how to weatherproof your vinyl or wood screen door

How to Weatherproof Your Vinyl or Wood Screen Door

I've always loved the old fashioned screen doors. And the home improvement stores have a nice variety in a good price range. Something for everyone! The one problem with screen doors though is that they don't keep cold wind out in the fall and winter because they do not come with storm windows nor do they sell them. WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!

the simple cure for drafty windows

The Simple Cure for Drafty Windows!

We finished our attic space as my home office, and the window above my desk faces due west. Since I live in Alabama, the summertime heat from this window was becoming unbearable. It was HOT in this room even though we took extra precautions and added foam insulation. We installed anIndow window insert and immediately the temps started dropping. The shade-grade window insert filters out 90% of the UV-light and made SUCH a huge difference in my heat gain up in this attic space. It's like a pair of sunglasses for my window. The standard inserts block out heat and cold drafts. They also make privacy inserts and acoustical window inserts to block noise. I am blown away by how much this shade-grade window insert helps with the temperature at my desk. The average cost of the window insert is $24 per square foot for the standard grade. Check out the before and after of my office space with this window insert...

swapping door hardware for major design impact

Swapping Door Hardware for MAJOR Design Impact!

I'm ashamed to admit this, but here goes nothing! We have lived in our wonderful (imperfect) home for five years - and it wasn't until this passed weekend that I realized all the door knobs on our bedroom floor were different. *face palm* haha I mean, I guess door knobs aren't really something you think about until they stop working or you get locked in a room ... but once I noticed? Well, then something had to change!

bubble wrap window insulation hack

Bubble Wrap Window Insulation Hack

If you're like me and come from a small town with old houses, you can remember insulating your windows for the winter. My dad would take plastic sheeting and double sided tape and seal up all the windows we didn't absolutely need to open. Well, now we live in a house with much better windows, but that doesn't mean there isn't an advantage to adding insulation. We’re still losing heat through our windows, just a smaller amount.  Extra insulation not only helps you save the environment  (by using less electricity) but can save you anywhere from $100 to $500 dollars over the course of the winter (depending on how large your house is and how many money saving tips you implement).
Step 1: Gather Your Materials

how to shorten faux wood blinds, home maintenance repairs, how to, window treatments, windows, So much better with the proper length

How To Shorten Faux Wood Blinds

I love my faux wood blinds but they were always too long and bunched at the bottom. Of course, I threw out the instructions on how to shorten them. But with a little digging and ingenuity, I found it was so much easier and quicker than you think. Here's a step-by-step how to:

how to trim the screw posts on a drawer knob, windows

How to Trim the Screw Posts on a Drawer Knob.

I lived 55 years before I found out the easiest, best way to shorten the screw posts when I am replacing the knobs on a piece of furniture. Am I the only one who didn't know about this?

how to add a seal and insulation to your garage door

How to Add a Seal and Insulation to Your Garage Door

An often neglected area of the garage is the condition of the bottom seal on a garage door. We hadn't really noticed, until we started the garage makeover project, that the seal was in really poor condition.Replacing the seal on the garage door is a DIY that can be accomplished by most homeowners. Maintaining the seal is important to keep out bugs, snakes, water, and to help keep hot air out.While we were working on the seal, we decided it would be a good time to add some simple insulation to the door to help with temperature control.

how to fix a door that sticks, doors, home maintenance repairs, how to, Use diagonal cutters and a hammer to loosen the hinge bolt

How to Fix a Door That Sticks

Do you have a door that is constantly "sticking" in the jamb? If all the screws are tight in the hinge, try adjusting the hinge knuckle. It is much easier then redoing the jamb or sanding one side of the door.

a diy tutorial on window trim, diy, how to, windows, woodworking projects

A DIY Tutorial on Window Trim

We’ve all heard the story of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Then he wants some milk, then a straw, then a napkin….And eventually you wind up giving him another cookie and on and on the story goes. Seriously this is my life. I start one thing then that gives me an idea to do this, then I have to do that, then what if we did this, but then I’d have to do something with that. It’s a vicious cycle.

So, making the above introduction relevant, we got new windows in our house….which of course leads me to thinking “now we have to redo all the window trim.” Which will then lead me to “now we have to do something different with the curtains.” Which will then lead to “I think I want a window seat there.” See how this goes?

buying new blinds a cellular shades review with tips and tricks, home decor, window treatments, windows

Buying New Blinds: A Cellular Shades Review With Tips and Tricks

For years we lived behind old, yellowed, cracking plastic slatted blinds. They were in rough shape to say the least. Heck, half of them couldn’t even open. [My apologies to all of our guests with that one wonky shade that couldn’t open. We feel ya, our bathroom one was the same.]
We decided to have our house grow up a little bit in the blinds area. Instead of just replacing some of the very broken ones, we decided to replace them all (except the mini-blind Roman Shades in the Mego Cave). However, narrowing in on the type of blinds we were going to buy took some time. After much consideration we narrowed it down to cellular shades and faux wooden blinds (the wide plank ones).
To further help our decision making I would inspect everyone’s shades in their house when I visited. I would go up to them, feel them, peer at them, and then I would ask lots of questions as to their durability, aesthetics, cleanliness, etc. I was kind of obnoxious in my research I now realize. After months (yes, months!) of waffling we decided to make a decision: cellular shades it was! To be specific, we picked Levolor Cellular Blackout Shades in Snow from Lowe’s.

how to temporary repair your vertical blinds with a flat head screwdr, home maintenance repairs, how to, window treatments, windows

How to Temporary Repair Your Vertical Blinds With a Flat Head Screwdri

My Vertical Blinds are always breaking. So one day I found a way to temporary fix them by using a flat head screwdriver. I take the screwdriver and heat it up on the stove allowing it to melt a hole through the blind for a quick fix.

