crate storage with a new spin, storage ideas

Crate Storage With a New Spin

I am always looking for inexpensive ways to create storage in my kids' rooms. I originally made this storage unit for my daughter but used boy-friendly colors, on the off chance that she doesn't want it. Turns out she wants it, but wants it painted fuchsia. This project uses wooden crates that I already had, a lazy susan mechanism, two pieces of wood for the lazy susan, a full length mirror, hooks, and scrap wood for shelving. **Just a note, my daughter is all of 5 ft 1 inch tall, so this project is the perfect height for her, but if I were making for myself... I would add another crate.** One of the comments below from Snuttall1947 was brilliant! She is making one of these for her bathroom. Imagine what a great space to store towels and bath products vertically. Just wanted to share, in case you miss this in the comments. So many great comments on where to use this: craft rooms, closets, pantries, pool areas, garages, laundry rooms and mudrooms... I hope I didn't forget any... Possibilities are endless...

workbench dust pan, Spray painted container

Dust Pan Made From Coffee Container

While looking at my workbench, holding a coffee can to put in recycling, I noticed some scraps and dust that needed to be swept off the top of the workbench. Found the small dust sweeper, but could not find dust pan....hmmm....plastic coffee can with recessed handle could work as a dust pan. And, there you have project!

sheet music shade, crafts, home decor, the finished shade

Sheet Music Shade

When my mom asked me to help her decorate her piano studio, I knew I wanted to incorporate sheet music. I found a vintage music book and an old lampshade in her basement and combined the two for a fun makeover. The materials were simple, but the transformation was dramatic. The only thing I had to buy was a package of bias tape. Check out the link for more information.

a unique christmas wreath got a picture frame , crafts, wreaths

A Unique Christmas Wreath! Got a Picture Frame?

I wanted a unique and inexpensive "wreath" for our front door and decided to just see what
I could come up with.. and came across an antique wood frame.

recycled tin can christmas tree

Recycled Tin Can Christmas Tree

Do you have a whole bunch of empty tin cans lying around? With Christmas coming up we thought it would be a good idea to to make ourselves something special to add to our decor and recycle those empty cans at the same time. We decided to use the cans to make a Christmas tree.

patio bar cabinet or chicken coop, At last

Patio Bar Cabinet or Chicken Coop?

After building our concrete patio bar and finishing with an acid wash, it was time to seriously move forward on creating my bar. While out and about, I found an old chicken coop/transport cage at a garage sale down the road for $20 and the 'idea' was born! Did I mention I live in a town where there is 'Tyson Chicken' everything? Hatcheries? Processing, etc? Here, chicken 'anything' is pretty easy to find.

diy cereal box halloween tombstone decorations

DIY Cereal Box Halloween Tombstone Decorations

Learn how to make your own DIY Halloween tombstone decorations from upcycled cereal boxes and create a spooky graveyard in your front yard for Halloween! The cost of this project is a little tricky as it depends on additional materials you may or may not have for this project such as craft paints and a clear indoor/outdoor sealer. If you're able to use a 50% off coupon on the granite paint indoor/outdoor paint and are making more than one cereal box Halloween tombstone at a time, your cost per tombstone obviously goes down. This project is actually rather easy and doesn't require any technical skill, so it's a great weekend craft project to create for Halloween with the kids! For additional step-by-step photos and details on completing this project, be sure to check out THE FULL TUTORIAL ON MY BLOG HERE.

4 awesome home decor hacks using balloons

4 Awesome Home Decor Hacks Using Balloons!

Grab a few party balloons and create these 4 beautiful home decor ideas.

how to make seashell chargers, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

How to Make Seashell Chargers

I was hosting an alfresco dining event with a summer beach theme and was looking for the perfect chargers to set the table with. White seemed to be needed, but it didn't set the right mood, so I went to town with seashells and a glue gun!

how to hang a rug with a dollar store belt, how to, reupholster

How to Hang a Rug With a Dollar Store Belt

Learn how to transform an inexpensive thrift store leather belt into a professional looking wall hanging. This project costs under $15!

swingout catchall

SwingOut Catchall

My goal for my Craft Rehab category on Birdz of a Feather is to encourage sustainable crafting by providing inspirational upcycles using unexpected materials. It’s all about the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle! If you’re a fan of Craft Rehab, you’ve seen this time and time again through projects such as my Valentine’s Day Paint Stick Pallet, Plastic Clamshell Shrink Art, Soda Bottle Vertical Garden, Paint Bucket Water Feature and Blue Jean Planter, to name a few!You may be a little doubtful that you can turn a tuna can into something you’d want to put on full display in the bedroom, kitchen or office, but the end result is both attractive and useful – in an industrial sort of way 🙂

making a texas star from a leftover box, crafts, repurposing upcycling, By looking at this star you would think it were metal

