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Unique Planters From Soda Bottles

Here are three pretty ways to upcycle soda bottles and convert them into lovely planters! Using various sizes of bottles there are a whole variety of indoor plants you can use these for. There's even one that waters itself! They take no time at all to make and can be a pretty edition to your kitchen or anywhere with some light that allows them to flourish!

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Recycled Tires

More recycled tires in my garden.
UPDATE: Finished some new tire planters for my garden. I loved the results!

workbench dust pan, Spray painted container

Dust Pan Made From Coffee Container

While looking at my workbench, holding a coffee can to put in recycling, I noticed some scraps and dust that needed to be swept off the top of the workbench. Found the small dust sweeper, but could not find dust pan....hmmm....plastic coffee can with recessed handle could work as a dust pan. And, there you have it....new project!

fun diy retro light box sign from a recycled wine box

Fun DIY Retro Light Box Sign From A Recycled Wine Box

I have an Aunt who gives me all her old wine boxes to upcycle. These are the boxes that you are given when you buy 6 bottles of the same wine. You should be able to get them from most wine merchants. Last time I made my son a cool nightstand out of the wine box (see it here).This time I decided to combine the wine box with some LED lights from IKEA to make a light box sign.The best thing about this lightbox is that I made it so that you can really easily change the signs to whatever you want.

patriotic summer diy ice buckets

Patriotic Summer DIY Ice Buckets

Have you wondered how-to make a DIY ice bucket? 4th of July and Summer parties are perfect for these patriotic wine and alcohol ice chillers!

how to make inexpensive planters from recycled tin cans

How to Make Inexpensive Planters From Recycled Tin Cans

Do you usually toss your empty tin cans into the garbage or recycle bin?That’s what I always did until I found a creative way to recycle them.In less than half an hour of hands-on time, you can turn an empty tin can into a textured planter that’s guaranteed to be as unique as your creativity.

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Potato Bin End Tables

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment?! As an artist and entrepreneur, I find myself getting several... every single day. How do I know which ones to take seriously and which ones to let go?! That is the hard part. This can sometimes be overwhelming for many artists and entrepreneurs, but that is where focus and vision come into play. If I gave in to every single idea I had, I would either be A.) completely broke B.) completely tired or C.) go completely insane. I don't want to be any 3 of those! I want to continue to love what I do. So, if I get an idea and I can't make it happen right away, I will write it down in a notebook and sometimes, the idea never travels further than between the lines on a white piece of paper, but for me, that is enough, and I have come to be okay with that, for most ideas. Sometimes I will come back to an idea 1 year later and make it happen as well. Then sometimes, there is an idea , or an ah-ha moment like I mentioned above, that I see so clearly in my head, that I have to jump up at that exact moment and make it happen. These potato bin end tables, are one of those ideas.
I have had these old wood potato bins for about a year, they have traveled to two different homes with me as I've moved, and have been used in about 6 different rooms for different purposes, like shoe boxes in the porch, stacked 2 high for shelving in my daughters room, set next to each other to make a bench, put together for a coffee table in the basement, or filled with toys. None of those ideas, although neat, felt like they were how the bins were to be given a new life. They were meant for something more.
I took the bins and jumped into a project the day after the idea was visualized in my head.

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Recycled Soda Bottle Heart Shaped See-thru Box

Can you imagine creating a beautiful see-thru heart shaped box for your valentine candies or trinkets using a soda bottle, decorative paper plates/cardboard, glue, masking tape and scissors? Everything from the dollar store!

diy soda bottle beaded vase

DIY Soda Bottle Beaded Vase

Don't you just love recycle projects? It's always fun to see the finished item and be amazed at how it went from "that to this!" Stay with me because I'm about to show you how to upcycle soda bottles into an adorable vase decorated with filler beads and paint - it's a very impressive look!

acrylic paint storage easy to see colour, storage ideas

Acrylic Paint Storage - Easy to See Colour!

I always have a mess of paint, and sometimes because I cannot find one, I buy another and end up with numerous containers of the same colour - which is not bad if it is a colour you use often, but if its puce?!?!?!

turn some old cookie tins into a beautiful tiered stand

Turn Some Old Cookie Tins Into a Beautiful Tiered Stand

Old cookie tins are everywhere! Here is a great project to upcycle a few and get yourself organized for the Fall or make a cool new Home Decor piece that can be used in so many ways.

hummingbird feeder diy made from soda bottle and seasoning container, crafts, pets animals, repurposing upcycling

Hummingbird Feeder DIY Made From Soda Bottle and Seasoning Container

While I was relaxing at our back patio, I saw a hummingbird hovering around my garden. I love watching birds and wanted to attract more in my yard so I made a hummingbird feeder from soda bottle and seasoning container which are available in my storage.

