raised stencil with bondo, crafts, painted furniture

Raised Stencil With Bondo!

I started playing around with raised bondo stencils because I dont care for wood appliques. I want a more authentic raised detail and something that wont come off over time.

how to stencil an instagrammable cactus wall

How To: Stencil an Instagrammable Cactus Wall

Hey there! This is a fun and trendy project this week created with a simple allover wall stencil! Cacti are all the rage on Instagram, and with a stencil pattern as exciting as this, your home will be the envy of all your friends! The best part? It’s easy and inexpensive!

how to create a raised stencil on furniture, how to, painted furniture, rustic furniture

How to Create a Raised Stencil on Furniture

I upcycled this old TV cabinet and even though I loved it as it was I thought it was missing something so I decided to try out a new technique and add a raised stencil on the doors. I think it turned out lovely and definitely is adding an extra depth and character to the piece.

faux subway tile plus a giveaway

Faux Subway Tile [plus a Giveaway!]

We haven't done much in our laundry room since moving in and we finally decided to tackle it. Sure, it could have been worse but between the floor (which had stains all over it from who knows what) and the blue paint on the walls, it felt very out of place in the rest of our neutral, woods and whites, home. After creating an inspiration board, I realized that I REALLY wanted subway tile in our laundry room. BUT..... that just wasn't in the budget, so I partnered with Cutting Edge Stencils and came up with a way to fake it.

look like a freehand painter even if you can t paint

Look Like a Freehand Painter... Even If You Can't Paint!

I’m so jealous of people who can paint freehand. The best I can muster up is a pathetic looking stick figure. But I have a simple trick I use to make me "look" like a freehand painter. Today I’m sharing the simple trick with you!

stencil how to stenciling a lampshade, crafts, painting, repurposing upcycling, Forest Floor Damask Stencil

Stencil How-To: Stenciling a Lampshade

Are you looking for an easy peasy DIY stencil project that can be done in a dash AND adds a darling dose of color and pattern to an otherwise boring light fixture?? Well, look no further because we have a super simple how-to stencil project for you today: Lampshade stenciling! You can stencil on almost ANY flat surfaced lampshade, but the ever-popular drum shaped shades are by far the easiest. You simply need to wrap the stencil and pattern around the shade and dab on some color for a brilliant new look!
Visit our blog for more inspiring stencil pattern ideas and full How-to:

a desk painted with metallic effects, how to, painted furniture

A Desk Painted With Metal Effects

The first time I heard people painted furniture in metallic colors I thought "Not me! Never!" Then about a year ago a customer asked me to paint her nightstands in silver. Well... that was the beginning of my love story with metallic paints. Now, several projects later, I am a big, big fan.

this simple update will give your furniture a high end look, diy, how to, painted furniture

How to "Gold Dip" Your Furniture

Gold dipping is just how it sounds; the piece should look like you dipped it into a tub of lovely molten gold. Then voila, a statement piece that will catch the eye and make you slightly giddy.

desk makeover spray paint and scrapbook paper, decoupage, how to, painted furniture

Desk Makeover! Spray Paint and Scrapbook Paper!

I found this fun old desk that was perfect for a new sewing desk but it needed a little updating!

l herboriste planter, chalk paint, container gardening, gardening, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

L'Herboriste Planter

Soon the planting season will start around here, and I am still working to get my herb planters prettied up and ready to welcome their jewels. I started off with some old terracotta pots and got them out of the way, and now it is time to work on the wooden planters...such as this little handsome guy here.

wall art stenciling aged terracotta replica, chalk paint, crafts, diy, home decor, painting, wall decor

Stencil How To: Replicate Aged Terracotta Wall Art

One of the lingering memories from our Tuscan vacation years ago, beyond the wine and food, was the terra cotta color everywhere. It was on the roofs. It was on the bricks. It ran along the village roads. And of course it was in garden pots. It's said that although the stone is crumbling at Rome's historic sites, Italian terra cotta bricks and tiles made during Caesar's time still look good today.

