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How do I light up this awesome lantern for Christmas?

Hey y’all getting in the Christmas spirit I am going to try to light up the lantern with 🧚🏿‍♀️fairy 🧚🏿‍♀️lights any suggestions it is going in the foyerthanks
q any ideas on this awesome lantern

How can I complete this Christmas lantern?

I know I just posted this I thought this would give a better idea this will be probably a nautical Christmas theme on my foyer table with ships ect not sure yet this will be the centerpiece I feel looking like it needs something else on the outside at the very least ?I just hung Santa there not sure about that
q latern christmas project

How do I make the Christmas star out of lumber and lights?

How DO I make the Christmas star out of boards n lights

How to make a paper stand up turkey (for ages 3 and 4)?

How is a simple, paper stand up turkey made with instructions a 3 and 4 yr. can make?

How can I decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

I start early in November decorating for Christmas, we do several trees, etc. However this year we are the host family for Thanksgiving. I would like to leave my Thanksgiving decor out, just can't decide how to do Christmas as well. Any advise is welcome.