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Sophisticated Industrial Big Boy Bedroom Reveal

My kid is eight years old. He likes super heroes and video games and drawing pictures. Just like all the other eight year old boys in his class.
But he also likes fedoras, tuxedos, and fancy dinner parties. He’s a classy little man, he says. A grown up in a kid’s body, he thinks. A future GQ model with pockets full of cash, he announces often.

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2 Great Ways to Upcycle Old Paint Cans

A couple of months ago, when I was cleaning out my workshop, I came across several cans of paint that were either dried up, virtually empty or I hadn’t used the color in 10 years. The paint that still had some life in it was taken to the ReStore but the other cans had definitely outlived their usefulness. Before I tossed them, was there anything they could be used for? So for now, the cans went back on the shelf and have been patiently waiting for me ever since. Well, it has been a couple of months and I finally had an idea…a planter. I’m so glad I’m not on a deadline, because I definitely would have been fired.

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DIY Lego Head Organizer

I have five kids, and the house was slowly being taken over by Legos. I love Legos, but I hate stepping on them, so I wanted to find a fun way for my kids to organize the little bricks and mini figures without spending a ton of money. So, I found a way to transform a large plastic jar into a Lego storage container that the kids would actually use.

simple lego storage idea with a diy lego table

Lego Storage Idea

Have you ever hit your limit with toys and find yourself saying, “that’s it! we’re organizing these toys once and for all?” It’s time to get started on a new idea;I’ve created a simple Lego storage idea by making a DIY table with lots of compartments to hold legos and small toys.

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Thrift Store Makeover: Lego Storage

Thrift store cabinet turned into beautiful Lego storage for dining room. Who says you can't have nice looking toy storage?

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Toy Storage Crate

If you have a Disney fan in your home, odds are you know what these super cute little toys are. If you don't, you still may have seen them! These cute little collectable Tsum Tsum toys are all the rage for Disney fans these days, and my girls have quite the collection. They are always all over the house, I needed a way to store them.

five diy rain gutter bookshelves under 10

Rain Gutter Bookshelves Under $10

I know what you’re thinking, “another rain gutter bookshelf idea?” This idea is different and stylish! Come along while I share how I create my own DIY bookshelves under $10. LET’S START WITH MAKING THE GUTTER BOOKSHELVES.

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What I Did With Recycled Puzzle Pieces

Lately, I’ve felt some conflicting feelings from the two separate sides of my personality. You see, I’m an organized-neat freak/ repurposing-hoarder. Say that ten times fast.
The majority of my personality likes simplicity, order, organization, and the “less is more” mentality. But, there is this sneaky dark side that I sometimes hear murmuring…”But what if you need this scrap wood?”…”foam padding is expensive…you should save the scraps”…”these random items could come in really handy for an xyz project…”. The next thing I know, my basement looks like a fire hazard and our guest bedroom is fit for no guest at all.
To this end, I’ve tried to become very mindful of what I save for repurposing projects.

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DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display

My boys LOVE Legos and they especially love their mini-figures. Their collection was getting a bit out of control, and their mini-figures were taking over their rooms. I wanted a way that they could display and organize their favorite figures while still keeping things neat and functional. This easy DIY Lego Mini-figure display looks like a piece of artwork but still allows the boys to easily switch things around and take the figures down for play!

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New Wall "Art" for My Little Fashionista

My tween daughter is all girl so when we couldn't find any typical wall art that we liked to decorate this bare wall in her bedroom,

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Zoo, Stuffed Animal Storage/side Table Organization #30dayflip

I have 3 boys and stuffed animals are a MUST but are also a MESS!! They refuse to get rid of any but they were constantly on the ground and stuffed in the crack between the bed and wall. So I adapted some of these zoos I found on Pinterest and created one to suit our needs.

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Kid's Bedroom Closet DIY

I used Modular Closets (again;) to make a bedroom closet for my kid's room

electrical spool bookshelf table

Electrical Spool Bookshelf/Table

I've seen tons of ideas floating around online for repurposing electrical spools and with Rob working in construction, he can always get his hands on them so I was happy to finally make Bo a little activity table. It was surprisingly easier than I thought and I think it came out really cute and functional!

repurposed red wagon sewing machine base storage table, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, Repurposed Red Wagon Sewing Machine Base Storage Table by GadgetSponge

Repurposed Red Wagon Sewing Machine Base Storage Table

For no other reason than to try to find ways to use up all the sewing machine bases I have and to get rid of red wagon parts, this new creation sprang forth. Plus, I'm rich with vintage wire gym baskets.
I've seen folks make ice trays and beverage carts before but I decided to "turn things over" and make it a table top to hold the wire baskets for storage in just about any room. Store towels in a bathroom. Hold detergents and supplies in a laundry room. Keep cookbooks in the kitchen. Store toys away in a child's room.
As you can tell if you follow my work, I'll use just about any chance I get to use vintage yardsticks! Some vintage square measuring sticks serve as guides on the table top to slide the baskets in and out. A piece from a vintage piano I took apart acts as a bumper along the back so the baskets won't slide to far back.

