how to white wash your fireplace or brick, concrete masonry, fireplaces mantels, painting, It s a messy project the paint splatters a bit but the results are like night and day I wish I would have done this years ago

How to White Wash Your Fireplace or Brick

I've been toying with the idea of painting my fireplace. The brick wasn't ugly but it was old and had lost it's appeal. I decided to take the plunge and paint it. I'm so glad I did. It looks clean and fresh now.Plus, It cost me $0! I already had everything I needed laying around in my garage.

4 00 spray paint in a popular chalk paint color, chalk paint, painted furniture, So similar to the Duck Egg that I have used on several projects but a FRACTION of the cost

$4.00 Spray Paint in a POPULAR Chalk Paint Color!

Love the Annie Sloan chalk paints and fabulous colors but cannot afford a can of paint for every project? I feel your pain and found a great solution in a $4.00 can of spray paint.

broken down slipper chair, painted furniture, reupholster

Broken Down Slipper Chair

This chair was slated to be thrown out . The upholstery was in terrible shape so I tore it all off and pulled out a ton of nails and staples

tiny table chalk painted stained glazed

Tiny Table Chalk Painted - Stained - Glazed

Delivery! Check out this cute little side table ... or is it a bench?

using a quality chalk paint on fabric easier than you think, painted furniture, Shabby Chalk Paint over fabric easy makeover that will last

Using a Quality Chalked Paint on Fabric..easier Than You Think!

Easy Rocking chair makeover. Use Shabby Chalked Paint to update outdated fabric for a fresh new look. Strong but flexible!
Sorry this will be Short and Sweet guys.
Sprayed the fabric with a fine mist of water. (keeping the fabric slightly damp will help it stay softer than it would if you painted over it dry, just a mist or it will delay dry time!)

transforming an old dark brown table

Transforming an Old Dark Brown Table

Refinishing our dark wood table was something I’ve wanted to do since we moved into our newly remodeled house which has a much more beachy vibe, but I was a little afraid of ruining it since I'd never refinished a table before. I loved this table, and it’s color, when we first bought it over 14 years ago but it just didn’t look right in our new home. We use it as a kitchen table for casual everyday meals when we are not sitting at our enormous kitchen island, or in our dining room. It was a dark chocolate brown and I was unsure if I’d ever be able to lighten it up. Well, thankfully I was, and I am so happy with the result. Here is a step by step of how I did it.

decorate your floor with a stenciled damask floorcloth, Finished stenciled damask floorcloth

Decorate Your Floor With a Stenciled Damask Floorcloth

You can protect your floor with a decorative painted floorcloth like this stenciled damask floorcloth. It's easy enough to do in a day!See the full tutorial at

5 best kool aid dyeing techniques most people don t know

5 Kool- Aid Dyeing Techniques Most People Don't Know

Have some extra Kool- Aid packets lying around? Check out these unconventional dyeing techniques to put them to good use!

chalk board painted silver tray, chalkboard paint, christmas decorations, crafts, painting, seasonal holiday decor, After two coats of chalk board paint

Chalk board painted silver tray

I have a silver plated tray someone gave me for Christmas one year. It was spotted and very thin, not in great shape...I decided to give it a few coats of chalk board paint. I love how it looks in my kitchen now.

create an inviting bathroom with stencils, bathroom ideas, home decor, home improvement, paint colors, wall decor

Create An Inviting Bathroom With Stencils

Adrienne from Dorig Designs wanted to make her guest bathroom feel attractive and inviting in her Victorian home. A stencil design is the perfect way to add pattern and personality to a space. Our interlocking wallpaper stencils make it easy and affordable to achieve a classic wallpaper look. Let's take a look at her guest bathroom makeover using our Oceana Damask Stencil.

diy chalk paint recipe, chalk paint, diy, how to, painted furniture

DIY Chalky Paint Recipe

After trying a couple of DIY Chalk-type Paint Recipes, I settled on my absolute favorite. It gives a great chalky finish and looks fantastic. Here's how I made it!

I experimented with another chalky paint recipe before I found my favorite. I tried the plaster of paris formula, and was less than thrilled with it. Maybe I didn't mix it quite right, but whatever the reason, it turned out grittier than I had wanted.

no sew upholstered chair makeover, home decor, living room ideas, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

No Sew Upholstered Chair Makeover

Go from boring beige to beautiful blue Ikat with a stencil! That's right, not one single stitch used to makeover this chair!

have your tried chalkboard paint, chalkboard paint, painting, BrightNest Blog Chalkboard Paint Ideas DIY Recipe

Have you tried chalkboard paint?

