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Decorate With Blue

Unlike warmer colors such as red or yellow, which trigger strong emotions, blue has a calming effect and is generally associated with stability and depth. See more examples of blue in the home:

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My Rainstorm Dining Room

My dining room had been gray and cream for about four years and it was time for a change. I'm hosting a large Thanksgiving dinner this year and wanted to get it done in time for the holidays. I decided to go big and out of my comfort zone and paint it in a deep blue - Sherwin Williams Rainstorm.

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Whole-House Paint Scheme: Stormy Skies

Today we had some beautiful storms in central California, praise God. We are desperately in need of water in the valley, so the storms were a blessing. Where I come from, north-central Texas, we are no strangers to storm clouds, and I’ve always thought they were beautiful.

bombay gets a heavenly facelift

Bombay Gets a HEAVENLY Facelift

I purchased this Bombay chest because of it's gorgeous curves - I had watched a tutorial on color blending and I then I knew, THAT was what I wanted to do! Now, to find the right color mix....

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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Custom Color - Brown/ Bronze

This color was a request from a new client. She wanted a bronze buffet. It was a really fun challenge. My site includes recipe and finish instructions.

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Transform Your Home Exterior With Nothing But Paint

When summer rolls around each year and we get to spend more time outdoors, I'm reminded by the peeling, bubbling paint that it's time to freshen up the exterior. To keep the task of painting the whole house from becoming too overwhelming, I've been tackling one side of the house each year. It usually only takes a weekend to scrape the peeling paint, pressure wash and apply a fresh coat of linen colored paint. But each summer as I buy another gallon of the same light yellow/cream paint, I dream about changing the color of the house. Reality soon sets in and I come to my senses about the amount of work it takes to completely change the house color. Something changed this summer though and my husband and I decided to seriously consider a drastic change.

2017 top 5 paint colors to sell your home, BEST GRAY

2017 Top 5 Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Popular paint colors for staging colors come and go just like any trend. A couple of years ago people were covering up their beige walls with gray. Now you see this trend reversing itself. The colder darker grays are definitely on their way out so you now see gray walls, especially “cool” darker walls being repainted for a lighter cooler gray, a warmer version of gray, commonly known as “greige”, or the most popular colors are a beige, creme or soft white.When you’re selling your house, the walls should be neutral. Neutral walls is the canvas like an artist’s canvas to create a masterpiece. Its the backdrop to add the décor and accessories which will add pizzazz to the home.The trending paint colors for staging your home to sell this year are beige, cream, a soft white. Dark cool grays are out but light cool grays are still popular, especially in some areas. But that’s why it’s important to go to open houses so you will know the trends in your particular neighborhood.But of course with any trend, the tints and shades are different so your old beige may be dated by now. The warmer gray can also work depending on the tint. If you bought gray furniture when gray furniture was the trend the beige may not work so a lighter version of gray may be the best fit for you.

rustic turquoise copper accent table

Rustic Turquoise & Copper Accent Table

I liked the curves of this unique, heavy accent table when I first saw it, but its scratches and gouges made it a perfect candidate for my "please revive me" stash of furniture pieces.

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6 Colorful Kitchens We Love

Use these helpful color and paint ideas to create a beautiful kitchen.

paint and new hardware give a plain dresser a whole new look, painted furniture

Paint and New Hardware Give a Plain Dresser a Whole New Look

This formerly plain jane dresser sits in our family room and serves a vital function storing blankets, candles, and movies. Everything we need for cozy family evenings. There was only one problem; I'm not a plain jane kind of girl.

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15 Behr Paint Colors That Will Make You Smile

What makes you happy in your home? Maybe it’s hosting a dinner party in your dining room with good friends and good wine, or a productive day spent in the home office. Or maybe, it’s the peace and quiet of a nice, long soak in the tub. Wherever your “happy space” is at home, there’s a paint color to make it even sweeter.

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The Power of Paint: Shades of Grey Apartment Bathroom Reveal #PaintJob

It's finally time for an apartment renovation reveal! This post is basically the reason I wanted to start blogging! I know, I know, you were all expecting more on my son's owl bathroom that I've been working on and writing posts on over the past couple of months. Well we've been working on another bathroom at the same time! Overachieving is one word for it. Or glutton for punishment. Either way I'm up to my elbows in bathroom makeovers!

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My Metallic Blue Kitchen Table Transformation

My goodness guys, you have no idea how long a journey it has been with my kitchen table.

