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How to winterize ferns?

I have lots of annual ferns and not enough room to grow store in my house. Is there a way to store the roots so I dont have to buy all new ones for the yard?

How do I protect my Dahlias?

I live in Idaho. I have some beautiful bush dahlias I would like to save. Is there a way to protect them through the winter so they won't die?

How to kill nut grass?

I have it all over my front yard. I have a zero scraped yard with unfortunately nut grass in it. The more I pull the more it grows.Please help!


I want to bring my large coleous plant inside the house. How hard will it be to maintain. I’ve read it is possible...just not sure!!!


Please post the weed killer! I have not seen it.

New Guinee Impatient not very impatient?

I bought 5 small plants of this variety this past early June. They were already in full bloom. Since then, the blooms eventually ended in a couple of weeks, and for the rest of the summer, not one bud. Now, as we enter Fall, I slowly noticed some buds appearing. I have given it sun and shade, never over watered, with the exception of a wet summer we had here in the east. So i guess it does not live up to its impatient blooming, as the other cheaper versions of this plant

How do I?

I've been having a problem getting my rose's to produce flowers. The leaves are falling off too! Help please!

Want to remove garden area?

I have 3 huge gardens. I would like to change one of them to grass again. What is the best way to remove the compost, dirt to make the ground even with the yard. The garden is 30 feet wide and 60 feet long.