Making a Texas Star...from a Leftover Box

Back in the fall...I had the honor of getting to decorate a lamp from Lamps Plus and The Hometalk Team. I couldn't believe it when I got the email that told me I won! My prize? $500 gift certificate to shop at If you know anything about know, that another lamp...was not something I needed...but to my surprise...lamps plus had so much more to offer. I snooped and snooped and tried to figure out what I needed...and it came to me...but would they have them? I don't know....but YES...there on the monitor...was my new patio furniture cushions! (Our boxer chewed all of our up several years agao.) I've looked into replacing the cushions...but just didn't feel justified in spending that amount of money on new ones...when you can almost replace the whole set for the price of replacement cushions. Then the day came...boxes...and boxes, upon boxes pour out of the delivery truck! Excitement poured through my veins as I opened one box after the other...giddy with pleasure. So strange to see all my chairs with cushions again. wouldn't be long lived....Mother nature didn't want my followers to see my furniture all dressed up...and she wouldn't cooperate with me. So...I go ONE small instagram shot...and in I went...but the boxes called for me....they called and called. So, out into the wind and cold I sent my hubby to retrieve the boxes. This my what those humble cardboard boxes became. This is only part of the story. There WILL be more to this saga. So...this is MY for the week. There are some instructions here..but more on my site...there are several steps to this project. Don't throw those old cardboard boxes out... Rust

my first and favorite junk garden purchase, flowers, gardening, repurposing upcycling

My First and Favorite Junk Garden Purchase

About 15 years ago I purchased my first and favorite junk garden collectible, my wheelbarrow. I paid $15 for it at a garage sale. I filled it with two vintage galvanized laundry tubs, and planted them with annuals. I protect it's chippy condition with a coat of clear Thompson's water seal every other year.

painted furniture bar cart modern masters paint, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Microwave Cart to Bar Cart With Modern Masters Paint

We had an old, unused microwave cart that was begging for a makeover.

turn a recycled plastic container into a fairy bridge

Turn a Recycled Plastic Container Into a Fairy Bridge

We love recycling something unexpected and making things for our fairy garden. Like this little bridge.

recycled soda beer cans candle holder, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Recycled Soda/Beer Cans Candle Holder

I love recycling items to create craft projects! I recently attended a community cookout and managed to collect lots and lots of empty beer and soda cans. It's a great way to repurpose discarded or unwanted items into creating some of my crafting ideas. I've had a couple of projects swirling around in my thoughts - one of which is a candleholder. A candle holder that looks chic and modern but so easy to make! And the best part - you can use it indoors or out!

unsightly stump, outdoor furniture, repurposing upcycling

Unsightly Stump

Unsightly stump in front yard. Took bowling balls and drilled holes through one of the finger holes, did not go all the way through. Drilled holes in stump at angles. Inserted rebar in ball and stump. Told my landlord that the stump was sprouting.

how to make pillow fast decorative, crafts, home decor, how to

Make a Gorgeous Pillow in Less Than an Hour

I spotted this beautiful sari scarf at the local thrift store. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it until I the idea of a pillow came to mind. This method of making an envelope pillow is so quick and easy that even a beginner sewer can do it in less than an hour.

turn your soda cans in winter decor, home decor

Turn Your Soda Cans in Winter Decor

I wanted a metal wreath for winter. They are expensive! While thinking about how to make one, I finished a soda pop. Then I was inspired to try something. I started washing out and saving a few cans. Seventeen cans.
The project was easier than I expected! Plus I had everything on hand.

washing machine turned planter, appliances, gardening

Washing Machine Turned Planter

Remember what our zest it up headquarters looked like when we first moved in? Not only was it complete chaos with dirty carpet, crazy colors and paintings and “interesting” finds all around- it was filled with a crazy amount of appliances!! Original Blog PostPhoto Cred: Anya McInroy

popcorn to to garbage can, crafts, repurposing upcycling

Trash to Treasure: Popcorn Tin

I am becoming a huge fan of redoing rooms with a $100 budget. There are so many items that I usually think of as trash, that all of the sudden take on a new purpose. I have used a piece of old cardboard to create a chalkboard sign for our laundry room. I've used a cereal box to create a "faux metal" lint box ... and now I'm using a popcorn tin.

paint dipped soup cans, crafts, gardening, repurposing upcycling, I added the paint splatter texture which gives it a little bit of a retro feel

Paint Dipped Soup Cans

We needed to get our garden herbs inside for the winter and soup cans were on hand. I love all the paint dipped projects I've seen around the web, so I wanted to try the technique on soup cans and use them to store the plants for the winter.

create your own decor with thrifted wall art, crafts, repurposing upcycling, wall decor

Create Your Own Decor With Thrifted Wall Art

Looking for a budget-friendly way to change up your decor? Head to the thrift store and be prepared to put on your visionary glasses to see potential in the cast-offs. I've taken these unwanted basket frames and given them a new look with a few basic materials and a little bit of time. Ready to get your makeover groove on? I've got all the details for you over on my blog - come see!

using a bottle tree as a trellis

Using a Bottle Tree as a Trellis

I placed a bottle tree in the garden by a patch of Morning Glory that was springing up, giving it a place to climb. By the middle of summer, the wild Morning Glory vines and volunteers are rambling and climbing everywhere in the garden.

how i made a bench from cinder blocks and salvaged wood

How I Made A Bench From Cinder Blocks and Salvaged Wood

After what seemed like an eternity I FINALLY gave in and made my own version of this bench. This is another element of my backyard transformation, that I am documenting-slowly but documentation nonetheless.