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Shelves With a Twist Using #UnicornSPiT

Using crates from Menards and a little ingenuity we came up with a bright and cheerful shelving option!

upcycle old glass flower vases part 2, gardening

Upcycle Old Glass Flower Vases

A beautiful way to recycled cheap glass flower vases and wine bottles! This was a fun way to add some color and pattern with a simple paper mâché technique and still
be able to fill them with water.

repurposed cereal boxes for magazines important papers

Repurposed Cereal Boxes for Magazines/Important Papers

Now that we are knee-deep in our little kitchen/living room reno, and my new work station is almost complete, I'm trying to find any and all office organization for my desk top. Half of this project is perfect for my desk top and the other half is perfect for my kitchen--best of both worlds with one project! I'm one happy girl!We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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Recycling a Shipping Box

Fill an square empty box with corks, coke empty bottles and any unheavy stuff as: bubble wrap, plastic bottles.

holiday crate x 10 vintage truck with christmas trees, crafts, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

Holiday Crate X 10 ~ Vintage Truck With Christmas Trees

To get the Christmas decorating ball rolling, I teamed up with several other bloggers to do a Holiday Crate x10 Challenge. I began with a plain wooden crate and a plain wooden truck and ended up with the perfect stage for my Vintage Truck with Christmas Trees.

gorgeous colorful planters to brighten up any small garden

Gorgeous Colorful Planters to Brighten up Any Small Garden.

I live in a Victorian semi-detached house with a lovely but small walled garden. There isn't much space for growing plants, so I tend to grow things in pots that I can then stack on a stand.I love to make colorful vertical planters for the garden and last year I made an amazing Morrocan one out of a pallet, which you can see here.This time I used tin cans and instead of Morrocan I went all Nordic (Finnish) with my styling!

upcycling coffee cans into organization containers, organizing, repurposing upcycling, Tape the scrap paper around the coffee cans This hides the ripples a little bit and gives it a higher end container look Now store all your items inside for pretty storage

Upcycling Coffee Cans Into Organization Containers

I rescued a couple of empty coffee cans from the recycling bin, cleaned them up, then painted and papered them. Now I have beautiful organization containers for almost no money!

diy cardboard pumpkin craft, crafts, halloween decorations, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Cardboard Pumpkin Craft

This is one of my favorite original ideas for a craft I've ever had! Last year I was looking at the dollar section of Target and was tempted to buy a cute cardboard pumpkin decoration. I looked at it and thought, "This looks simple enough, I can make this myself!" This craft is even easy enough to do with your kids. So, I put together this photo tutorial to show you how!

storage containers from plastic canisters , organizing, repurpose household items, storage ideas

Storage Containers From Plastic Canisters

This idea may not be the most gorgeous and exquisite, but it's very useful! I usually buy a 3-liter soap canister, which I divide into pump bottles. I always feel bad throwing them in the trash afterward. Therefore, it's a nice benefit to use them again for this!

turkey bowling, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, thanksgiving decorations

Turkey Bowling

Keep the kids (and dad) busy on Thanksgiving with this easy (and FREE) activity. Don't throw away those empty tin cans. Keep them and create this fun Turkey Day Bowling Game.

rustic spring wreath with vintage bottles, crafts, rustic furniture, seasonal holiday decor, wall decor, wreaths

Rustic Spring Wreath With Vintage Bottles

My creative juices were flowing when I heard there was going to be a blog hop for diy Spring projects. And although I had something else in mind when I spotted my little vintage jars I just knew that I had to use them for my project. Now I can enjoy their being displayed in a new way.

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Upcycle Baby Wipes Box

I (Steph) keep extra work gloves in an old baby wipes box. Because I use gloves for a lot of projects, I wanted to keep the box out in the open which meant the box needed to look a lot better! Mom likes a challenge so I thought I would let her work her magic and make the box cool enough to keep on my office shelf.
I headed to Mom’s house to give her the assignment and she was ready to go! She decided to give it an aged look. We have used this technique before to make Harry Potter style spell books for Halloween.
Check out a video on our website to see this come together!

diy embellishments made from cereal boxes

DIY Embellishments Made From Cereal Boxes

I love it when I can use everyday items and turn them into something beautiful without spending any money. I used empty cereal boxes to create some embellishments for greeting card, art journals, scrapbooks, gift tags and so much more! The beauty of this project is that I used the things that I have in my stash.