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Will Day lilies rebloom?

I heard that if you snip off the seed pots that form after the flower blooms that it will reflower again. Is this true or am I wasting my time snipping off all those... See more
q will day lilies rebloom

How do I trim a tall thin shaggy evergreen tree?

I have 2 20ft. tall, narrow, shaggy evergreens in my back yard against the back fence. They are getting very ugly and I don't know what to do with them ... trim them... See more

Help Please? I can't get any grass to grow in my yard!

I have lived in my Mobil home for 2 years. When I moved here the yard was deplorable nothing but 1x1 s. I CAN NOT for the life of me get any grass to grow. Also there... See more

Can I plant hibiscus seedlings now??

I have 6 inch hibiscus seedlings. I live in zone 8 and wanted to know if I could plant them now.

How do you clear weeds and replant with groundcover?

in our yard there is a 30x15 feet area overgrown with weeds. I would like to clear it, and replant with easy maintenance ground cover. What is the best way to clear... See more

How do I get rid of wild grass in my yard?

I've got a lot of what looks like wild, wide blade grass in my yard I want to get rid of.

My Bell pepper plants are bushy and grew beautifully -but no peppers?

I live in southeast Ohio & my Bell Pepper plants are bushy grew so beautiful & full,like a bush but I did not have one Bell Pepper on them & I live in southeast... See more

How do i keep my plants alive

Using a plastic soda bottle there was a way to slowly water house plants when you r away???

Is it too late to re-pot inside plants?

Is it too late to repot inside plants?