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How to Repair Dog Chewed Table Legs

Have you got some damaged areas of your furniture that needs repairing?
To provide a little background, this project came from our kitchen table renovation post. I would love it if you checked out this transformation too!
The legs of the kitchen table that was gifted to us were pretty chewed up by the previous owner’s dog! When I say chewed I mean to the point where the grooves were no longer visible!

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How To Remove Pressed Cane

Cane furniture is a piece that is easily recognized by the woven section in some part of the furniture, usually a chair.
There are two types of cane furniture: woven and pressed. Woven cane is a time-consuming method that involves weaving the cane in four directions: horizontal, vertical and two diagonals. You can recognize this type by the holes that frame the cane part of the piece.
Pressed cane comes already pre-woven and can be recognized by the groove that runs along the outside edge.

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ANTIQUE CHAIRS REVIVED… This Project Was More Than I Expected...

I recently purchased these two antique chairs, knowing they needed upholstery and possibly some rebuilding because they were a bit wobbly. What I didn't' know was it was going to turn into a complete overhaul!!! I mean I had to take apart the chairs to nothing, and the wood was dry and a bit too much for me to try to strip and Restain, but I think how they turned out is fabulous!!

we used an old shower curtain to recover these old chairs

We Used an Old Shower Curtain to Recover These Old Chairs!!

We love to repurpose items we found on the curve! We found this old set buy a dumpster. It was kind of a mess and needed paint and material. We are on a tight budget. About the shower curtain pictures about five years ago. It was in my daughter's bathroom and had a few stains on it. However I love the material. When we went to redo the material on the new chairs repainted my husband had a lightbulb moment. We wash the shower curtain really good cut it in the areas that had no stains and it came out amazing. We even used a clear shower curtain liner to cover the material.

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Easy Way to Fix a Damaged Piece of Furniture for Under $10

Ever have a piece of furniture that you think is destined for the trash? This is such an easy, inexpensive way to reuse and recycle. Paint and add a new cork top for under $10. Details here:

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A $30 Mid-Century Armoire Gets a Makeover

I purchased this Mid-Century Armoire/Dresser about 6 months ago at Goodwill for just $30 and it’s been collecting dust {and spiderwebs} in the corner of our garage ever since. Despite it needing some work, I was in love with the character and knew it would be a great storage solution for my creative office/craft room.
It was produced by Basic-Witz Furniture company, which was created in 1889 in Waynesboro, VA and was bought out by Stanley Furniture in the 1970’s.
Now it's not only pretty, but it's super functional in my office and helps hide my printer and other office/craft supplies.

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Repair or Install Decorative Legs on a Dresser

Whether you need to repair an existing piece of furniture or you would like to install new furniture legs, this tutorial will tell you everything you need to know.

how to install cabinet door hardware

How To Install Cabinet Door Hardware

Adding or updating cabinet door hardware in your kitchen or bathroom is an easy, inexpensive update that makes a world of differenec. If you don’t know how to install cabinet door hardware this simple tutorial will make it less intimidating.

refinishing wooden slat patio chairs

Refinishing Wooden Slat Patio Chairs

One of my favorite things is taking old furniture and giving it new life! It's so rewarding to make something look new again with a fresh coat of paint or upcycle it into something with a new purpose. I bought a pair of old patio chairs at a garage sale and turned them into pretty seating for my patio!

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The Easy Way To Remove Veneer From Furniture

Over the years, we have worked on so many projects and have learned so much that when I find a trick that will make your projects easier, I can’t wait to share it. I found out that there is an easy way to remove veneer from furniture.

how to reupholster an ottoman tutorial

How To Reupholster an Ottoman Tutorial

Does your ottoman look anything like this?You know, with the nice pleather outing that a furry baby (aka your cat) has literally almost torn to shreds? My cats have this weird 6th sense that tells them that all of our ottomans like this (we have 3) were made for their claws to ruin.And ruin they have succeeded in doing. So now that my cats have ruined my ottomans, I have two options. One - buy a new one. Probably since I don't want to spend a ton, it will be of the same cheap fake leather and cost me about $50-$75 to replace. Or two - reupholster it myself for less than half of that cost - with a fabric that my cats can't tear apart with one swipe of their claws.

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Easy DIY Save for a Tired Old Sofa

We had a tired old sofa, but we didn't want to get rid of her. She had good bones, super-comfortable down-filled seat cushions, and solid construction. We wondered if we could save her.

