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Basket With Handles for My Crochet Project

I am moving from room to room and like to keep my projects organized so I can take them with me. I had this dollar store basket left over from some gift baskets, so I wanted to put it to good use. I can easily take it with me on long drives. The fabric was added to the basket so the yarn would not get frayed or damaged.

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DIY Laundry Tote

Easy beginner sewer's DIY laundry tote with the !

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Industrial Farmhouse LAUNDRY Hangups You'll Want!

One thing I've long needed in my laundry room is a place to hang-dry clothing. But with a room that's kinda tight for space, I've been going without for quite some time. Until I got a brainstorm... Blame it on the stencil. "Laundry" has been long requested, so not only did we finally make it happen, I challenged myself to solve my issue with it. 2 old fence boards, and a few pipe fittings is all this took! Would this idea work for you? Here's how I did it:

open shelving using stair treads

Open Shelving Using Stair Treads

We don't have a laundry room so much as we have a laundry closet, but that's okay. Redoing the shelving layout gave us all the extra storage we needed. When we moved into the house, the laundry closet had one long wire shelf. We decided to pull that out and put in shelving that looked nicer and was more practical for our needs.

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Our Laundry Room Gets Spruced up With Some Paint and Built Ins!

Our laundry room is basically a large closet off of our dining room/entry room in our home. Is having the laundry room in our dining room ideal? Of course not, but with an old house sometimes the only options are really not all that great. But, I digress, so far it hasn't bother Joe or I at all, the dining room is big enough and our laundry room/closet is plenty big enough so it hasn't at all been a problem. We have a scratch and dent certified new LG washer/dryer combo, just in case you were wondering why there was only one machine that looks like a washing machine in the picture :) We love our washer/dryer combo so far and I, personally, would never go back to two machines. Here's how it looked when I got started:

tiny condo laundry room disguised as a hallway, foyer, laundry rooms, Before and after of my small condo hallway laundry room

Tiny Condo Laundry Room (Disguised As A Hallway)

I live in a very small 834-square-foot condo, so having a real laundry room just isn't possible. So I carved out a little "laundry room" space right in the hallway. Washer and dryer are hidden behind the curtain on the right, and cabinets with a small countertop for folding laundry are on the left where a coat closet used to be. The argyle wall is paint, not wallpaper. :)

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My Completely Free Laundry Room Makeover

What began as a quick decluttering ended up being a huge makeover of everything in my laundry room. Even the garbage can got a new look! And my goal was to do everything for FREE!
Everything I used was stuff I already had. Leftover paint, scrapbook paper, scrap fabric, leftover plywood, vinyl, and containers I had in other areas of my house. I was amazed at what I had lying around in my house. Free is always good.

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DIY Wooden Drying Rack

Sometimes, I don't want to turn the dryer on. I'd love to have a functional drying rack, but I don't like the ones I've seen in the stores. Most of them are plastic and boring. The wooden ones tend to be super expensive. So I made my own. I was able to customize it to my liking and I love the way it turned out! Here it is!

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An Organized Laundry Room That Holds Everyone Accountable!

Since our "laundry room" is only a stackable washer/dryer in a closet, I needed to be creative about how to fold and organize our laundry. After transforming a $20 drop leaf table on Craigslist, I took it a step further by creating a "Laundry Folding Station" that allows us to label each family member's clean and folded clothing so they can retrieve and put it away themselves!
I took $1 laundry baskets from The Dollar Tree and created monogram labels that I then attached them to closepins. I clip the closepins to a basket once it's full of clean and folded laundry. It's a great way to get hold my kids more accountable for their own laundry.
I love how the cute monogram labels turned out, and I'm offering free printables of them on my blog, too!

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DIY Ironing Board Wall Storage to Spruce Your Laundry Room

I know, I know: Winter has just begun!
Perhaps as my way to conjure up the warmer weather (let me tell you, it gets cold here in NY!) I’m already in a Spring Cleaning mode.
So this week I tackled an easy - and long due! - project: a DIY IRONING BOARD WALL STORAGE.

organized cottage style laundry room and mudroom renovation, closet, home decor, laundry rooms, storage ideas, My washer and dryer sit on a beadboard clad pedestal with room underneath for three laundry baskets And there s more storage up top

Organized Cottage Style Laundry Room and Mudroom Renovation

Sweaty gym socks, stinky towels and mud-stained jeans -- I'm ready for you!
Who knew a girl could get so giddy about a laundry room?
But that's just how I'm feeling after completing a renovation our combination laundry room/mudroom.

