how i made faux delft tiles

How I Made Faux Delft Tiles

Hi, I'm Liz from the DIY & decorating blog Simple Decorating Tips! Before I even tell you how I made faux Delft tiles, I’ll tell you why…

how to build a portable free standing decorative faux fireplace

How to Build a Portable Free Standing Decorative Faux Fireplace

So excited to share my favorite project of all time: a DIY faux fireplace! I've always dreamed of having a fireplace but my rental apartment doesn't have one. I was determined to change that and I finally did it ! I'm absolutely in love with it and It's amazing how it completely transformed my living room - it's like I moved to a new apartment! ***Do keep in mind that this project is for decorative purposes only and is not to be used as a heater***

laundry cabinet

Laundry Cabinet

Needed a solution for something - anything - to hold our laundry supplies. They were taking over the shoe bench in our entry hallway/laundry area.

bathroom cabinet upcycled to a bright livingroom cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet Upcycled to a Bright Livingroom Cabinet.

I was putting a new bathroom cabinet into a bathroom redo. The cabinet coming out was too good to just throw away. So I hung onto it to use in another project later.

tile removal removing thick set tile counters

Tile Removal: Removing Thick Set Tile Counters

If you're like me, the new year brings new project ideas; and there's no better place to start than the kitchen! Tile removal was a topic where I could find little to no information. If you have thick set tile counter tops- we're talking thick set mortar over an inch thick- we're here to help! Check out the removal process below.

cheap microwave stand becomes kitchen island

Beautiful Kitchen Island From Curbside Stand!

A stand of some sort thrown out on the curb was re-purposed and became a lovely kitchen island with a little paint and a new top. You can see it was not much when it was discarded. It just looks like a cheap shelf or microwave stand or something. You won't believe what she did to it!