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How to Touch Up Chipped Paint and Maintain Painted Cabinets

A year after painting my kitchen cabinets with Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations they still look great! For the most part. They have a couple minor chips all the way down to bare honey oak. Of course I don't want that to show and I've figured out an easy way to fix these chips.

freshening up outdoor adirondack chairs with a paint sprayer

Freshening Up Outdoor Adirondack Chairs With a Paint Sprayer

Our backyard Adirondack chairs are worn, weathered and wobbly. I'd been avoiding painting them because painting anything with spindles or slats are a pain, to be honest. But a paint sprayer will definitely make things easier. This project is sponsored by HomeRight, all opinions are my own.

queen anne chair gets a shabby chic makeover

Queen Anne Chair Gets A Shabby Chic Makeover

I am super excited to share this shabby chic makeover with you today. My co-worker from my kickboxing studio gave me 3 chairs that were a cluttering up her space. I decided to start the makeover process with the odd man out. The arm chair (The other 2 that I received are armless dining chairs).I thought this chair would make a great vanity or home office desk chair. Shabby chic is a style that I know many love.Here Are The BEFORE Photos!

a southwestern chair makeover, painted furniture, rustic furniture, reupholster

A Southwestern Chair Makeover

Come see the incredible transformation Robin from Redo It Yourself Inspirations did on this roadside find! She took it from dark and dreary and made it a southern beauty with Bliss, antiquing wax, and some new upholstery.

how to save buying a pillow in january

How to Save Buying a Pillow in January

Knowing that there is a month that is best to purchase various items, January is the month for "White Sales" - bedding, linens, etc. For a link of the best items to purchase in which months, please click here:, I digress... One of those "white things" to purchase is a new pillow. A test to see if you need one and should throw your old one away is this:

sometimes you just gotta leave em be antique sewing machine, repurposing upcycling

Sometimes You Just Gotta Leave 'em Be: Antique Sewing Machine

I know all of you here on Hometalk will appreciate this one! So often I see discussions on this wonderful site about what a shame it is when people paint over beautiful wood, and, though I am a painter most of the time, with this piece I made the decision to leave it be. :)
I got this beauty for a STEAL at a garage sale! Any guesses on the price? And, when I took it home I tried to brainstorm how I would make it even better, but couldn't come up with anything. It was gorgeous just the way it was!
Now, it was very dirty and the legs were all rusty, so it got a little cleaning, but, you guys, that is it!

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How To Restore Weathered Wood

Although weathered wood seems to be in high demand, there are some instances where it’s just not ideal. If left in its current weathered state, the swing I was asked to restore may not have lasted another year exposed to the elements. Here's how I brightened the wood (without a pressure washer).

re upholster chairs by using re purposed belts, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Re-upholster chairs by using re-purposed belts

1. cut away broken rush/reed seat
2. install belts, buckling on the underside of the chair, weaving as you go
3. sit

cat proof chair cover up chair repair with vinegar glue

Cat Proof Chair Cover Up - Chair Repair With Vinegar Glue

You know you can use vinegar for all kinds of house hold projects but did you know that you can also use it to make glue? I found the recipe on line when I used it to cover the first chair. This project is actually the second time that I have used the technique. I covered the first chair last June and it is holding up very well so it was time to finish the second chair. As you can see the cats had done quite a number on it.

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The Dog Chewed the Wooden Furniture Leg - Despair and Repair!

I'm sure I'm not the only homeowner who has had their adorable (sometimes NOT so adorable) furry best friend chew on the furniture. Luckily our little guy is not the culprit of this dastardly deed but somebody's pet made a mess of these legs! I found them orphaned from the chair they were on and happened to be looking for a set of legs for a trunk I was repurposing into a coffee table. I rebuilt and resculpted these legs with wood epoxy putty and my dremel. Wood epoxy putty is not the same as standard wood filler. It is harder than wood and can be used for extensive repairs. Here are the before and afters. Also, here is the link to the finished trunk/coffee table: If you have any questions, let me know!

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Stainless Steel Contact Paper Table Top Makeover

Rolling table with cheap veneered probably particle board. I'm using this table to test the product before I go big and cover the range vent and construct a faux stainless flute. I've seen prices of $900 and up for ones I like.

diy wood conditioner

DIY Wood Conditioner

I have a major penchant for wooden utensils in my kitchen. I just love how earthy they feel. They almost seem to be connected with folklore in my mind. Picking up a wooden spoon makes me feel connected to my ancestry as a cook. Actually, one of my favorite things in my mother’s kitchen growing up was a wooden spoon! When my mother was a young thing in her 20’s, she and my father had traveled to Ireland for a long stay. They had grown close with many locals and one in particular had made her a gift by hand-carving this wooden spoon for her to take home to her own kitchen. I used to love running my fingers over my mother’s initials that this distant Irishman had carved into the handle to grace the “hearth” in my family kitchen. It seemed so romantic with a capital “R”! Cooking with a hand-carved utensil from a distant land. It was a moment straight out of a Romantic poem. Yes, I am waxing nostalgic, but honestly…I REALLY love collecting wooden utensils and cutting boards. They make me happy! So, besides sharing with you one of my unusual passions, I decided to share with you how I take care of these beauties (whether new or old).Original Blog Post

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Getting Scratches Out of Wood Cabinets and Furniture

Oh no! You’ve gone and done it, you’ve made a scratch (or discovered a scratch) on your wooden cabinet and now the mood of the day just seems a little bit more sour.But hold up, there’s no reason to get upset just yet. Wood scratches have troubled carpenters and DIY enthusiasts alike for countless generations, and over time multiple interesting solutions have been discovered—some of which you may never have expected.