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How can I find an Evergreen vine?

OK I need your expertise please I am seeking a vine that’s evergreen to grow on trellises and/or fenceone that’s not too aggressive and might require LOTS of taming each year ???? Thank you

How can I get my orchard to bloom?

It has some very healthy looking leaves, and air roots. It does not have a shoot for blooms to form.

How can you propagate calla lilies?

How can, what looks like seeds that form in a cocoon at the top of the Calla Lilly stem be planted.There are a dozen of them in each pod.

How do you kill dollar weed?

I have a crop of Dollar weed that spreads all summer and chokes out my grass. I have tried weed and feed products and spot weed killer. It still creeps about the lawn all summer!

What am I supposed to do with all my dead perennial plants in winter?

Do I wait until they're brown crisp to cut down or wait until a specific time of year? Should I keep watering them after many days of no rain? I live in zone 8b Texas. My only live plant now is my one hydrangea and potted peony. Hibiscus is turning yellow. Potato plants and canna lillies brown.I miss having pretty plants and flowers.

How to grow Medical Mushrooms indoors?

I have a 9'x6'x4' grow tent in spare bedroom, vented to outside. In use now i was thinking of growing Medical Mushrooms For a source of CO2 for my Medical plants i am growing. The equipment to purchase is beyond my means.Just sounds like one happy family lol.

How do I care for asparagus plants?

The roots have been planted since last spring. The plants grew 2 or so feet and Very skinny. We didn't cut them down for the winter ? Don't know if we should have ? We did cover the ground with hay. Pp

How can I make my garden look nice in winter?

How can I make my garden look nice in winter - dying plants soggy grass - help I need inspiration

How do I get my Hibiscus to bloom?

Why aren't they blooming?

How do I care for elephant ears in the ground for winter?

How to winterize elephant ears that are planted in the ground

How to move rose bushes?

We moved into this house last year and there are 3 rose bushes in front of the house. We made a paver patio in that bare area and now we want to move the rose bushes. Their roots are quite substantial . Will it kill them? What time of the year is best? Thank you.

How do I replace a shade tree in Pennsylvania?

We need to replace a shade tree that is user friendly. Fairly fast growing