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Glazing over chalk paint
Judy G Judy G Answered on Feb 12, 2020

I have a beautiful old buffet that I have chalk painted and distressed. I want to give it some aged patina. Should I apply polycryilic first, and then glaze? Or shoul... See more

Can you paint chalk paint on top of peeling latex paint?
Linda Linda Answered on Jun 01, 2015

Latex paint was painted over oil paint and it is peeling. Can I paint over it?

Painting a folding table
Theorganicfanatic Theorganicfanatic Answered on Sep 07, 2016

I use a number of folding tables at my farmer's market to display produce. I was wondering if I could paint them pretty somehow so I wouldn't have to use table cloths... See more

How do I fix this blotchy stain?
Jaime LaPlant Jaime LaPlant Answered on Jan 29, 2020

I built myself a new nightstand. I used pine and plywood to make it. I normally paint everything I build, but this time I decided to try stain. I used Minwax Wood Con... See more

How much sanding before painting?
Twahlert Twahlert Answered on Nov 28, 2013

The paint on my kitchen cabinets is about 15 years old so I'm repainting them. I bought some water based alkyd paint and bonding primer from a paint store. Employee t... See more

How to get a smooth finish with brush-on polycrylic?
J S J S Answered on Oct 14, 2019

I got my black dresser painted and I'm satisfied, finally. I tried the spray-on polycrylic by Minwax, shook it for >1 m, and got a horrible, splattered finish. So ... See more