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Paint Sticks and Popsicle Sticks

We like painting paint sticks with the code, brand and what room they were used in and store them in the garage in case we need more paint. To make shopping for accessories easy I like
painting a popsicle stick with the same paint colors, store them in a baggie and keep them with me. That way if I find something I can pull out my paint sticks and see if they will match.

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My Favorite Dark Blue Wall Color, A Year Later

Last year I decided to paint the formal dining room. It was beige. The same builder-beige as every other room in the house. I wanted something deep and dramatic and navy blue.

10 blue color of the year color schemes you should know about, home decor, painting, If you have gray walls with white trim then the addition of Breath of Fresh Air Sky blue is perfect to lift it

10 Blue 'Color of the Year' Color Schemes You Should Know About!

Benjamin Moore paint colors has chosen blue Breath of Fresh Air as Color of the Year 2014 from their color palette. Do you have to use Benjamin Moore's paints?
Of course not.. but its good to see what one of the largest paint suppliers has got and copy it. For all ten color schemes its best to visit the blog
I'm really excited about this blue - its light sky blue color is really versatile.

picking the perfect paint, painting, Paint chips are a great place to start but they don t reflect the finish of the paint or the texture of the wall

Picking the Perfect Paint

Finding the right color can sometimes be tricky. Here are 5 tips for making sure you don't regret the color (
-Use paint chips to find your favorite 2-3 colors
-Use the paint sticks and samplers like paint chips (they'll reflect the finish)

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Our Home- Ballard Designs Taste on a Target Budget

Ten years ago when our middle son was diagnosed with Autism, my self-employed husband cut his clientele by over half so I could go back to working full-time hours for the insurance and to keep the boys out of daycare. Note: He DID tell me that he wanted to see what it was like to be a stay-at-home-dad. Haha! This huge decrease in income has forced us to become wiser with how we spend our money without sacrificing small upgrades to our home. I love gathering inspiration from catalogs (such as Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware, Wisteria and Pottery Barn) and finding ways to get a similar look on a budget. Come see the full home tour in the link below to see the before pictures. We've made a lot of changes since we've moved into our modest but charming home!

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How to Pick Paint Colors

Domestic CEO has 4 easy steps to picking the perfect paint color for your home.

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Calm and Inviting Whole House Paint Scheme

I am very excited to share today’s post with you as well! This is my 3rd “installment” of my whole-house-paint-scheme ideas. My previous 2 have proven to be very popular on Pinterest, so I say, “give the people what they want!”

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Beautiful painted front doors

Our front door could use a fresh coat of paint and I can't decide whether to change the color or not. I scoured the web for inspiration and found so many beautiful colors for front doors. Here's just a sampling of what I found. There are many more on a post I shared recently, as well as paint color names. Now that I've seen all of these, my decision of whether or not to change from a red front door is even harder. Do you have a favorite? Here's the full post:

how to paint a pear with acrylic paint 4 easy steps for the beginner

How to Paint a PEAR With Acrylic Paint, 4 Easy Steps, for the Beginner

How to paint a PEAR with acrylic paint, 4 easy steps, for the beginner, quick and easy.A very easy project, all you need is something to paint on , it could be a dish, an old chair, a mailbox, canvas, watercolor paper, brushes, and any Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Green, Black and white pant..A jar for water and to clean your brushes, paper towels, and a plate to put your paints on...Watch the video to see how to paint pears..

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Red or White?

This barn and fence paint comes in red or white only!

cozy up the outdoors with painted plaids pumpkins and a faux fire

Cozy up the Outdoors With Painted Plaids, Pumpkins and a Faux Fire.

Raise your hand if you are also in mid-mourn mode over losing our hot summer nights... *sob*On the wet coast, the rain has begun which can extend for months on end. So as you can imagine, I fought the loss of my fav sitting area outdoors. It has a cover from the elements, however it can get chilly.So I decided to try and be out there as long as I could, and got busy cozying things up.First up, the image of plaid screams cozy flannel... so a couple of plain placemats got a fun and easy stencil treatment!Next, blankets, pumpkins, wreaths, propane fire pit... you name it, it all came outdoors too.The result is one very cozy little fall corner to indulge in pumpkin spice everything!Come on over for a tutorial and a tour while the (you know what) latte is hot...

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My Navy Blue Walls - One Room Challenge

I decided to hop on the One Room Challenge train and whip my bedroom into shape. I started by painting the walls Navy Blue.