how to tile a bathroom floor with 12x24 gray tiles

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor With 12x24 Gray Tiles

This past month we took on the project of remodeling/redoing our master bathroom. Our house was built in 2010 so the the finishes are very brown. Since it's only 6 years old all we had to do was change out the finishes and use the existing layout of the bathroom. Here is a quick over view of how we tiled the floor, but if you want a VERY detailed tutorial on how we did it, what we used (including the exact tile we used) make sure to check out my blog post. I took lots of photos along the way :)

maximizing bathroom space, architecture, bathroom ideas, flooring, home improvement, tiling

Maximizing Bathroom Space

We've shown a number of our bathroom renos on Hometalk but the one we're showing you today is my personal favorite to date! As I showed you in a previous bathroom transformation, renovating a bathroom gives you the ideal opportunity to maximize the space you already have. My Mom's bathroom had never been updated in the 30 years she's owned the house so it was high time for a reno. For us, it was just as important to make the sure the space was as functional for Mom as it was beautiful.

how to remove tile

How To Remove Tile

I have to first say, this was not an easy DIY project! As always the end result was totally worth it, but know going in this will be hard work. We wanted to replace our living room carpet with new vinyl plank flooring, but in order to do so we also needed to remove the tile from our tiny foyer area.

how to tile a bathtub to make it look like a spa

How to Tile a Bathtub to Make It Look Like a Spa

When we were looking to buy our house one of the major things that we were looking for was an awesome master suite. And in that suite our master bathroom HAD to have a nice big tub. When we found our house I immediately fell in love with the corner tub and it was my favorite thing in the room. Well we decided to redo it and change out the tile and now I love the bathtub 10x more! I seriously cannot stop looking at it, it's so pretty and I love the outcome!

how to lay cement tile flooring

How to Lay Cement Tile Flooring

Here's our in depth tutorial on how to lay cement tile flooring!

dollar store glass beads become a beautiful backsplash, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design

Dollar Store Glass Beads Become a Beautiful Backsplash

Did you know you could create a beautiful back splash with glass beads from the Dollar Store? I created a beautiful back splash in our master bathroom as part of my $100 Master Bathroom Makeover Challenge.. I was at the end of my project, I had already updated the oak cabinetry by painting them white. Now teally needed something that would pop in my small bathroom and pull it all together.

how i made faux delft tiles

How I Made Faux Delft Tiles

Hi, I'm Liz from the DIY & decorating blog Simple Decorating Tips! Before I even tell you how I made faux Delft tiles, I’ll tell you why…

how to make a old tile grout look brand new, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, crafts, diy, tiling, Bathroom after the Grout Shield Color Seal

How to Make a Old Tile Grout Look Brand New

This is a Bathroom that will be transformed with the grout shield color seal

new life to old bathroom tile surround title over title yes you can

New Life to Old Bathtub Surround. “Tile Over Tile” Yes You Can

My 4” white bathroom tile was in very good condition without any cracks or loose tiles. Boring! Couldn’t really afford a contractor to rip it out and replace. So I enhanced it with beautiful mother of pearl and glass mosaic centerpiece over the existing tile. I have before pictures but unfortunately I don’t have any during the process. Hopefully I can convey the process without pictures. Same concept was used in my Master Shower, but did it like wainscoting BeforeAfterNew life to old bathroom. You don‘t have to have white tiles. Your old tile can be any size or color as long as they are in good condition, just coordinate with new tiles. I did quite a bit of research on the web to see if you can tile over tile. Most sites said yes, but one suggested it wasn’t a good idea. Mine has been done for 2 1/2 years. And its still perfect.

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Carpeted Bathroom Gets a New Tile Floor

I am currently working on a bathroom remodel for a friend. We are nearing the finish line, our punch list is made and the finishing touches are nearly complete. From tearing out a wall, moving plumbing, tiling the shower and adding a glass surround, painting existing cabinetry and tiling a gorgeous accent wall to removing the nasty carpeting in the bathroom and putting in new tile, we've been busy. I still cannot believe carpet was ever the "thing to do", really hope that doesn't come back around any time soon.

how to build a portable free standing decorative faux fireplace

How to Build a Portable Free Standing Decorative Faux Fireplace

So excited to share my favorite project of all time: a DIY faux fireplace! I've always dreamed of having a fireplace but my rental apartment doesn't have one. I was determined to change that and I finally did it ! I'm absolutely in love with it and It's amazing how it completely transformed my living room - it's like I moved to a new apartment! ***Do keep in mind that this project is for decorative purposes only and is not to be used as a heater***

backsplash from reclaimed pallets, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design, pallet

Laundry Room Backsplash From Reclaimed Pallets

The main motivation behind this project was to hide the unsightly washer hose and electric cords in my laundry room. I wanted to do something very inexpensive. I also want to have quick access to get hose just in case an issue arise. A removable backslash seems to be my solution. I collected a few pallets and let my imagine run wild.Be sure to watch the video to get a more in dept detail. If you enjoy this project be sure to checkout my YouTube channel " DIY Creators"

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Custom Bathtub Frame

When we set out to renovate our bathroom, I wanted the biggest bang for my buck. This project is an ideal way to transform a builders grade bathtub into a custom looking built-in tub.

laundry cabinet

Laundry Cabinet

Needed a solution for something - anything - to hold our laundry supplies. They were taking over the shoe bench in our entry hallway/laundry area.

porcelain wood look tile floor

Porcelain Wood Look Tile Floor

This project, literally was not planned, at all! One morning we are sitting on the couch and my honey says, (pointing into the the entry hall) "let's rip out that floor". Um, ok, then what? lol! I wasn't going to argue with him though because we haven't done a DIY project in forever and I have hated this floor since we moved in 6 years ago!

