mirror upcycle

Mirror Upcycle

You know those things that you pick up here and there and you just kind of wait until inspiration hits? Well I came up with a simple idea to update a mirror that I had picked up at a garage sale.

how to pick paint colors, how to, paint colors

How to Pick Paint Colors

Domestic CEO has 4 easy steps to picking the perfect paint color for your home.

3d pop up art diy

3D Pop-up Art DIY

Use this old school paper mache technique and create this beautiful 3D art!

hollow core bore to a beautiful updated door diy slab door makeover, doors, how to, painting

Hollow Core Bore to a Beautiful Updated Door: DIY Slab Door Makeover

Let me start this post by saying how much I loathe hollow core "slab" doors. I really do. There is not one redeeming quality about them. whoever came up with this sorry excuse for a door should be shot. Ok, maybe that's a little harsh. If you have boring, flat, hollow core slab doors you know exactly where I'm coming from, especially if you don't have loads of cash laying around to buy solid wood paneled doors. We could cry on each other's shoulders, or we could do something about these atrocities. I'm all about the doing ;).

diy stenciled concrete floor, concrete masonry, flooring


This tutorial was submitted to the Grillo Designs Blog by Sandra from House of Imperfections – a Facebook page that specialises in revamping everyday furniture into shabby chic designs and more. Sandra is also a member of the Grillo Designs Home Decorating Facebook group (search for us on facebook!)
She shares how to transform boring ugly floors with chalk paint and stencils

antique desk redo using diy chalk paint and diy dark wax, chalk paint, painted furniture

Antique Desk Redo Using DIY Chalk Paint and DIY Dark Wax

This was my first time working with chalk paint and simply love it! I think I have found a new addiction! lol I have to give credit where credit is due so here is the blog site I basically followed. http://www.iheartnaptime.net/chalk-paint/ I did do a few things differently such as, the CHALK PAINT recipe I used was 2 1/2 TBS plaster of Paris 1 1/2 TBS warm Water mix to a paste then add to 1 Cup of paint. The only reason I used a different recipe is because I didn't need that much paint. (1 cup covered the entire desk and the drawers using only 1 coat) I did not paint my areas black that I wanted to show through. I wanted them to show the actual wood tone. but I DID do the vasseline. I tinted my own dark wax...more on that and the recipe I used here http://salvagedinspirations.com/tinting-furniture-wax-with-paint/ As far as prep work, I scrubbed her down with 1/2 cup vinegar to 4 cups water Sanded the original finish off the top Stained it with Varathane early American That's it! OH! The hardware...well, they were black and nasty so I tossed them in a container of apple cider vinegar and water (i didnt measure, i just dumped) and left them soak a few hours. Rinsed them, wiped them down, and the beautiful patina of the brass was there! So I slapped a layer of the finishing wax on them, left it sit about 10 minutes, then buffed them out.
***NOTE*** If you notice your paint going on a little gritty, don't worry! once it is dry you can lightly sand it with a fine grit sandpaper and you'll be set.

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How to Update Flat Doors Using Throw-Away Cabinet Doors

When we purchased our 1960's era ranch home, we did a lot of remodeling, but opted to "update" our flat doors without replacing them. This project cost us $0. We salvaged the cabinet door fronts from a cabinet shop trash bin (with permission), and used left-over primer and paint from our original remodel job. We now have "one of a kind" doors in our home.

painted sliding closet doors faux trim effect, closet, painting

How to Paint Faux Trim on Closet Doors

Do you have any of these closet doors in your house? You know, the sort of flimsy sliding kind? Well I do. And they happen to be in our master bedroom. I couldn't handle looking at these ugly things anymore, so I decided to paint the sliding closet doors with a faux trim effect. Here's what I did:

diy watercolor wall


We have been having some fun over at Zest Quarters, literally playing with paint. Remember those huge sheets of butcher block that you got to paint on in preschool? Well this project took me back to those good ol’ days! If you recall, our new space was riddled with multiple portraits of the former proprietor.
Photo Credit Anya McInroy
Original Blog Post: http://zestitup.com/diy-watercolor-wall/

vintage school desk gets modern makeover, painted furniture

Vintage School Desk Gets Modern Makeover

During one of my trash picking adventures last summer, I discovered this amazing vintage school desk sitting road side. I absolutely loved the shape of it and could not resist shoving it into my car to take home for a future project.

how to paint baseboards like a pro

How to Paint Baseboards Like a Pro

I've been on another painting kick this week and just got done painting some walls not too long ago, I thought I would write another painting post! Maybe you got the painting bug and have been itching to paint everything?! One thing I always like to do when I am painting a room is to also repaint my baseboards. I am no painting expert, and I admit painting baseboards is not really all that fun, but I would rather do it a little at a time when I am working on a project in a certain room rather than all at once. So in this post I am going to give you my tips and have you painting baseboards like a pro!

