make your own tiles out of polymer clay

Make Your Own Tiles Out of Polymer Clay

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the process of creating beautiful foiled, alcohol ink polymer clay tiles to add to a wooden box.First, I found a free stained glass pattern that I liked, and I cut it out with my Cricut. You could also just print it and cut it out with an Exacto knife. Save the cutouts from each area--you'll use these later on as stencils on your polymer clay. The box wasn't quite squared off, so that's why there are gaps around the edge.

tables are tops challenge

Tables Are Tops Challenge

For my tabletop challenge, I decided to try my hand at a mosaic. After researching multiple options I chose to use flat back gems. Because this was my first mosaic project, I decided to go with basic colors and design. I began with a small bedside table that could be used for family photos, a small plant, or just as a focal piece. I began by outlining my design. I must admit that I made several changes before I found the right design.

trash to treasure mosaic table

Trash to Treasure Mosaic Table

My Mosaic Table is a true trash to treasure love story. One that was a few years in the making. If you want to read the whole love story and not just the project...Make sure to click on the blog link at the end of the this project post.

3 stunning mosaic upcycles to try in your home

3 Stunning Mosaic Upcycles to Try in Your Home.

Check out these 3 unique ways to upcycle ordinary items into extraordinary mosaics! Get the step by step instructions here: - Mosaic Teacup Planter- Dollar Store Gem Wall - PVC Mosaic Planters

the most creative ways to use dollar store gems to make home decor

The Most Creative Ways to Use Dollar Store Gems to Make Home Decor.

You might want to hop over to the Dollar Store after seeing these incredible DIY's! - Grout-less Mosaic-Inspired Window- Dollar Store Backsplash- Mosaic Cookie Tin Planter- Solar Light Creations- Dollar Store Gem Back Splash - Part 2- Easy Stained Glass Window- 6 Ways to Reuse Your Leftover Coffee Mate Containers

mandala mosaic table and chair project

Mandala Mosaic Table and Chair Project

I started with finding 4 small little chairs to go with an unfinished 36" round table. I then placed Mexican fabric I brought up from Mazatalan, Mx. and placed the fabric with new padding on each chair. Then, I found a Mandala pattern that I created. I bought Mexican tile to use on the mosaic on the top of the table. I painted the entire table and chairs and bought a glass top for the table to protect the mosaic art work.