a living roof for our garden shed made from wedding doors, gardening, outdoor living, roofing

A Living Roof for Our Garden Shed Made From Wedding Doors

We upcycled three doors into a wedding backdrop for our grand daughter. THEN we used the doors to make this little garden shed.

cement step repair get your curb appeal back in one day, concrete masonry, curb appeal, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to

Cement Step Repair: Get Your Curb Appeal Back in One Day!

After a long cold winter we had to repair our cement steps. I'm guessing you might have to do this, too. So I decided to share how we fixed our steps in one and got our curb appeal back for the spring season!! You can totally DIY this same project and save some money for spring flowers.
For a complete step-by-step video you can also visit my blog post over on Home Repair Tutor.
Let me know if you've got any questions because I'd be happy to help :)

building a cobblestone path with moss, concrete masonry, flowers, gardening, landscape, outdoor living, A few Scotch moss plants to help with the wait

Building a Cobblestone Path With Moss

Hubby and I poured a new cobblestone pathway. Then a slick recipe from Martha Stewart for growing your own moss..

gorgeous diy stamped concrete tile driveway for less, concrete masonry, curb appeal, diy, how to

Gorgeous DIY Stamped Concrete Tile Driveway For Less $, Much Less!

It's a good thing that I enjoy working on home improvement stuff, because the updates at Mom and Pop's place never seems to end. Recently, I took on giving their driveway a makeover using this innovative new stamped concrete technique. The system is brand new on the market and can be done by a total novice. The basic gist of the system is that instead of pouring concrete on the driveway or patio or walkway, you're laying 1/4" concrete tiles. If you've ever laid tiles, you know how easy it is. And if you haven't laid tiles, then I'm telling you how easy it is. You mix up your mortar, smear on the back of your tile, set in place, and repeat.
But the best part of this system isn't how easy it is, it's how cost efficient it is. Traditionally poured stamped concrete will run ya about $10/square foot. This tile system will only run you about $3/square foot. That's a huge savings!
FULL TUTORIAL HERE: http://diyfunideas.com/diy-stamped-concrete-tile-tutorial/

backyard makeover, diy, gardening, landscape, lighting, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, patio

Backyard Makeover

We moved into our house in March of 2015 and we could not WAIT to start this transformation!

fixing a walkway with sinking stones

Fixing a Walkway With Sinking Stones

Our landscape was a huge selling feature for us when we moved in—green grass, nice landscaping, minimal maintenance—we loved it all. Then somewhere along the line, we started noticing changes. Our once sturdy walkway slowly began shifting away.Although we have attempted numerous times to adjust these sinking stones, it never really stayed in place. After a season change, we were right back at square one. Those same stones became a tippy, tilted mess.

keep concrete crack resistant, concrete masonry, home maintenance repairs, Make sure the backer rod is 1 8 inch wider than the joint and 1 4 inch below the concrete surface

Keep Concrete Crack Resistant

There's nothing worse than a cracked, heaved, or sunken concrete pad.

Chances are you've experienced one of these 3 things if you're a homeowner (i'm in this club myself, and unfortunately it doesn't involve a cool jacket).

super fast 2 ingredient car de icing spray, cleaning tips, outdoor living

Super Fast 2 Ingredient Car De-Icing Spray

I'm not sure about you, but there isn't much worse than going out to my car to leave, and finding my windshield frozen over. It's especially frustrating if I'm not at home and don't have the liberty of leaving my car started for a while so it can defrost. Well, no fear my friends! I tried a little trick that my Grandmother used to use and it works like a dream! Your window will be clear of ice within seconds, and you only need two ingredients!

diy cement counter tops don t even think about it here is our, concrete masonry, concrete countertops, countertops, Put two coats of chemicals on the entire thing to seal it Hope the shine ends up less shinny Get out of the house because the chemical odor is noxious

DIY Cement Counter Tops!!!****????///// Don't even think about it!!! Here is our experience.

Difficult, messy beyond belief. More expensive than we thought. Wanted to cry & give up....at one point I hated them, but now, ah....I have to admit, well, you decide... Do they look good? Oh yeah, was it worth it? Yes it was.

hwdiy cracked concrete, concrete masonry, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to, Cracked Concrete can compromise the water seal of your basement

Learn How to Repair Cracked Concrete - HWDIY

On this episode, Kim demonstrates how to repair cracked rotting concrete, to help fix damp and dusky basements.
If your basement is feeling a little bit damp, you may need to get some water proofing done. A damp basement can lead to all sorts of costly problems. Luckily, parging is a cost effective task that can save you, and your sinking basement, from going under.

staining and sealing a deck

Staining and Sealing a Deck

The deck at my home had not been stained or sealed and it needed to get cleaned up significantly. It started out with a lot of mildew and mold on the deck, as well as a lot of other stains.

how to install hardie board siding, curb appeal, diy, woodworking projects, Installing Hardie Board siding is a straight forward project making sure to keep each layer of siding level even around windows and doors is an important step

How to Install Hardie Board Siding #DIYMySpring

The idea of a cement board siding product was new to me until we moved down here to hurricane country. With a few tips from a contractor and the right tools, installing Hardie Board siding turned out to be a very straight forward project that any DIYer can do. Getting started and determining the amount of reveal you want for each board might prove to be the toughest challenge. After that it's just a matter of keeping everything level around multiple sides of the house and the windows and doors. Find out all of the installation details with some tips and tricks at the blog post link below!

rotten fence post cap cheap and easy repair

Rotten Fence Post Cap? Cheap and Easy Repair!