shoji screen sliding doors getting the look without using glass, doors

Shoji Screen Sliding Doors - Getting the Look Without Glass

Last week I posted about our dining room transformation after we removed a wall. If anyone were to ask me what the biggest impact was in renovating the space, I'd have to say the sliding doors that hubs and a friend built. Once we knocked the wall down, I wanted the option to close it off occasionally but still let the light through. It was the perfect opportunity for me to design something spectacular! As you may have seen in our previous post, hubs mocked up my design in cardboard to make sure the scale would work first before he even purchased the wood. I'm so glad he did that because I could see that I wanted the wood on the bottom of the door to come much higher than the mockup, so we were able to make the adjustment and not waste a thing!

how to fix a sagging door

How to Fix a Sagging Door

When Handan and I tackled our pantry makeover project, one of the things we had to contend with was a sagging pantry door. Over the years, the house settled, and the door began to sag on the handle side. When Handan installed shelves on the inside of the door and loaded it up with heavy items, the door sagged to the floor and started to rub.

diy cape cod style starfish shutters, curb appeal, diy, woodworking projects

DIY Cape Cod-Style Starfish Shutters

The boring vinyl siding on our 1928 beach cottage had been leaving me feeling blah for years. This weekend we added these cute DIY shutters to help break of the monotony of the front of our home.

how to repair old pocket doors, diy, doors, how to

How to Repair Old Pocket Doors

Our old house circa 1910, has a set of beautiful wooden pocket doors. The only problem was that the track was over a hundred years old and was so worn, the doors didn't open and close properly.

how to add a window into a door and why you should do it

HOW to Add a Window Into a Door and WHY You Should Do It!

It's a dreary walk up the narrow stairs staring at a plain metal door.I brushed a copper red tone over the manufacturer's standard white. That was better. I added intriguing art from my studio on the walls. But a stairwell is NOT a lingering space. Something still was missing.I wanted to see light at the end of the tunnel.I had seen expensive gorgeous doors with frosted or stained glass insets. I wanted one, but they seemed "too much" in several ways. Our home is a personal one, highly creative, country understated. I would need to wait until I found the answer.Years later I was at an antique shop, admiring stained-glass panels that had been ripped out of old buildings.The shopkeeper commented about how they could be used."They look so lovely propped against a window!" she suggested."Or inset into a door," I said. I was holding an authentic leaded glass piece, 14" square. Wheels spinning, happily I turned it to its side, like a diamond.I bought it for a bargain price.And took it home.Here's what we did after that:

super fast 2 ingredient car de icing spray, cleaning tips, outdoor living

Super Fast 2 Ingredient Car De-Icing Spray

I'm not sure about you, but there isn't much worse than going out to my car to leave, and finding my windshield frozen over. It's especially frustrating if I'm not at home and don't have the liberty of leaving my car started for a while so it can defrost. Well, no fear my friends! I tried a little trick that my Grandmother used to use and it works like a dream! Your window will be clear of ice within seconds, and you only need two ingredients!

how to install a screen door, decks, doors, home maintenance repairs, how to, painting

How to Install a Screen Door

how to install a screen door
I love those old wood screen doors that just push open and then bang shut when they close. Something about them just makes me think of summer and kids flying out the door to play. A couple of weeks ago, I came across them at Lowe’s and brought one home. They had a few different styles and were relatively inexpensive.

don t let the door mark your freshly painted bathroom walls, Our freshly painted bathroom wall

Don't Let the Door Mark Your Freshly Painted Bathroom Walls!

How to install a clean, easy and inexpensive door stop at the door handle, where its out of the way.

the 1 67 travel trailer door fix and a lesson, doors, home maintenance repairs, how to, The door HAD to come off and I had to investigate what the issue was or spend 750 So I killed my trailer

From $750 to $1.67... the travel trailer door fix. And a lesson.

This post is indeed about how I fixed a travel trailer door and saved $750! But... it comes with a much bigger message.
If you tend to be a little gun shy where new things are concerned, this story is a must read for you!

how to install overlay hinges

How to Install Overlay or "Hidden" Cabinet Hinges

When we started the kitchen remodel, my husband really wanted to do all new cabinets. I talked him out of it because the ones we have are functional, solid wood and really just needed refreshing (not to mention cabinets are very expensive!). So he conceded but said he really hated the hinges. The hinges?! So here was my solution to those eyesore hinges.

10 ways technology has changed your house, electrical, fireplaces mantels, home maintenance repairs, hvac, Joe Lodge Flickr

10 Ways Technology Has Changed Your House

From Judith Flanders' The Making of Home (available at: here are ten ways technology has changed your home:

easy door upgrade with moulding no nails needed, doors, how to

Easy Door Upgrade With Moulding: No Nails Needed!

My apartment has very inexpensive hallow core doors that have zero character or architectural detail and they were screaming for some moulding detail. But being a renter, I had to figure out a creative way to do install it without making any holes or permanent changes to the door.

how to install stained glass windows, doors, The finished product See my blog post for more details

How to Install Stained Glass Windows

When I brought this old door home for restoration, I had a vision for it. In completing the final step to reach the goal, I installed stained glass window panes that a local artist (and friend) made. I share all the details in my post about removing the old windows in the door and replacing them with stained glass. You may have seen my HomeTalk posts about restoring this old door and repairing the mouse hole, and then installing a floor hinge for the door to swing. This post is the grand finale of my old door made new. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

personalize your screen door with a custom stencil, doors, painting, Completed Stenciled door

Personalize Your Screen Door With a Custom Stencil

We recently updated the back of our home by adding a vintage screen door. We painted it Sherwin Williams 6213 Halcyon Green and spray painted a custom stencil from Maison de Stencil. A totally updated custom look in less than a day. You can read more about it on our blog here: