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Has anyone tried using chalk paint on paneled walls?
Jacqueline Elaine Jacqueline Elaine Answered on Sep 15, 2023

I was wondering what the outcome would be if wood paneled walls were painted with chalk paint? I have a bedroom to remodel and Im curious it chalk paint has been a su... See more

What colors should I paint my new cabinets and concrete countertops?
Katrina Jackson Katrina Jackson Answered on Sep 12, 2023

After Hurricane Harvey took everything ... I'm having to redo my entire house. I just got shaker cabinets so I'm trying to decide... what color to paint them? I want ... See more

How to remove Behr deck stain that is peeling off after 8 months
Mar11490696 Mar11490696 Answered on Sep 11, 2023

This stain is guaranteed for 5 years and is coming off. Talked to others and they have same problem. Lousey company, have to spend a lot of money to remove and redo.

How do you remove paint specks from a stove top?
Pam Pam Answered on Sep 07, 2023

I hired a painter who did an awful job and got paint speck on everything. I am most concerned about the acrylic stove top. What do I do?

Can you stain engineered (and veneered) wood?
Anna @Annabode Anna @Annabode Answered on Sep 06, 2023

Hey Hometalkers! I'd really like to give my son's train table a makeover by painting the drawers and staining the rest, but I'm not sure it's possible. The table is m... See more

China cabinet makeover - to paint or re-stain?
MC MC Answered on Sep 05, 2023

I have inherited this china cabinet from my mom who passed away in May of this year. Have just repainted my dining room and as you can see by the picture, I have stac... See more

How do you paint a wall with two different colors?
Rivka Hellendall Rivka Hellendall Answered on Aug 30, 2023

I'm embarking on a home painting project and I'm eager to paint my plain white wall with two different colors to add some visual interest and personality to my corrid... See more

How can I paint whirlpool trim?
Liz Liz Answered on Sep 06, 2023

I have an older 8 jet kohler whirlpool tub. The Jets are trimmed in a gold color and I want to change them to update bathroom- they sell kits but they are as much as ... See more

How do you paint roof shingles on a garden shed??
Elaine Elaine Answered on Aug 27, 2023

I painted my shed a dark gray, the prervious color was a medium tan. The shingles were shades of brown and tan and I was hoping there is a way I could paint the shin... See more

Chalkboard paint? Yes or no?
CK CK Answered on Aug 10, 2023

I'm thinking of doing part of a wall in chalkboard paint to use as my shopping list area. Here's the thing: I remember the old days when the blackboards (and sometime... See more

Best color for living room with brown furniture & white trim
Kimberly Garcia Kimberly Garcia Answered on Aug 09, 2023

I'm painting my walls soon and need ideas to make my living room comfy & cozy...

Skim coating over wallpaper?
Dee Lynch Dee Lynch Answered on Aug 09, 2023

I just saw a program that skim coated over wallpaper..... Will it work and will it seal the wallpaper permanently onto the wall? Have you ever done it? And how thic... See more

Has anyone painted over a granite backsplash?
Eliesa @ Pinterest Addict Eliesa @ Pinterest Addict Answered on Jul 22, 2023

We bought our house a year ago. The kitchen has black granite countertops and backsplash - the kind with gold flakes in it. It's not our taste, but we can't afford to... See more

Why don’t fiberglass step ladders have fold down trays?
David Tolli David Tolli Answered on Jul 21, 2023

Wood and aluminum step ladders have fold down shelves to hold tools, paint cans, etc. Why don’t fiberglass step ladders have them?!

Painted my deck with Rescue Paint, how can I remove it?
Patty Throesch Patty Throesch Answered on Jul 21, 2023

Painted my deck with Rescue Paint. How can I strip the paint from the wood deck?

How to get layers of paint off a milk can so I can repaint it?
Jo Jo Answered on Jul 21, 2023

I have a milk can with layers of paint on it. It’s been painted black and I can see blue under the chipped paint. How do I get all the layers of paint off so I can ... See more

What is the best way to remove latex paint from wooden furniture?
Ellen Knox Ellen Knox Answered on Jul 18, 2023

I purchased a table and chairs at a flea market and they were badly painted with a flat latex paint. The wood is stained under the latex paint. I would like to refini... See more

How do I remove a line of heavy paint buildup on my wall?
Dee Dee Answered on Jul 07, 2023

It looks like someone painted around "frames" of wood they build on the wall to simulate wainscoating, and left a heavy line of paint on the wall all around each "pan... See more

What paint can go over Kilz primer?
Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt Answered on Oct 12, 2023

Kilz is apparently an oil-based primer. For a top coat, what can be used? Acrylic latex? Suggestions please.Best latex paint!Give your home a new look with Diamond B... See more

How to paint over Ugly old burber carpet
Tracy1961 Tracy1961 Answered on Jun 12, 2023

My carpet is in all rooms. It's ugly, stained by food, animals, kids snot, it's been shampooed hundreds. Huspand is to cheap WILL NOT. So I figured paint it . But... See more

Has anyone painted bathroom tiles successfully?
Lesley Brisco Lesley Brisco Answered on Jun 02, 2023

I HATE my 1985 yellowing cream, public toilet-like bathroom! I can't afford to redo it at all & I'm thinking to paint the tiles, but when I've seen hand painted tiles... See more

What spray paint can I buy to paint jar lids
Alice Alice Answered on Jun 02, 2023

Have been saving 'nice' glass jars all yr. for Christmas gifts to a group of elder ladies a church (candy, cough drops, M&M's, etc). I have used red spray paint (good... See more

Painting a wood ceiling in white.
Anangloinquebec Anangloinquebec Answered on May 19, 2023

I presently have wooden ceilings that are about 50 years old. We did a renovation recently in which we opened up a room and removed a closet. We had to finish the clo... See more

How can I spray paint my patio furniture if its rubber coated?
Angela Angela Answered on May 18, 2023

My husband says the paint won't stick but I think it will