We love it! Chalkboard paint is easy to make and has so many applications. Here are a few of our favorites. What would you do with chalkboard paint? Recipe:

how to get milk paint to stick to anything

How to Get Milk Paint to Stick to Anything!

I always avoid indoor paint projects because of the fumes. Even with low VOC paint, I don’t want to pollute what precious indoor air quality I have in my basement craft studio – especially in the winter months when I can’t even crack a window open. Did you know that there are no VOCs in milk paint? Because it’s truly non-toxic, I get to keep every brain cell so I can keep dreaming up new projects!When I found out that you could add a bonding agent to make milk paint stick to challenging things like glass, metal and varnished items, that was the icing on the cake. I knew I had my first test subject to try out when I spied this cute little varnished adirondack chair at Value Village!

how to stencil a faux tile backsplash, how to, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design

How To Stencil A Faux Tile Backsplash

A kitchen can look unfinished without a backsplash. Pretty patterned tile can be super expensive so we want you to consider using a tile pattern to achieve the same effect. We'd like you to welcome back Greg, one of the Cutting Edge Stencils owners and stenciling expert. Greg has been hosting weekly stencil tutorials on our Facebook page. Go ahead and like our page so you don't miss out on these interesting videos. This week he chose to show our stencil fans how to paint a faux tile backsplash using the Fabiola Tile pattern. Greg Swisher is one of the Cutting Edge Stencils owners and stenciling expert. Greg has been hosting weekly stencil tutorials on our Facebook page. This week he chose to show our stencil fans how to paint a faux tile backsplash using the Fabiola Tile pattern.
For those who love tutorials, you will love this instructional video.

how to paint chairs the easiest way

How to Paint Chairs the Easiest Way

Remember here when I painted my dining room table and I told you we were missing a chair? I searched and searched with no luck. Well, my Mama reminded me that our chairs from my childhood were pretty much just like mine? "Oh yeah", I said! Luckily My sweet Mama keeps everything and she still had two chairs that were usable. Score!

using metallic plaster, bedroom ideas, how to, painting, wall decor

How to Use Metallic Plaster

Debbie Hayes blogs about using Metallic Plaster to give her bedroom a warmer and inviting environment. In this step-by-step blog post, Debbie gives you the scoop on how to achieve this look yourself. Be sure to check out the full article, but below you'll find an overview on how it's done.

another unicorn spit table, Ta Da 4 5 coats of poly

Another Unicorn Spit Table!?

A dining room table that had a medium blemish on the top given a whole new look!

spray paint kitchenaid mixer makeover, appliances, home decor, kitchen design

Spray Paint Makeover for Your KitchenAid Mixer

I wanted a fun colored mixer but couldn't justify the purchase when mine still worked great. So what's a DIY girl to do? Spray paint it, of course!

mercury glass diy tutorial it s so easy, crafts, how to

Mercury Glass DIY Tutorial - It's So Easy!

I've been wanting to try a DIY Mercury Glass project for awhile. What surprised me? How easy it actually was to achieve this look. I took quite a few pictures throughout the process (I'm a visual leaner). Hang with me, you'll be glad you made it to the end of this post.

stencil your floor with our shipibo stencil, flooring, painting, shipibo stenciled floor with Cutting Edge Stencils

Stencil Your Floor with our Shipibo Stencil

We've gone absolutely gaga over this Shipibo Stenciled Floor! Jessica did a tremendous job with this DIY stencil project! Check it out on our blog below for details and in-process pics!

upcycled window herb planter, container gardening, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, windows

Upcycled Window Herb Planter

Turn an old window and some tin cans into a gorgeous herb garden for your backyard. Not only does the upcycled window herb planter looks fantastic in my little garden but it's really practical, as I now have my own little herb garden. The herbs are in portable upcycled tin can planters, that can be easily taken into the kitchen when needed. I decided to use old tin cans as planters as I had lot of success with the colourful tin can planter (click here to see) I made last year. />

from busy stenciled to 2017 calm, bedroom ideas, chalk paint, closet, fireplaces mantels, foyer, home decor, painting, wall decor

From Busy Stenciled Walls to 2017 Calm

I had stenciled my foyer walls and quickly grew tired of them. Using the Sherwin Williams 2017 Color of the Year, Poised Taupe, I gave them a new, calmer look.

elegant dinning table on a shoe string budget

Elegant Dining Table On A Shoe String Budget

I've been trying to update my home room by room, and being able to make my own furniture allows me to do that!

refinished tray table, chalk paint, painted furniture

Refinished Tray Table

The pictures and process of refinishing a cute little table I "borrowed" from my moms house!