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How to replace outlet covers with new decorative outlet cover...

how to swap an old porch light with a hanging pendant, curb appeal, diy, how to, lighting, porches, Swap Out Your Porch Lights

How To Swap An Old Porch Light With A Hanging Pendant

Want to up your curb appeal quickly & easily? Swap out a standard (aka, boring) ceiling porch light fixture with a cool hanging pendant - anything from a lantern style to this barn-style pendant we use. We love the change it made and how it coordinates with our other porch lighting!
We think it's an upgrade that gives a huge impact for a relatively small amount of time and money - just the kind of thing diy-er's love! Find every step needed to replace your own porch lights on our site:

easy barn door hardware

Easy Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors are really on trend as you know but the hardware can be really expensive. Here is how you can make it for $30.

repair or install decorative legs on a dresser, home maintenance repairs, how to

Repair or Install Decorative Legs on a Dresser

Whether you need to repair an existing piece of furniture or you would like to install new furniture legs, this tutorial will tell you everything you need to know.

we used an old shower curtain to recover these old chairs

We Used an Old Shower Curtain to Recover These Old Chairs!!

We love to repurpose items we found on the curve! We found this old set buy a dumpster. It was kind of a mess and needed paint and material. We are on a tight budget. About the shower curtain pictures about five years ago. It was in my daughter's bathroom and had a few stains on it. However I love the material. When we went to redo the material on the new chairs repainted my husband had a lightbulb moment. We wash the shower curtain really good cut it in the areas that had no stains and it came out amazing. We even used a clear shower curtain liner to cover the material.

stainless steel contact paper table top makeover, painted furniture, New stainless top

Stainless Steel Contact Paper Table Top Makeover

Rolling table with cheap veneered probably particle board. I'm using this table to test the product before I go big and cover the range vent and construct a faux stainless flute. I've seen prices of $900 and up for ones I like.

how to replace a faulty gas stove igniter, appliances, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to

How to Replace a Faulty Gas Stove Igniter

For the past few months, my oven has been taken longer and longer to heat up and cook. I did not know anything about how a gas stove really works and I was afraid that I was going to have to either hire someone to come fix it or buy a new oven. Before I jumped into hiring someone or buying a new oven, I decided I would research the problem and attempt to fix it myself.After some research, I came to the conclusion that I had a faulty igniter. The information that I found seemed like it would be an easy fix. I located a replacement igniter for just under $25 from Sears. I figured that if I messed something up, that at least I would only be out $25 and my time.

diy gold glitter faux fur chair

DIY Gold Glitter Faux Fur Chair

I purchased a very sturdy chair from a local Goodwill for $1. I knew I wanted to spray paint the legs gold and cover it in off-white faux fur, but I wanted my chair to be different from all the others that I've seen on YouTube. To make my chair pop, even more, I decided to add Gold Glitter to mix! Learn how below!!

easy peasy diy how to fix a too cold anti scald bath fixture, bathroom ideas, home maintenance repairs, how to, plumbing

Easy Peasy DIY How To: Fix a Too Cold Anti-Scald Bath Fixture

Shower or bath not getting hot enough? Your hot water tank is fine, so what's the problem? An anti-scald bath fixture may be raining coldly on your parade!

how to condition wood furniture instead of having to refinish it diy, how to, painted furniture

How to Condition Wood Furniture Instead of Having to Refinish It - DIY

I paint furniture but I have to admit I'm a purist when it comes to true antique pieces. I can't seem to bring myself to paint them and most of the time I don't even want to strip and stain them. I like patina on wood and that only comes with age and years of use. I love the story it tells. The dents, dings, and scratches. The wear and tear. All of those are part of the story. Last year we bought 4 pieces of late 1800s furniture. Every piece was faded and had its own share of scratches and dings. I knew I didn't want to lose the patina, so I researched until I found a solution I could live with.

how to replace brittle cane seats with jute webbing, how to

How to Replace Brittle Cane Seats With Jute Webbing

These chairs were brought to me by a woman I met at a flea market over the summer. She saw some of my work and took my card, as she'd been looking for someone to repair her mother's antique dining chairs.

how to patch wall hole, home maintenance repairs, how to, painting

Patching a Hole in the Wall

Before repainting a room you should take the time to patch any holes. This is an easy project you can do yourself.

how to install vinyl plank flooring

How To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

Installing vinyl plank flooring is easier than you might think. The first step is to pick the right floors. We used Lifeproof Luxury Plank Flooring. There were several reasons we picked this floor. The main reason is this floor comes with a built in underlayment, eliminating the need for that entire process.

turn upholstered dining chair seats into wood, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Turn Upholstered Dining Chair Seats Into Wood!

Look at these nasty seat covers before, to give you an idea of how old they were, horse hair was used for the padding.

how to repair your deck railing and stairs, decks, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to, outdoor living, stairs, woodworking projects

Repair Your Deck Railing and Stairs

Welcome to the south where from May to September we are graced by full sun and heat from about 6:00 a.m.- 7:30 p.m. Since our deck faces east it has taken a BEATING! We had no idea how expensive decks were to build and that maintenance and repair of our deck was so important.

hwdiy cracked concrete, concrete masonry, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to, Cracked Concrete can compromise the water seal of your basement

Learn How to Repair Cracked Concrete - HWDIY

On this episode, Kim demonstrates how to repair cracked rotting concrete, to help fix damp and dusky basements.
If your basement is feeling a little bit damp, you may need to get some water proofing done. A damp basement can lead to all sorts of costly problems. Luckily, parging is a cost effective task that can save you, and your sinking basement, from going under.

5 easy ways to keep your home spider free, pest control

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Spider Free

Spiders. If that word sends shivers down your spine, you’re not alone. According to a recent BrightNest poll, 85 percent of people Hate spiders with a capital H. But just because the eight-legged arachnids aren’t welcome in your home doesn’t mean they’ll always stay away.

what i use to shine my hardwood floors, cleaning tips, flooring, hardwood floors, home maintenance repairs

What I Use to Shine My Hardwood Floors!

I like to use products that save me time and products that work! I'm sure we all do. There are lots of products out there but they aren't all created equal.
Ever wonder how to get your floors to shine when they are dull and worn out? I sure have!

how to repair dog chewed table legs, home maintenance repairs, how to, kitchen design, painted furniture, woodworking projects

How to Repair Dog Chewed Table Legs

Have you got some damaged areas of your furniture that needs repairing?
To provide a little background, this project came from our kitchen table renovation post. I would love it if you checked out this transformation too!
The legs of the kitchen table that was gifted to us were pretty chewed up by the previous owner’s dog! When I say chewed I mean to the point where the grooves were no longer visible!

how to block a doorway and turned it into a solid wall, how to

How to Block a Doorway and Turn It Into a Solid Wall

My husband and I bought our first ever house in July. As soon as we saw the hallway, we knew there were too many doors and this particular door was no use to us, it looked like an afterthought when the house was built. As we were decorating the hallway, we decided to close off the doorway and turn it into a solid wall. This is what we did.

how to temporary repair your vertical blinds with a flat head screwdr, home maintenance repairs, how to, window treatments, windows

How to Temporary Repair Your Vertical Blinds With a Flat Head Screwdri

My Vertical Blinds are always breaking. So one day I found a way to temporary fix them by using a flat head screwdriver. I take the screwdriver and heat it up on the stove allowing it to melt a hole through the blind for a quick fix.

1970 s metal chair update

1970's Metal Chair Update

These are our 1970's bouncy metal chairs. They have been painted so many times & the wood replaced. My brother is a boat repair man and said to really get new long life, we had to use Teak wood. This was super expensive but luckily he and the guy who had the wood worked out a trade. Lucky me!I wanted to give these as a gift to my brother in law who has helped my parents immensely but he wouldn't take them. So, on a trip for a visit, I told himI had a project and needed his help. I came clean they were actually for him. However, he ended up doing most of the work! Here is the progress.

fixing a walkway with sinking stones

Fixing a Walkway With Sinking Stones

Our landscape was a huge selling feature for us when we moved in—green grass, nice landscaping, minimal maintenance—we loved it all. Then somewhere along the line, we started noticing changes. Our once sturdy walkway slowly began shifting away.Although we have attempted numerous times to adjust these sinking stones, it never really stayed in place. After a season change, we were right back at square one. Those same stones became a tippy, tilted mess.

how to unclog a sink like a pro, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, diy, how to, plumbing, How to Unclog Like a Pro

How to Unclog a Sink Like a Pro

Many of you asked me to do a tutorial on how to unclog a sink.
So I put an extensive tutorial together that walks you through this easy fix (it's like you're right in the bathroom with me!!). This is probably one of the Top 10 fixes a homeowner encounters. And the funny part is that I had to unclog my own sink last weekend. What timing.
All you need for this project are a Zip It ($3), Drain Auger ($28), channel locks, tupperware container, towel, and 30-60 minutes. Check out my step-by-step video by visiting

diy cape cod style starfish shutters, curb appeal, diy, woodworking projects

DIY Cape Cod-Style Starfish Shutters

The boring vinyl siding on our 1928 beach cottage had been leaving me feeling blah for years. This weekend we added these cute DIY shutters to help break of the monotony of the front of our home.