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Store Pots and Pans on a Grill Grate

I don't know how many of you have an issue with clanging pots and pans together, trying to get them out of a small cabinet everytime you need one, but that has been my headache as of late. I've always wanted a kitchen island with a pot/pan rack hanging overhead for as long as I can remember but as it stands right now, our small house doesn't have room for an island so here is my solution for my pot/pan situation.

space saver command center

Space Saver Command Center

I was so tired of the kitchen table and counters being used as a "drop box" for mail, coupons, grocery lists, etc. What's worse was that it was me doing a lot of the dropping. I had partly cleared out a shelf in the cupboard of essential oils/scents, using an empty Kleenex box, but there was more to declutter.

creating space for spices

Creating Space for Spices

Sometimes you have to get creative when you have too much stuff. The stuff in this case is spices. And I have a lot of spices, from Allspice to Thyme. Want chili no problem, Mexican... Italian... how about Indian I have Curry! How about some pumpkin spice in the coffee grounds. It's fall it's a seasonal thing and it's delicious.

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DiY Dish Organizer

This year our first grand daughter left for her first year of college - and living in a dorm. She had asked me to help her with her dorm decor so we worked on several pieces to make it feel more homey while she was away. One of the pieces I made for her was an organizer for all her disposable dishes so she could keep them in one place and they would still look neat and cute for her room.

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$0 Recycled Spice Jar Solution

My spice cupboard was a mess, so I came up with a pretty way to organize my spices that didn't cost me a cent!

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Looking to Add an Inexpensive Fun Detail to Your Kitchen?

Want to organize, but feeling overwhelmed? Why not organize with these fun spoon handles instead? You can stamp them and hang them in under 30 minutes! And so much more fun than a cabinet full of mismatched lids!
You can see the post with easy tips on how to create this project over at my blog, Thistlewood Farms.

diy a kitchen cabinet door into a towel holder

DIY A Kitchen Cabinet Door Into A Towel Holder

Each month a group of blogger friends creates a project based on a theme. Our most recent theme is a kitchen item. This one stumped me. I kept going to thrift stores and the only thing I found that I thought had potential is a breadboard. But I wasn’t feeling it. Then it happened, my neighbor gave me some old boards and found a Kitchen Cabinet Door that he snuck in the pile. It was my aha moment. I did end up using another Kitchen Cabinet Door to make a towel holder.

the most awesome leftover labeling tip, kitchen design, organizing, Label your leftovers with dry erase crayons

The Most Awesome Leftover Labeling Tip

I love keeping my fridge organized and hate when food spoils. With a busy household, it can be hard to keep track of dates when food was prepared. One day, I had a thought, and it has turned out to be one of the best ideas ever! I use dry erase CRAYONS to label my leftover containers. They easily write on anything plastic without smudging and can be completely wiped off with a little water and a sponge. There isn't even a trace that anything was written once it's wiped off. Couldn't be simpler! Check it out here ---->

magnetic spice rack

Magnetic Spice Rack

I've always a spice rack that doesn't take up a lot of counter space and matches my kitchen decor. When the thought of pairing an old photo frame with a baking tray to create a magnetic spice rack, I jumped for joy! Not only is it stylish and functional, but it saves my counter space. Which we all want a little more of, don't we?! Give this one a try for yourself.

re purposed shutter mug rack, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas, Make your own Mug Rack

Re-purposed Shutter: Mug Rack

There is something about mugs that just makes me excited! After taking a brief look through my kitchen cupboards it would not take long to realize that I have a minor mug collecting obsession… seeing that I have more cupboard space devoted to storing my mugs than pots and pans. Perhaps the fact that each mug is so unique and different is what I find most exciting about them.In order to find space for all of our mugs, I came up with the idea to make a wall size mug rack out of this old shutter. I thought that would be really fun in our kitchen! =) This is a really easy project and I think such a unique way to display many mugs and have fun switching different mugs.
I hope you enjoy the tutorial and have fun trying this yourself! =) You could use any size shutter that you desire.

how to make a wood candy dispenser

How To Make a Wood Candy Dispenser!

These things are the best! It looks like something Spongebob would have next to his bed!

repurposed plastic crystal light containers, repurposing upcycling, never lose those corn skewers again

Repurposed Plastic Crystal Light containers

I always save the plastic containers from Crystal Light drink mixes. There are so many ways you can them for convenient storage.

repurposed diy bottle opener, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Repurposed DIY Bottle Opener

All bottle openers are created equal, right? Nope...not when it involves a repurposed wooden recipe box! Find the full step-by-step tutorial here!

organize dry pantry items with ikea jars and chalk markers , closet, organizing

Organize Dry Pantry Items With Ikea Jars and Chalk Markers!

