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DIY Cheap Subway Tile Backsplash

Do you want a cheap way to update your kitchen backsplash? How about for just $22 dollars? Here is how we added a subway tile look to our backsplash using paint. This can also be done using contact paper if you are renting a space. Here is our finished backsplash.

budget kitchen update

Budget Kitchen Update

When we decided to update our kitchen we set a certain budget. Not too small but we wanted our dream kitchen so were willing to hire out projects and DIY what we could. We knew we wanted to remove our upper cabinets to make the space feel more open and airy, we wanted to keep the layout but make a change to the style of the cabinets, new appliances, and new counter tops. Those were the "big budget" items. The small stuff we did ourselves and we are so happy with the end result. We ended up spending around $15,000, which included the counter tops, refacing/custom cabinet work (they even through in matching the vanity in the half bath near the kitchen to make the area uniform), and new appliances.

who else loves the look of copper in the kitchen, Behind the stovetop

Who Else Loves the Look of Copper in the Kitchen??

First off, let me say that I have always loved copper..copper bottom pots, copper colander, copper bowls, copper lanterns, etc. We've got a few pieces here and when I found out about copper subway tiles I was VERY excited!!! My husband is from NY and at first said, "Why in the world would I want my kitchen backsplash to look like a NY subway station??!!!" But then I showed him I was talking about COPPER tiles, not white subway tiles...Luckily, the husband was on board and so I removed our beadboard kitchen backsplash in favor of these copper tiles. This was my weekend project, and although I didn't "quite" finish (I did get more than halfway through), I did complete enough to appreciate the richness and shimmer these tiles offer!

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French Antiquity Tile Backsplash on a Home Depot Budget

There's nothing that makes our little heart's sing more than the exquisite depth of beauty that is emulated in authentic vintage Blue Delft tiles. Of course we don't have the budget to acquire such antiquities, so as usual we set our minds to figuring out a way to hack it. Our wheels are always turning when we find something we love that's just not in our budget. One might say the challenge of DIY'ing these high end design features is what we live for, second only to encouraging and empowering others to do the same!

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Builder Grade Backsplash

Any one that has had a house built from the ground up is an experience that you can’t explain. But once the house is finished and you move in the sense of relief comes. Also, this means you can personalize your home the way you want your personal taste to come out. Let’s get personal!!

dollar store gem back splash part 2

Dollar Store Gem Back Splash - Part 2

Several months ago, I created a back splash in my bathroom using gems from the Dollar Store. After a lot of people requested that I continue the mosaic on the rest of the wall. While I didn't want the entire wall covered with the gems, this is what I did.

find out what s so smart about the material of the week smart tiles

Find Out What's So Smart About The Material Of The Week: Smart Tiles

Now that you’re well on your way to meeting those personal New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to get started on the home improvements you’ve been dreaming of! It’s a perfect time to update your backsplash or other tiled areas with this awesome Material of the Week. We’re loving the ease of these Smart Tiles; they’re super simple to install and will give any area of your home a fresh new look you’ll love. These peel and stick tiles are so easy to install in any room in your house; the hardest part will be deciding where to start!

a few tips to get your started with tiling, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design, tiling

A Few Tips to Get You Started With Tiling

Want to read a beginner's tips on installing wall tile? If so, you've come to the right place. Tiling is one of those projects that any beginner can do as long as you have patience and can pay attention to detail!

arabesque blue tile backsplash using an adhesive mat, how to, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design

Arabesque Blue Tile Backsplash Using an Adhesive Mat

My husband and I tiled our kitchen backsplash recently -- our first tiling job ever! We used Mussel Bound Adhesive Tile Mat instead of thin set. With the mat, you grout within 24 hours instead of waiting 24-72 hours as you would with thin set.Originally posted in 2015. In 2017 I've added more photos and information since I've taken down the blog that I referred you to for more information in 2015.

faux subway tile backsplash

Faux Subway Tile Backsplash

You guys, I put subway tile up in my kitchen ALL BY MYSELF! Okay, so it’s not the real deal, but hey, it looks pretty legit. This is a Textured Subway Tile Backsplash ! I must admit, I was a little hesitant about this, but it did not disappoint.

how to hang a wall of peel and stick glass subway tile

How to Hang a Wall of Peel and Stick Glass Subway Tile

A wall of tile can make a huge statement, but dealing with grout can be intimidating. While we love hanging actual tile and encourage you to try it, for this project, we used peel and stick tile.

diy backsplash installations


We transformed out drab kitchen into a beautiful white kitchen. The cabinets used to be in Oak finish, we painted it bright white to make our kitchen bright and spacious. We also replaced the backsplash to go with the color scheme that we are trying to achieve. It took a lot of work but it's all worth it.