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A Toybox Made From Pallet Wood!

When we scored 100+ free pallets, I knew I wanted to make things from them. There is so much inspiration out there these days here on Hometalk, Pinterest and Blogs etc! So when my daughter told me she needed a toybox for my grandson this is the first thing I made!

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DIY Wooden Toy Box for Dog Toys

As you may recall from my previous post, we recently acquired a new furry family member, a Border Collie named Hannah. She has a lot of toys to keep her entertained (since she does have boundless amounts of energy!) So, to combat the mess of dog toys and to satisfy my organizational needs, I decided to build a dog toy box to store all of her toys. I wanted something that was easily identifiable as being for the dog, but yet still looked rustic and classy.

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Organized Kid's Closet With IKEA Laundry System and Chalkboard Labels

This kid's closet needed a major de-cluttering and reorganization. I used IKEA's ALGOT laundry system as a relatively inexpensive option. It's modular and versatile, and easily customized to the dimensions of a space. The wire mesh bins keep items visible but tidy.

1 day diy kids book storage build

1-Day DIY Kids Book Storage Build

Are you running out of room for your books? I was, but I found unused space for them. You probably have this extra space too!This 1-day storage hack works on top of cabinets and other furniture. It’s a great way to avoid putting more storage on the floor, when you’re running out of space. This Book Storage Idea doubles the space on top of cabinets, dressers, desks, etc.And the build is so simple. You can use lumber, MDF, or plywood for this build. If you have enough scraps already, like I did, bonus!! You can adjust the length and depth on this build to fit your space perfectly. Just be sure to run a support under long shelves to prevent sag. I used a 1×3 for mine.See the full DIY and more build pictures here.

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Upcycled Dresser Drawers

I found this buffet that i turned into a TV STand I had to take the drawers out for all of our cable boxes, game consoles, and dvd players to fit. They laid in my garage forever, until it hit me. These would be perfect for books!

kids soft toy hanging storage

KIDS Soft Toy Hanging Storage

With three kids of different ages, the toys in my house are multiplying fast. Because of this, I’m always on the look out for practical toy storage ideas (see .I decided to tackle the soft toys mess in my daughters bedroom first.Instead of keeping them in your average big container, I decided to build this hanging soft toy storage shelf just above her bed. I love that it has a modern look and fits into the design of our homeMATERIALS NEEDED:¼ of 12mm plywood board1 lumber of 1in. X 2in. X 8 ft10 ft. of rubber band (or bungee rope as some call it)A wooden ring – bought here1 ft. of ropeWood gluewhite paint –TOOLS NEEDED:sawdrillstaple guntrigger clampsruler and a pencilpair of scissorsPaint brush

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Made a Storage/Shelf With Plastic Crates for Daughters Room for $16

I found these small plastic crates at the store Five Below for just $2 a piece.
They connect together with a small peg and hole and a snap on the sides.
To hang, I simply drilled a hole in the bottom of each crate, used an anchor and screw to attach to the wall and Viola! I would also recommend using a large flat metal washer behind the screw, since the plastic can crack, it will also add stability.

home storage

Home Storage

I have so many little things that need to have a place to keep them together. The totes they sell at the store are too big or too small and can't be put on their side to make for additional room on a shelf.After purchasing new sheets for my house, I found myself with a bunch of plastic bags, with zippers and they are perfectly clear...If you look closely, you even get a label.I decided it was time to tackle the small stuff for a change. I have baskets full of little things all over my house to help keep clutter down, but this is a game changer since I can put them away and still be able to see what it inside without removing it from the shelf and opening the top. I hope you find this little life hack helpful too.

storage bin to toy box

Storage Bin to Toy Box

Do you have one of those plastic storage bins lying around? You know, the ones we use for moving, storing decorations and tucking away clutter? I've found another great use for these bins - a toy box! Create a playful toy box with a bin, fabric and a little glue.

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DIY Bookcase Ledges for Our Nursery

In our nursery, we had a narrow wall, that hid behind the open door. It was a wasted space with no utility and at the same time we really needed more space for our daughter's books.
We made these super easy ledges that are not only practical, they made the whole room look better! (You can see our nursery here).

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DIY Toy Box Labels + Small Space Toy Storage Solution

If you don't have a dedicated playroom, this small space toy storage solution might work for you! It includes ideas on how to incorporate toys into a child's room, how to make DIY labels, and ideas to separate toys into like categories.