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Ideas for homemade Halloween costumes?

I need some inexpensive ideas for Halloween costumes for my boys. Any ideas?

How do I hang Christmas lights on gutters with gutter guards?

now that I can no longer clip hangers to my gutters, how do I hang the lights?

Window room ideas

This wonderful "atrium" is in the central hall of our 1980s home - leading to kitchen/dining area. Skylight brightens the area. It's a bit over-done right now as I... See more
q window room , home decor, seasonal holiday decor, View from kitchen

How do I make an Olaf costume for a 1 yr. old?

I have the hat with the face. I just need to make the body. Thanks!!

How to decorate for a Garden party?

Need to do a booth with A Garden Party Theme. What should I use