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Unplug bathroom sink

Plugged bathroom sinks

How to paint over varnish?

I want to change my wardrobe from being varnished to paint.

How to make toilet cleaning bombs?

How to make drop in cleaning bombs for your toilet.

Cleaning stainless steel pots?

is there a successful hack for cleaning gas stains on the outside of stainless steel pots?


How do i get piss smell out of bedroom

How do I remove surface scratches on my piano?

I have a black lacquered piano. It has surface scratches all over due to being moved so many times and not protected adequately . Is there something I can use to... See more

How do I decorate my outdoor space for Christmas?

Love my big house, but don't have a ton to spend. The pros are outrageous. Send me the perfect plan! : ) I will give you all the credit!
q how do i decorate for christmas

I hate ugly white tile back splash?

How to perk it up, changing the look of kitchen

Will antiquing wax work over acrylic paint?

I have hand painted on a cement statue where's acrylic paint & Shop can I wax over them with antiquing wax
q same question

Smell after sink pipes cleaning?

there was clogging in our sink since long time, so we called plumber and he cleaned all pipes. He also went into crawl space and replaced a part of pipe with new one,... See more

Black mold from a leaking sink before it becomesa huge problem?

How to clean black mold before it becomes a huge problem after a leak I had fixed

Pots and pans?

How to clean pots and pans with built up residue on them

How to clean cookie sheets and back of pots?

How to clean old pot bottoms and old baked on food cookie sheets.

How to freshen memory pad?

Memory pad is foam sheet to put on top of mattress. It is 2" thick for a king bed so too big for dryer.Will try sun and light Fabreeze spray.Thanks to all who helped.... See more

How do I clean upMy kids Timberlands?

My kids’ Timberlands arefilthy and Staines despite protective spray.how do I clean themup?

How to sew coverings for arch windows?

How to measure then make/sew a covering for an arch window?