diy geometric decor shapes, home decor

DIY Geometric Decor Shapes

Would you believe me if I told you that I made these geometric decor shapes from drinking straws? You don’t have to believe me because I am going to show you!! :)
This is a fun and relativity easy project, so you can make your own, too!

using vaseline oil vs sanding 70 s mirror upgrade, This is with a coat of grey wax

Using Vaseline Oil Vs Sanding - 70's Mirror Upgrade

I found this cool old 70's mirror at a second hand store and looked forward to breathing some life back into it. Maybe bringing it into the next century with some TLC. Easily done with some paint and Vaseline. Yup! I love this trick.

give your room some life, bedroom ideas, painting, wall decor

Give Your Room Some Life!

We moved this winter into a new house hundreds of miles away from our previous home. As we adjusted to a new town, family, friends, and church I knew I wanted to created a fun bedroom for my daughter to help her feel settled in our new life.

paint a room in 30 minutes

Paint A Room In 30 Minutes

How to paint a room fast and easy. Paint a room does not have to take all day or even an entire weekend. Watch how we paint a room in 28 minutes.

spit challenge revitalize and upcycle an entertainment center door, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

#SPiT Challenge Revitalize and Upcycle an Entertainment Center Door

Challenge The Furniture Spa presents how to use Unicorn SPiT to revitalize a $10.00 entertainment center door.

drop leaf table with mmsmp makeover, painted furniture, A 20 CL find transformed with a simple sort of MMSMP makeover

Drop Leaf Table With MMSMP Makeover

After one epic fail, I'm finally happy with the results of my drop leaf table. My first shot as using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint! I love how a little paint transformed this $20 Craigslist find into a beauty!
Since I was looking for the "chippy" effect, I decided not to buy the bonding agent... and that was a mistake. After a second coat that resulted in chippy-chaos, I started over, added the bonding agent, and after getting a little more comfortable with the consistency of the paint, I'm happy with the results.
And I'm so so so in love with her Hemp Oil!

kitchen counters almost done, countertops, kitchen design, kitchen island

Giani Kitchen Counters Finished

I finished with the bathroom Makeover…now it’s kitchen time!!!! This is what I decided to go with….Sicilian Sand Kit… I want to let you know that I do not have any relationship with Giani,nor did I recieve it for exchange for review. I tried this brand after I did a lot of research on the product and started with the bathroom counters. I liked them so well...I ordered it on Amazon in a different color.

staining wood with paint, painted furniture, shabby chic

Staining Wood With Paint

Painted & Stained Farmhouse table
Styles: Traditional, Farmhouse, Shabby Chic, Industrial.
As an artist the last thing we want is to be limited. Since staining all or part of furniture is trending I wanted to share a technique that is easy and inexpensive. Since Shabby Paints is made with Pure Acrylic and with the highest quality ingredients, once diluted it makes a great wood stain. Don’t be limited when it comes to stain colors, so pick up your favorite Shabby Paints Chalk-Acrylic color and create your own stain!

how to grout in bright colors, how to, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design, tiling

How to: Grout in Bright Colors!

Why settle for the usual colors? Mix your own!

copper outlined whimsical forest mural, painting, wall decor

Copper-Outlined, Whimsical Forest Mural

"Every project is a lesson in creation...where revision is progress...illuminating visions of a mind at play." These words sum up the lesson I was reminded of while painting the second coat of my daughter's wall mural.

penninsula and painted granite on counter tops, countertops

Penninsula and Painted Granite on Counter Tops

My large kitchen island was always in my way. I had to walk around it to get the frig.; back around it to get to the sink or stove. I hated it! BUT, it was large and had lots of storage space. It also had an electrical outlet.
I turned the electricity off; disconnected the electrical (and pushed it down under the floor via the hole it came up through); turned the cabinet next to the stove to face the breakfast area; and moved the island beside that cabinet to form a penninsula! I special-ordered a counter top to overhang and form a breakfast bar.
I had an electrician install pendant lights over the penninsula and a dimmer switch on the wall.

add a graphic to furniture the easy way, crafts, painted furniture

Add A Graphic To Furniture The Easy Way

I want to show you How To Add A Graphic To Furniture The EASY Way.
I decided to start with a little cupboard that was a gift.

update your bathroom cabinets with paint, bathroom ideas, kitchen cabinets, painting, We updated our bathroom by painting the cabinets framing out the mirror and updating the backsplash

Update Your Bathroom Cabinets With Paint

Step by step tutorial to turn your builder grader bathroom cabinets into custom made using paint!

fireplace makeover using chalk paint, chalk paint, fireplace makeovers, fireplaces mantels, painting

Fireplace Makeover Using Chalk Paint

Take your outdated and boring old fireplace up a notch. Let me show you how easy this transformation is!