to a group of super creative tool loving bloggers who get together and challenge each other to build something awesome with a power tool. This month's tool is the jigsaw. It got a little more challenging when we added a back to school theme. I remember how huge the back to school paperwork stacks could be when my kids were little. I built a super project that's great for back to school, a family who battles paperwork, or someone like me. Who can't grow a houseplant, but I can sure grow a stack of paper on my desktop really well.

how to hide your cable box, how to, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

How to Hide Your Cable Box

Stare no more at your unsightly black cable box or modem! This simple and easy tutorial shows you how to hide you cable box using old books.

ombre wood stain pen holder, home office, organizing, woodworking projects

Ombre Wood Stain Pen Holder

Rob starts up the winter semester tomorrow, and just like the kids he teaches, he's got to get back to school ready, also! So when Staples asked us to join forces we eagerly went and snapped up tons of colorful pens for both of us to use and then we made an ab fab ombre wood stain pen (and paintbrush) holder to keep all of his necessities close at hand in his office for the hours in between the college courses he teaches.
The end result is pretty, functional and won't tip over any time soon. He's excited because everything will have its place and I'm excited that it turned out so well!

diy rope and wood nautical shelf

DIY Rope and Wood Nautical Shelf

At Remodelaholic, we are all about affordable and accomplishable (I don't think that's a word, but it's perfect here) projects! This wood and rope shelf is no exception! In this case, our contributor used an old Hurricane Harvey deposit to add some rustic flair.

desktop organizer zinc bulb starter pots repurpose, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Desktop Organizer

These are antique zinc bulb starter pots. They’re mini, they’re cute, and they’re hard to find. So imagine my excitement when I found some these on our trip to Waco with the girlfriends! I was searching for a divided item to serve as my “writing implement” container. Why? Cause if you don’t know by now—I’m kind of a freak! Call me what you want, I like a neat desktop, an organized one, and one that is unique! AND–I l♥ve to re-purpose things!!!

how to make pen and pencil holders from recycled tin cans, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Make Pen And Pencil Holders From Recycled Tin Cans

Recycled tin cans are the perfect size to contain pens, pencils, markers and other office supplies. There are so many ways to design a recycled tin can into holders. I've made a lot of woven ribbon items lately and thought, why not try it on a tin can. I have too many pens and other writing and drawing instruments and really need something to store them in instead of my usual ziplock bags.

eco friendly teachers gifts from my wood pile, crafts, go green, how to, woodworking projects

ECO Friendly Teachers' Gifts From My Wood Pile

My son has 5 teachers this year - that's a lot of end of the year gifts to purchase on a budget. I Tole painted them name plates for Christmas so what to do in June? Personalized pencil holders out of cedar logs. Hope this will inspire you!