beach cottage inspired side table, painted furniture, shabby chic, After

Beach Cottage Inspired Side Table

I found this side table at the Goodwill for 20 bucks. It had great small little details in the front, great condition, dovetailed and has a stone of some top. When I saw this one I new exactly what I wanted to do with it. The color was from Valspar in the shade Woodlawn Valley Haze in satin finish. Wow....This color is such an amazing blue shade. I'd love to paint everything in this color. LOL. It was an easy project too, because the wood was in such great shape I simply sanded it down a bit, Primed it, and put one coat of the Woodlawn Valley Haze on because it covered so well and I was going to shabby chic it anyway. I then sealed it with paint sealant, bought cute little white knobs and it was finished. I'm so happy with the results. It reminds me of something you'd find at a lovely little beach cottage. I'm pretty sure I was there, on the sand, with my cute little white knitted sweater reading the latest romance novel as I painted this (in my head of course.) : ) You can find the process and more photos at my blog... http://quirkycool.blogspot.com/2013/05/beach-cottage-inspired-side-table.html

lace embossed end tables

Lace Embossed End Tables

This lovely pair of side tables was given a shabby chic makeover by Natalie from A Ray of Sunlight with Dark Roast, Lazy Linen, Texture Powder, and some lacy detailing!

a fun shabby glam pineapple console table makeover, painted furniture, shabby chic

A Fun Shabby Glam Pineapple Console Table Makeover

I have a bit of a thing about pineapples, I love how the look and I think they are the king of fruits. Apparently, Pineapples are also welcoming motif. Therefore when I picked up a rather useful but boring console table at my local thrifty stall, for a bit of fun I decided to give it a pineapple themed makeover. I also went for the unusual combination of a shabby glam paint job. The glam is the gold paint bit and the shabby is the black chalk paint. The knobs I used were pretty glamourous too!

diy how to fabric lampshade makeover, reupholster

DIY How-to: Fabric Lampshade Makeover

Take an ordinary lamp shade and make it extraordinary with stencils, tape and Metallic Paint! Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky shares her ‘bright’ idea on how-to dress up any plain-jane lamp with her DIY Fabric Lampshade Makeover.

kitchen cupboard to open shelving, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, shelving ideas

Kitchen Cupboard to Open Shelving

I wanted some open shelving in my new kitchen but when I discovered the cabinets are nailed to the walls instead of screwed I thought it may be easier to just transform one of the cabinets into open shelving instead!

flowerpot repurposed as a side table, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Flowerpot Repurposed as a Side Table

I have had this flower pot for years and it has undergone a few transformations. It did not do well over the winter and I was finally going to throw it out. Shocking, I know, I am usually taking things out of the trash. I decided to give it one more chance and repurpose it as a side table to put on our deck. I am so glad that I did because I love how it turned out!

how to create embossed details with texture powder, how to, Step 5 Distress

How To Create Embossed Details With Texture Powder

Come find out how to create unique, embossed details on your furniture with Texture Powder in this new video tutorial!

up cycling half a desk into a printer stand

Up-cycling Half a Desk Into a Printer Stand

When we found this piece buried in an old shed I was thrilled to bits; until I discovered, again, that dark brown stain hides a multitude of sins! After taking a good look at it in daylight, we discovered it was a part of a desk, cut off with a crooked piece of scrap wood nailed to the top. The project quickly turned into a exercise in thinking outside the "box".

trust me sweetheart transformation

“Trust Me Sweetheart” Transformation

Faye from saw the hidden beauty in this discarded piece of furniture and brought it back to life with Fresh Mustard, Bee’s Knees, Vanilla Frosting, Natural Wax, and Belt Buckle Metallic Cream!

diy stencil tutorial paint a linen fabric wall finish, how to, painting, reupholster, wall decor

DIY Stencil Tutorial: Paint a Linen Fabric Wall Finish

The elements of design that every room needs are color, pattern, and texture. But with so many elements, it can be hard to include each when you are decorating. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered! Wall Stencils and a unique wall finish is all you need to decorate with color, pattern, AND texture. In this DIY décor tutorial, we show you how to do the technique of dragging, or stria, which creates fabric-like texture to an otherwise smooth wall.

diy accent table, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

DIY Accent Table

Create a unique accent table using only a wire basket and cable spool end!

refinished tray table, chalk paint, painted furniture

Refinished Tray Table

The pictures and process of refinishing a cute little table I "borrowed" from my moms house!

pairing of two vintage pieces, home decor, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Pairing of Two Vintage Pieces ~

At first glance the Hoosier top we spotted @ an auction wasn't a very attractive piece. It was a mess! Looking past the ugly finish on it we realized that it was structurally in very good shape. We weren't quite sure how we would use half of a Hoosier but we loved the style of it so we bought it.

antique printer s cabinet makeover, rustic furniture

Antique Printer's Cabinet Makeover

I found this buffet table on Craigslist the other week that I knew could be a real showstopper as a faux Pottery Barn inspired vintage printer’s cabinet. Except we’re putting it to use as a media cabinet.