I’m not going to lie to you. It’s an absolute MESS in our baking/spice cabinet.

diy 1 spice racks, closet, organizing, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas, storage ideas

DIY $1 Spice Racks

Spices. I had duplicates I didn't know about. Some of my spices looked the same and I'd use the wrong one in a recipe (NOT fun!) This had to change! I wanted something cheap, something I didn't have to clean and easy to install.

create an indoor herb stand or organizer, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling

Create an Indoor Herb Stand or Organizer

I have lots of spindles and had been wanting to do something with them. I finally found what I needed to attach the pots to the spindle and create an herb stand. It could also be used for an organizer of bathroom things, crayons, or craft supplies.

giant command center wall, organizing, wall decor, This command center is taller than me

GIANT Command Center Wall

I am so in love with my new GIANT command center! I am praying that it helps me to be more organized as a mom of four boys. :)
You can get all the details of my command center in the link below.

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Farmhouse Storage: DIY Grain Bin Organizer

Coming up with farmhouse storage ideas that blend well with the farmhouse/cottage style in our home is so much fun and when I can put different farmhouse pieces together to make an entirely new piece, I am extra happy. This Grain Bin Organizer is functional, farmhouse pretty and was so easy to make.

new rustic kitchen shelves decorated for christmas, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

New Rustic Kitchen Shelves Decorated For Christmas

Some people do nutty things when they're stressed out and I guess that I'm one of them! Just mere days before Thanksgiving, right in the midst of preparing for a houseful of guests, I decided to start my Christmas decorating. Crazy, right? On a whim I replaced the gallery wall above the sideboard in my breakfast area with rustic shelves. Take a look at the before and after.

diy tablet stand

DIY Tablet Stand

Many of us have replaced our cookbooks with our tablet. After all, most of our recipes seem to be pinned in cyberspace! Get your tablet off the counter where it faces the possibility of meeting its demise with spills, by creating a beautiful stand.

recycled small cable spool, Coffee Station

Recycled Small Cable Spool

So the Hubs brought me two cable spools home from a job site. He knew I would love them because they were so rustic looking :-). He was right, I just needed to figure out what to do with them.

finally the perfect solution to inexpensive drawer organizers, organizing

Finally The Perfect Solution To Inexpensive Drawer Organizers

The Problem:
I am lucky to have a pretty big kitchen junk drawer that is perfect for storing things like pens and pencils, note cards, scissors, paper clips, lottery tickets that need to be checked and lots of other bits and pieces. My problem is that I wasn't happy with the plastic baskets I bought at the dollar store. They were too light weight and every time I opened the drawer they would all shift and sometimes flop over. So I had to readjust the baskets before I closed the drawer again. The times I couldn't be bothered lining up the baskets the drawer eventually ended up a disorganized mess.

the perfect diy beverage center for any deck , outdoor furniture, woodworking projects

The Perfect DIY Beverage Center For Any Deck!

This past spring, CIL challenged me to come up with a fun, cottagey, project to share with all the cottagers at the upcoming Spring Cottage Life Show in Mississauga April 1-3, and to help them spread the good word about their line up of Woodcare products (CIL Woodcare Distinction™, Fine Wood Finish and Canadian Wood Oil) exclusively available at The Home Depot that are perfect for all kinds of different outdoor projects where we want lasting beauty and protection. What’s more cottagey than relaxing and enjoying a few festive beverages out on the deck with friends and family?

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Create 7 Easy Kitchen Storage Fixes With Upcycles

My kitchen isn't very large, so every square inch has to work effectively.
I found LAYERING, GROUPING and GOING VERTICAL did the trick... however adding upcycled elements kicked the coolness factor up several notches for sure! Cheap and easy, here's how I did it...
What's your favourite unique storage fix for your kitchen? I'd love to hear!

diy wall mounted wood knife rack to save space in a small kitchen, kitchen design, storage ideas, woodworking projects

DIY Wall Mounted Wood Knife Rack to Save Space in a Small Kitchen

What happens when I clean up from a project? I get inspiration for another project, of course! I was putting away some scrap wood and edging I didn't need anymore and I got this idea for a knife rack that's a hybrid between a knife block and a magnetic knife strip. It took only 30 minutes to make, cost less than $10 and I didn't use any power tools! I wish I would have done this sooner - I was able to free up precious drawer space and now my knives are organized and within easy reach. I rested mine on the counter but you could also mount it on the back of a cabinet door.