Are you looking at your rotten deck or fence post cap and dreading the time and expense it takes to repair it? Luckily, I found a no-paint 5 minute fix that you can install yourself!

not all garages are created equal, flooring, garages, Almost 2500 sf of man cave

Not all garages are created equal...

When you have this much bare concrete, can you imagine how much cleaner it will be with a beautiful epoxy finish?

roofing siding skylight repair replacement bound brook nj 08805, roofing, Skylight Replacement Bound Brook NJ 08805

Roofing & Siding Repair Replacement Bound Brook NJ Roofers 08805

We offer roofing, siding, skylight, windows repair, replacement service in Bound Brook NJ 08805. Get a free no obligation quote today Calling @ (973)250-2204

installing drip edge, curb appeal, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to, roofing, Here s a good look at the old stuff I d removed a few weeks back when I tore out the facia

Installing Drip Edge

I'm really trying to wrap up the work on the front of the house. All that's left is replacing the drip edge that was removed when our predecessors built the dreaded tunnel of doom. I'd also torn off a good amount when I replaced the rotted facia boards.
Drip edge is a sheet metal flashing strip that slides under the roofing and over the top edge of the facia. It has a slight kick at the tip that kicks water off, away from the wood to keep water from ruining it.
Check out the full story on my blog. It has the full dose of humor and rain.

how to beat the big four problems that can destroy your driveway, concrete masonry, how to

How to Beat the "Big Four" Problems That Can Destroy Your Driveway

Your driveway is one of those things that you don't think about until something goes wrong. But a cracked, crumbling driveway is a massive eyesore that reduces your home's value and can even lead to sprained ankles or car damage. Fall is the perfect time of year to check your driveway and repair any problems you find, before colder weather gets here and increases the damage. Read on to see the "Big Four" problems that can destroy your driveway, and how to nip them in the bud and protect your driveway before it's too late.

how to make a weed free brick driveway that stays that way

How To Make A Weed-Free Brick Driveway (That Stays That Way!)

Do you have an interlocking paver driveway? Then you understand my frustration. Do you have a brick patio? Then you can feel my pain. Weeds. The little buggers are pervasive and persistent.

9 things in your home that you re not caring for properly, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs

9 Things in Your Home That You’re Not Caring for Properly

I’ll be honest, the last time I replaced my AC filter was the month after I moved in. The last time I maintained my lawnmower? No idea. Weather-proofed my shoes? Let’s just change the subject.
When you’re busy, simple maintenance tasks can be pushed down the to-do list. But taking the time to maintain these expensive items can save you buku bucks down the line. So stop skipping maintenance tasks, and start knocking these babies off of the list.
Here’s a quick reminder of some things that might deserve extra attention this weekend:

fixing a broken top rail on a chain link fence

Fixing a Broken Top Rail on a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are not my favorite style of fence but I dislike a broken chain link fence even more. We can only speculate on how this top rail of the chain link fence became broken and how the post ended up bent. We think that when the ground froze during the winter, the post was pushed upward but because the top rail is attached to the post, the post bent and then finally the insert connector broke.

contemporary drab to fab, After picture says it all


I just love it when you can make a difference in enhancing the lifestyles of your customers.
This woodland contemporary home truly went from Drab To Fab with a new architectural shingled roof, stain change, pondless waterfall, LED lighting and a landscape design featuring Aquascapes Slate Stacked Urn at the homes entry. ENJOY

10 ways to prep your home against a tough winter, home maintenance repairs

El Nino is Back! 10 Ways to Prep Your Home

Remember El Nino? That sometime-in-the-‘90s storm sensation that produced crazy weather? Well, he’s backkkk! That’s right, El Nino, an area of warmer-than-average water in the eastern Pacific Ocean near the equator, is ready to wreck winter havoc on the United States during the winter of 2014-2015. While El Nino has not developed yet, Weather Channel forecasters expect a weak to moderate El Nino to emerge over the winter months and potentially persist into the spring.
So what does that mean for you?
Bitterly cold temperatures in the United States, especially on the East Coast and in the Deep South.

stained concrete countertops, concrete countertops, countertops, painting

stained concrete countertops

I am not a big fan of staining, but we had a customer want stained concrete countertops and this is what we made for him.

fix up your deck for summer

Fix up Your Deck for Summer!

Has your deck seen better days? Before you get out the crowbar and start a full renovation, check out this tip! Those popped nails and uneven boards are soon to be a thing of the past.