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Grouted Vinyl (Peel & Stick) Tile

We choose to put peel and stick tile in our master bathroom update for a few reasons. 1. It fit the budget 2. We had never done any type of floor venture and we figured it would be easy to get our feet wet with it 3. We plan on doing a complete overhaul in the bathroom in 5 years or so.
I'll tell you a bit about how we did things.Step one : Rip up carpet, all tack strips and staples.Step two: Vacuum plywood and then dry brush it (there are some recommendations for chemical cleaning agents, but we didn't use any)Step 3: Figure out placement (brick pattern or other, etc.)Step 4: Peel backing off and start laying the tile. Press firmly on each tile. We used a rolling pin on some and then used our feet on others.Step 5: Use a razor knife to score any tiles that need to be "cut".Step 5: Grout (Making sure to sponge off excess to eliminate the "fog")Step 6: Let dry.Enjoy.* So, we have had this in our house for over a year and it looks great. See more details on our blog.

how to clean grout and install new grout that won t stain, cleaning tips, how to, tiling

How to Clean Grout and Install New Grout That Won't Stain

Grout is a major pain, especially when it's old and grimy. Today you'll learn how to clean grout and make it look new again. Plus we share which grouts to use if you decide to re-grout your bathroom floor or if you just installed new tile. The tips you'll learn will be priceless.

tiling a kitchen window shelf

Tiling a Kitchen Window Shelf

I put a shelf in my kitchen window ages ago, at first it was fine. But eventually water drips had damaged it. I really didn't want to remove it and put in another one, so I decided to use some of my alcohol ink painted tiles to make it look pretty and protect it from further damage.

simple fix for problem ceiling

Simple Fix for Problem Ceiling

Our house was built in 1970 and was a fixer upper when we bought it 22 years ago. Raising 5 young children, however, was our priority. When it came time to finally start fixing it up, we were met with some challenges, one of which were our ceilings. Old popcorn ceilings that needed updating BAD! This is the solution I came up with and absolutely love it!Both ceilings I have done had holes from the previous owners moving light fixtures. The bedroom ceiling had a popcorn ceiling covering up the holes, which I found out after scraping all the popcorn off. UGH! The Dinning Room had 2 holes, one from the light fixture being moved, and the other from a wood burning stove pipe that had been removed. Both were a real mess and patching, sanding, and texturing to match the rest of the ceiling just wasn't my idea of fun. So ... I searched high and low for something simple to cover it with, yet still look nice.I found an online store called Talissa Decor. They specialize in all sorts of ceiling tiles, wall panels, and wall murals Using different kinds of materials. We chose the 20" 20" Polystyrene ceiling Tiles which can be applied over popcorn ceilings as well as over other materials.

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Learn to Tile Like a Pro

So Last week I had the amazing pleasure of hosting Hometalk’s DIY Facebook session. It was so much fun. put on safety gogglesI showed you how anyone could tile just about anything with these simple steps. Often we can become intimidated by the fear of the unknown. We went through a simple and easy manner in which anyone can complete their own tiling project using the SimpleMat by Custom Building and a premixed gout also by Custom Building.

diy grouted vinyl tiling, bathroom ideas, home decor, tile flooring, tiling, Grouted vinyl tiling

DIY Grouted Vinyl Tiling

After weighing our options for bathroom flooring, we decided to try vinyl tiling with grout between to give it the appearance of genuine tile. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out, how easy it was and how inexpensive the entire project was!
To learn how to lay vinyl tiling with grout, check out the tutorial on The Rehomesteaders' blog at:

warning still under construction

Warning (Still) Under Construction

Hello again! we finally took the next step in completing our walk in closet. We decided on a tile floor! We have been looking at the different types and styles at the local big box stores and decided on the aged wood look of these Ceramic tiles.

bottle cap floor tile

Bottle Cap Floor Tile

We hated the musky carpet in the office / craft room, So, rather than buy a normal floor covering, I decided to challenge myself. I began collecting beer / soda bottle caps from friends and family across country as well as circulating a picture of my project to local pubs. It took over a year to complete because I waited for people to drink the right colors. I think it turned out amazing!

diy cheap subway tile backsplash, diy, how to, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design, tiling

DIY Cheap Subway Tile Backsplash

Do you want a cheap way to update your kitchen backsplash? How about for just $22 dollars? Here is how we added a subway tile look to our backsplash using paint. This can also be done using contact paper if you are renting a space. Here is our finished backsplash.

trash to treasure mosaic table

Trash to Treasure Mosaic Table

My Mosaic Table is a true trash to treasure love story. One that was a few years in the making. If you want to read the whole love story and not just the project...Make sure to click on the blog link at the end of the this project post.