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Thrifty, DIY Outdoor Fan Makeover

Our back porch outdoor fan/light fixture was badly in need of some TLC. So I took some paint and primer and updated it, making it look like new again. I encountered some pitfalls, though, which I explain how to avoid. Check out the post url for all the deets.

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DIY Home Decor

How to replace outlet covers with new decorative outlet cover...

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Easy Electrical Outlet Cover Tip

Do you have outlet covers that are the outdated almond color?
I found an amazing product that I am super excited to share with you that will fix mismatched electrical outlets and electrical outlet covers.

potato to remove broken glass tip, home maintenance repairs, lighting, Broken light bulb with sharp glass

Simple Trick to Changing a Broken Light Bulb That Will Save You

Have you ever broken a light bulb in the socket? Yup, we did tonight. Thankfully we had a potato to save the day

installing cheap hanging led lights to brighten a work space

Installing CHEAP! Hanging LED Lights to Brighten a Work Space

Our shop was in dire need of new lighting. When we purchased this property the shop only had a single CFL bulb hanging from one of the ceiling joists. After working on a few other renovation jobs, I had fallen in love with LED bulbs. They are simple, damage resistant and best of all - cheap! Did I also mention they are extremely bright?

i love diy new ballast in my kitchen light 20 00 vs a whole new light fixture, electrical, home maintenance repairs, how to, lighting, I know it is not the newest most updated fixture but I like a LOT of light in my kitchen and have yet to find something that will make me spend the money of new fixtures For now 20 is good

I LOVE DIY. new Ballast in my kitchen light $20.00 VS. a whole new light fixture $120.00....SAVED us $100 PLUS+

New Ballast in my kitchen light $20.00 VS. a whole new light fixture $120.00....SAVED us $100 PLUS+. If we had used Electrician it would have their charge per hour plus materials.
Shout out to Mike at the Electrical department of Home Depot. Took me step by step on how to change the ballast out. Even made me a drawing to take home. Told me to call if I came upon any questions! Love those Home Improvement stores, YOU CAN DIY!
I know it is not the newest most updated fixture but I like a LOT of light in my kitchen and have yet to find something that will make me spend the money of new fixtures. For now $20 is good!

just paint unicorn spit light switch covers

Just Paint - Unicorn Spit Light Switch Covers

After giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, I decided that the walls deserve pretty "new" light switch covers. Here's what I did!We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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DIY Farmhouse Light Fixture

A lightbulb went off (literally) when I saw this wire basket at a recent barn sale. It was the perfect shape to become a farmhouse style light fixture for my kitchen window.

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DIY Mason Jar Light

Give your boring bathroom light fixture a fun new update with this mason jar project! Try out this DIY for only about $10 and a couple hours of your time. If you're looking for more projects and home décor tips check out Elegance & Peonies!

how to swap an old porch light with a hanging pendant, curb appeal, diy, how to, lighting, porches, Swap Out Your Porch Lights

How To Swap An Old Porch Light With A Hanging Pendant

Want to up your curb appeal quickly & easily? Swap out a standard (aka, boring) ceiling porch light fixture with a cool hanging pendant - anything from a lantern style to this barn-style pendant we use. We love the change it made and how it coordinates with our other porch lighting!
We think it's an upgrade that gives a huge impact for a relatively small amount of time and money - just the kind of thing diy-er's love! Find every step needed to replace your own porch lights on our site:

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Save 20% on Your Utilities!

Yeah, I was skeptical too. Save 20%? Huh? Really? 20% seems a hefty sum, right?

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Teacup Lamp Tutorial

Now before we start let me say, I'm not the first person to have made a teacup lamp and I'm sure that I won't be the last... This tutorial is how I figured out the best way to make a stacked teacup lamp.

blow it out your roof a guide to replacing a bathroom fan , bathroom ideas, electrical, home improvement, home maintenance repairs, how to

Blow It Out Your Roof: a Guide to Replacing a Bathroom Fan!

They say nothing is certain but death and taxes, but I'd like to add a third: repairs! Last week alone, three things broke down on us that had to be repaired. When you're a do-it-your-selfer and a blogger, you have to look on the bright side of things and call that a good week: repairs alone can give you a ton of things to write about! This week, I'm sharing a DIY on how to replace a bathroom fan.

install a usb outlet cover in a snap

Install a USB Outlet Cover in a Snap!

We came across this neat product called SnapPower, which adds a USB port to an outlet cover. This seemed like a great solution for a bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere you need to charge your phone, tablet, camera, and more!Before we discovered this product, the only way to add a USB was to completely remove the existing outlet and wire in a new USB compatible one. This one requires no wiring! We ordered one on Amazon to give it a try. It really is a fast way to add some tech to your home!

1940 s metal army cot turned light fixture, lighting, repurposing upcycling

1940's Metal Army Cot Turned Light Fixture

Revamping my classroom and wanted a unique light fixture! I happened to have a 1940's Metal Army Cot so my honey and I decided to add 25 Edison Bulbs to repurpose this into a fabulous fixture!

the u socket just might be the future of wall outlets, electrical, U Socket

The U-Socket Just Might be the Future of Wall Outlets

Hi everyone, Becky Sue from Hometalk inspired me to purchase and install the U-Socket in my kitchen. We have numerous electronic devices (iPhone, camera, etc.) and a regular phone that plugs into an outlet, but this all happens in one location. And to boot, sometimes you don't get an AC adapter with certain devices so you're stuck charging them at your computer. The U-Socket has two USB ports built into a standard wall receptacle. My latest blog post is a tutorial on how any DIYer can install this nifty invention and why it's a good idea (water + smartphone = headache waiting to happen)

diy industrial ceiling fan with garden planter cage lights, home decor, lighting, repurposing upcycling

DIY Industrial Ceiling Fan [With Garden Planter Cage Lights]

See how we saved a ton of money by creating our own Industrial Ceiling Fan with Garden Planter Cage Lights. We'll show you exactly how we did it and even give you a price break-down of exactly what we spent! Come see us at

go green with 40 solar lights

Go Green With $40 Solar Lights

I purchased 2 beautiful lamp posts about 10 years ago when our Home Depot was having a clearance sale. They have been sitting there collecting dust in my garage because when I found out how much it would cost to have an electrician wire them, I was shocked and couldn't afford that price tag. I found these $40 solar lights from Home Depot and wondered if they might fit the openings?

how to reduce electric bill budget save money, electrical, how to, hvac, lighting

10 + DIY Ways We Reduced Our Electric Bill

Our electricity bill has been dropping for years. It's the result of a combination of little and big DIY things we've done around the house that has added up to real savings, despite increases from the utility company.

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Common Apartment Problems - How to Be Your Own Handyman

One of the main benefits of renting rather than owning is the fact that when something needs fixin’, a call to the landlord is all that needs to be done! However, sometimes it is much quicker and easier to handle simple repairs on your own — especially if you deal with a very busy property manager who may not have the bandwidth to respond to your problem immediately.
Here’s a quick 101 on several basic home fixes even an amateur can handle without assistance.

this ikea hack hides an ugly electrical panel

This IKEA Hack Hides an Ugly Electrical Panel

I hated the electrical panel in my entryway. It was the first thing houseguests would see when they walked into my apartment. Yikes, right? So I tried hanging a framed print over it, but nothing in my home collection worked in that weird spot. I also tried covering it with contact paper, but it made my breaker box even more apparent. During a shopping trip to my local IKEA, inspiration struck. Here's how I concealed the big ugly in my entryway.

light fixture basket repurpose, diy, lighting, painting, repurposing upcycling

Cute Basket Turned Light Fixture!

As always, this story starts at Goodwill. I was shopping there one day and came upon this precious little basket. I picked it up, admired how cute it was and then put it back down and continued to look around. I found myself looking back at the shelf it was on for another 5 minutes to see if anyone else had picked it up yet. Then I decided I had to have it. I may or may not have *almost* knocked people over to get back to it. Then I took a few pictures of it and sent them to my sister (this is my norm if I cant decide on a purchase). :)

material of the week outlet sealers

Do This to Your Outlet to Save so Much Money This Month

Now that you’ve insulated your windows, we’ve got one more awesome insulation tip for you to keep you warm for the rest of what feels like a never-ending winter!Becky at Flipping the Flip shared this tutorial on how to insulate your outlet covers. It’s surprising how insulating these covers can make a huge impact on your heating bills! Get your socket sealers here and follow this simple tutorial.

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How to Install an Electrical Outlet

We only have one electrical outlet in our garage and it was located far from where we needed it, so we opted to add another ourselves. This new outlet will be located right below our workbench so we can plug in all of our power tool chargers. See our blog post for a complete tutorial.

how to rewire a thrifted lamp

How to Rewire a Thrifted Lamp

It has been fun to take you along the ride of giving my old bedroom a remodel From the accent wall to the plant stand and art gallery- everything has been rolling along greatly! But it’s about time to keep things functional too with some light. What a better way than to grab a thrifted light that I snagged for $5 and give it some love!! I wanted to keep things looking retro and fun so I left the light as is and just made it function- what a concept. tee hee. I am no electrician, but apparently Chanda Panda is- she helped me out with rewiring the lamp with a kit I got from Home Depot. Check it out!!Original Blog PostPhoto Cred: Anya McInroy