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How do I get rid of ants in my garden?

Last year the ants moved into my vegetable garden and took over. They are little black ants and they bite. How do I get rid of them without contaminating the soil?

How to keep indoor cats out of house plants?

I have a lot of house plants but my cats like to dig in them and nibble on them. How can I keep them away?

How to determine the best grass seed?

Had a total dig up of the back yard for thermal heating so there is no grass left in 1/2 of the yard. Have someone set for spring to grate the dirt and do fill but... See more

Where do I buy clear epoxy resin for a pebble driveway?

Where to buy clear epoxy resin,uv stable for an epoxy pebble driveway? I have an epoxy stone driveway that needs some patching. The place I purchased the epoxy resin... See more

How do you keep stones from sinking in mud?

We needed to expand the width of our driveway so we poured sm.stones over the ground, they sunk, we tried garden stones they sunk in the mud too.The soil has clay... See more

How do I setup simple aquaponic system?

Need simple guidelines for aquaponic setup.

How do I stop a water drainage in my slanted yard?

My yard used to be a nice grassy area and is now a wet mossy mess

Has anyone propagated camellias from an original plant?

I see them blooming all over the place here in SC and wonder if a cutting, a seed, an expended flower from a plant will create a new same plant or will it look like... See more

How do I get rid of weeds in the yard for good?

I have weeds with little purple flowers and crabgrass etc. there used to be a weed killer years ago that is no longer for sale. I've tried weed and feed. Thank you... See more

How can I amend my soil for consistent infestation of squash bugs?

i have trouble growing squash due the larvae on the stem near the base of the plant. the whole plant eventually pulls out of ground

How do I start seeds?

I've tried last few years to start some different seeds outside in good soil, good sun, and good water, no weeds. I know it's not too early because I've tried only in... See more

What can I put on my fruit trees to keep bugs off my apples?

what can I put on my fruit trees to keep bugs off my apples they always have bugs on them so u can’t eat them

How do I start with succulents?

I have never had succulents I would like to start what types are best?

What to fill a plant pot with?

I have a tall narrow pot the would take a lot of dirt/rock to fill. Is there something other than rock and dirtthat I can use to fill part of the space before... See more

How do I get rid of wasps and asps from a shade tree in my yard?

Probably at least 14 years ago, my husband planted an oak tree that my father gave us. He watered it in the summer; and was very proud of it. I've been enthused as... See more

How to plant a hibiscus and marigold plant in the same container?

I would love to add a container with a Hibiscus plant as the thriller and marigolds as the fillers. Has anyone tried this? Would love to hear your ideas. Thank you.

How do I choose and get a ground cover for dry, sandy soil?

This dry, sandy yard is in mid Michigan around my permanent camper.

How do I choose colorful flowers that wont attract a lot of bees?

I have a small garden that is my only enjoyment. I am handicapped, and I can sit on my porch ,and look at my garden,But I want pretty flowers that don't attract a lot... See more