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I had curtains stored in the cellar. When I pulled them out they smell

What home remedies are available to remove the musty and moldy smell out of curtains stored in the cellar

Make snowmen for outside?

I seen a post making a snowman from concrete and rope using punch balls. I wanted to know if you could use modge podge instead of concrete. And would it still hold... See more

How can I clean dog urine out of an ivory carpet?

I noticed and cleaned this stain up while it was still wet. I used folex, a special rug shampoo, etc. It has dried, and there is still a faint stain. What can I do to... See more
q dried urine out of ivory carpet

How to plant a pine cones

How do I plant a pine cone for seed

Do I need to sand a door?

I want to paint my bathroom door the same color (gloss white). So part of paint are chipping out and also light yellow stain.

How do I clean out urine smells from the bedroom?

How do i get piss smell out of bedroom

Where can you get glycerin liquid for snow globes other than online?

Want to make a few snow globes for xmas and cannot find glycerin what else can you use without giong on the computer and ordering it???? Thanks 12-9-19/7:38 PM CST

How do I remove surface scratches that are on my piano?

I have a black lacquered piano. It has surface scratches all over due to being moved so many times and not protected adequately . Is there something I can use to... See more

Black mold from a leaking sink before it becomesa huge problem?

How to clean black mold before it becomes a huge problem after a leak I had fixed

How to clean black gas stove tops?

So dirty with burnt on food

What’s the best way to put shine back to the ceramic tiles in the sh

What’s the best way to shine the tiles in the shower

How do I clean old hammered aluminum?

I bought three old hammered aluminum baskets at an estate sale that need cleaning. What is the best way to clean hammered aluminum?

How to make a large simple tulle bow?

I need to make some large tulle bows. I want to make a simple tied bow with several layers, all the same size. I've looked all over pinterest and all I can find are... See more

Anyone have any idea how to protect glass door from dog scratch?

My dog like to scratch my glass door when he is outside in the porch. I have a big gate but I will like something else there that people don’t have to open and close.... See more

What can I make with centuries old clay dirt?

We just had our fireplace rebricked inside, and we used red clay bricks from a great grandmother’s old steps. They bricks are late 1800 to early 1900’s red clay... See more


How to get rust off of metal? It's just small spots

Has anyone ever used etching cream on terra cotta pots? Does it work?

Has anyone ever used etching cream on terra cotta pots? Does it work?