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How can I use these cute Cupid cutouts?

Found these at s thrift store for super cheap. They are acrylic. Any ideas with what to do with them?
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How can I show my sister and BIL how much I appreciate them?

My sweet sister and her wonderful husband always include me in Valentines dinner since I becamea widow. How sweet is that? We always have a great time whatever we... See more

Do you have a cheap yet chic Valentine's Day centerpiece idea?

I'd like an idea for a cheap yet chic Valentine's Day centerpiece using materials that may be found in my home already -- ex., coffee filters, colored paper, etc. ... See more

How to make a Christmas wreath using ornaments?

Using a plain wreath I am to use a glue gun to attach ornaments. I would like to have a pattern.

How do you prepare for a Victorian Tea Party?

I want to give a small tea party and could use some ideas on décor and foods

How do I make a Valentine wreath?

I would like to make a pretty valentine wreath. What might it look like that would make it look like it was for valentines day?

How do I dress the table for Valentine/Birthday dinner for six?

Have an annual V/B dinner for three couples, long time friends. Celebrating two birthdays so could also use good suggestion for birthday cake suitable for guy and... See more

How do I make a Valentine's Day craft?

I need to make a craft for a secret Valentine. It has to cost less than $10 for materials and be suitable for a name I pick. The possibilities are: a 12 year old... See more

What are some good Oscar party stencils for a wine bottle?

I'm invited to an Oscar party and want to bring some spray painted wine bottles and add bottle cork lights. I have the bottles, spray, and the lights now I need ideas... See more

How do I remodel my small bathroom to look beautiful for V-Day?

My home was built in the 1940's and the bathroom still had that look. Though I've installed a raised toilet and put in burgundy and gold floral curtains and drapes to... See more

What can I make for Valentine's day 2019 that's inexpensive?

What is a good small craft project to use and do for family members for valentines day this year money is very scarce???

How to do fun easy crafts with my grandkids for Valentine's day?

I want to know how to fun Valentine's Crafts with my grandkids using cheap everyday items that we usually throw away.

How do I get a Valentine's wreath for my door to surprise my family?


How do I make a mesh Valentine's wreath?

How do I make a mesh Valentine wreath