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Refacing Oak and Laminate Cabinets Diy

When we moved into our home in 1992 we had no cabinets in our laundry room. We needed some type of storage, and what was current at the time, but probably on their way out, were these fantastic laminate and oak cabinets. You could wipe them down easily, they could be bought off the shelf at the nearby home improvement store, they could be hung easily and the oak at the bottom of the cabinet would match perfectly with our builder grade cabinets right around the corner in the kitchen. OK, now I just seem to be making excuses why we bought the same ugly cabinets that have overstayed their welcome.

laundry room pipe rack with hanger metal heart, Roman Numeral Font

Laundry Room Pipe Rack With Hanger & Metal Heart

Laundry Room Rack with Hanger, I added a 1" pipe to a 1" flange which you can find in the plumbing dept. at your local hardware store

unique laundry room organization

Unique Laundry Room Organization

With the success of the organization of our craft closet with Wall Control and other pre-made components, we were eager to organize another small space as soon as possible! We decided to add a Wall Control Laundry Value Kit to Steph's laundry room. This room is very tiny making it a good candidate for wall hung storage and organization. Take a look at the video to see how it came together. And, yes, it probably only took 20 minutes or so to install the metal pegboard!

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Slanted Wall Built-in's With Hidden Storage

A couple of months ago my sister and her husband hit me up with a challenge. To help makeover a room off of their bedroom/bathroom. They wanted this slanted wall, A-frame, type room to be a closet/laundry room with built-in's. I was totally up for the challenge, but we only had 6 days to do it....eeek!
With a lot of hard work, and craziness (we each have six kids :) we were able to pull it off! I designed and constructed built-in's to cover each slanted wall complete with a roll out middle section for access to a hidden storage area! It is perfect solution to making an awkward space beautiful and useful too!
For more details check out my blog post!

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Budget Laundry Room Makeover

For years I've dealt with a decent-sized laundry room that had absolutely no storage (except for the shelf on one side). After my washing machine needed repair I decided it was time to do something about it. The entire remodel was around $125.

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Stop Drowning in Laundry! Use the 3 Day System and Enjoy 4 Days off!

Laundry has this way of getting the best of us. Some of us may find that we are drowning in laundry piles on our couches, or on our beds. But, I figured out a laundry system that keeps my family of five (2 adults, 3 young kids) out from under the laundry piles and the never-ending cycle of needing to do laundry. I call it the 3 Day Laundry System.

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DIY Mobile Laundry Station

Laundry – the never ending task! Seems like no matter how many times we try to get caught up, the pile of laundry just keeps multiplying!
What if you had an area that would keep all your laundry and the supplies organized? And even if you had laundry, there would be a spot to keep it all.
Need to tackle Mount Washmore? This Mobile Laundry Station can help!

small space solution laundry closet makeover, closet

Small Space Solution - Laundry Closet Makeover

Take a peek at how we converted a tiny closet into a designated laundry area...

seeking soul mate sock organizer

"Seeking Soul Mate" Sock Organizer

Ok so definitely can’t take credit for this cutesy craft, but anything that involves organizing and barn wood- I am down! This is a fun way to “zest” up your laundry room, not only will it offer decor but functionality because after all- we all know there is a sock monster secretly lurking in the deeps of your washing and drying machine. Every once in a awhile we are happy to discover a missing sock, and when we do- we now know where to go seeking for it’s partner!Original Blog Post

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Laundry Basket Station

Doing laundry is already such a hassle, and tripping over those laundry baskets filled with clothes doesn't make it any more enjoyable. To make things a little easier, I transformed an old bookshelf into a laundry basket station. Hello, organization!We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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Trash Sewing Bench to Clothes Hamper

I (Vicki) have been known to stop and pick up trash along the road, not just any trash—I’m particular about my trash. It needs to be a piece of furniture in terrible shape that the owner has determined is not even fit to donate to a thrift so out to the curb it goes. This little sewing machine bench was on the curb in my neighborhood along with its water damaged, beyond repair sewing machine cabinet buddy. I passed this sad little pair three times before I decided to load up the bench. The cabinet was just in too bad of shape to take and try to rehab.
The bench sat outside another week before I had a idea for its transformation. I decided it would make a great clothes hamper for my bathroom. I’ve needed one for a while and just hadn’t found anything I’d want sitting out in the open where it can be seen.

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Our Laundry Room Turned Butlers Pantry

Under $150 makeover turned it into a dual purpose room. See before pics on the blog.

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Laundry Room Organization

Let's talk about the laundry room for a moment. This was the only room in our home that was not given as much attention as the rest of the home when it was built. For some reason, the laundry room was boring! My first plan was to add this little nook of storage.

laundry basket upcycle

Laundry Basket Upcycle

Learn how to transform a plain dollar store laundry basket into a pretty burlap basket for your home storage and decor needs! This is an inexpensive project that does not take a lot of time to make, yet the results are fantastic! It will be a great addition to your home. (You can see more of my storage and organization projects here!)