laminate floor installation, diy, flooring, how to, living room ideas, Finished product We couldn t be happier with the results There was a definite learning curve for this project However once we got the hang of things it got easier and easier This is something YOU can do

Laminate Floor Installation

DIY laminate floor installation for beginners. After moving into our new home we decided to replace...

learn how to caulk like a pro, bathroom ideas, home maintenance repairs, how to, kitchen backsplash, tiling

Learn How To Caulk Like a Pro

Learn to caulk like a pro. Do have old, moldy, dingy caulking that is braking away from your tub...

how to remove old stinky carpet a complete step by step guide, diy, flooring, how to, Fold carpet into thirds

How to Remove Old Stinky Carpet: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Who likes nasty worn out carpet?
Not me and I bet you don't either. Unfortunately, our kids kinda

how to tile under the sink, bathroom ideas, how to, plumbing

How to Tile Under the Sink

For the full detailed post you can visit Ginger And The Huth
We noticed water damage under the sink.

how to tile a patio wall in a morning, container gardening, home maintenance repairs, how to, outdoor living, patio, tiling

How To Tile a Patio Wall in a Morning

We recently had a some plumbing work done on our patio and the builders left this hot mess behind. ...

tips on how to install hardwood flooring, diy, flooring, hardwood floors, how to

Tips on How to Install Hardwood Flooring #DIY

One of our dreams has been to have hardwood flooring in our house. We have had laminate before but...

how to create the look of a stone floor out of old linoleum, bathroom ideas, chalk paint, flooring, how to, painting, small bathroom ideas

How To Create the Look of a Stone Floor Out of Old Linoleum

I was really tired of our old linoleum floor in our powder room. It was chipping in places and not...

faux tile backsplash with paint, diy, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design, painting, tiling

Faux Tile Backsplash With Paint!

Hey all! Welcome to my kitchen. It's builder grade basic and the only personal touch I've made on it...

how to repair your deck railing and stairs, decks, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to, outdoor living, stairs, woodworking projects

Repair Your Deck Railing and Stairs

Welcome to the south where from May to September we are graced by full sun and heat from about 6:00...

ugly tile cover up

Ugly Tile Cover Up

Cover up some ugly tiles cheaply and easily!

blog worthy results without a blog my version of the paper bag floor, diy, flooring, repurposing upcycling

Blog Worthy Results Without a Blog, My Version of the Paper Bag Floor

Ten years ago we bought a "folk" Victorian home. Over it's lifetime, the porch has had a few...

what i use to shine my hardwood floors, cleaning tips, flooring, hardwood floors, home maintenance repairs

What I Use to Shine My Hardwood Floors!

I like to use products that save me time and products that work! I'm sure we all do. There are lots...

hexagon tile floor transition entrance

Hexagon Tile Floor Transition Entrance

After seeing numerous photos of Hexagon Tiles organically transitioning into hardwood flooring, I...

our bedroom floor is a mess

Our Bedroom Floor is a Mess!

Our Bedroom Floor was a rustic wood, which was beautiful...until it wasn't. Apparently it was never...

super simple slippery stair solution, decks, home maintenance repairs, Shingles

Super Simple Slippery Stair Solution.

This idea came to me after several close calls on our back deck stairs. Rain, ice, coming inside...

fix cracked and missing tile grout, cleaning tips, tiling

Fix Cracked and Missing Tile Grout

I have been living in my apartment for years now, and there is a huge chunk of missing grout between...

living room update new wood floors, flooring, hardwood floors, living room ideas

The Sexy to My Dining Room: Our New Wood Floors

We have wanted wood floors our entire homeowner life. On days where couldn't stand the idea of...

i made an end grain wood floor from scratch and saved myself 4000, dining room ideas, diy, flooring, hardwood floors, woodworking projects

I Made an End Grain Wood Floor From Scratch and Saved Myself $4000!

One day I had come across a flooring in an old church and became intrigued, I had never seen...

painted staircase steps attic furnished, bedroom ideas, home maintenance repairs

Steps to an Unfinished Attic Part 2 The Finished Product.

I posted about a year ago my steps that lead to an unfinished attic. Someday I hope to finish the...

hwdiy cracked concrete, concrete masonry, diy, home maintenance repairs, how to, Cracked Concrete can compromise the water seal of your basement

Learn How to Repair Cracked Concrete - HWDIY

On this episode, Kim demonstrates how to repair cracked rotting concrete, to help fix damp and dusky...

how to update a backsplash, kitchen backsplashes, kitchen design, The directions are on the back but basically you will want to pack the grout deep into the joints but don t get any into the seam between the tiles and the counter top Next clean the surface with a soft sponge and water rinsing the sponge often Wait 30 minutes and buff off the haze with a clean dry cloth until the glass tiles are nice and shiny

How to update a backsplash

Step by step tutorial on how to update your backsplash.

how to make a old tile grout look brand new, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, crafts, diy, tiling, Bathroom after the Grout Shield Color Seal

How to Make a Old Tile Grout Look Brand New

This is a Bathroom that will be transformed with the grout shield color seal

hardwood floors from plywood yes , flooring, hardwood floors, how to

Hardwood Floors From Plywood??? YES!!!

We had nasty carpet that was old and stained in a room we wanted to re do as a guest room. We wanted...

porcelain wood look tile floor

Porcelain Wood Look Tile Floor

This project, literally was not planned, at all! One morning we are sitting on the couch and my...