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How do I keep washi tape from peeling?
Starlitmagi Starlitmagi Answered on Apr 12, 2024

Hello all! This past mothers day I made all my mom friends/family a gift with washi tape. I used a pre cut piece of wood in the shape of a heart, applied washi tape, ... See more

How do I protect my washi tapes from peeling?
Namaya Namaya Answered on Nov 14, 2022

Hi there, Im new here, Iam an active journaler and today I found my second washi tape that I can throw away.. :( Before using the washi tape, it doesnt come off easil... See more

Is washi tape removable?
Ilene Ilene Answered on Apr 12, 2024

Is it removable? Will it leave tape residue?

How far should tile go in a shower area above a tub??
Gregory Hamilton Gregory Hamilton Answered on Apr 12, 2024

I have to replace this board with waterproof stuff. I want to then tile the enclosure. How far should the tile go- up to where the edge of the tub is? I would think t... See more

Can I replace a bidet with a shower stall?
Dee Hollin Dee Hollin Answered on Apr 12, 2024

I have a bidet in a small bathroom that has floor to ceiling tiles. Is it possible to remove the bidet and turn it into a curbless shower stall area?

Why does my washer smell like fish?
Sarah Sarah Answered on Apr 11, 2024

I've noticed a fishy smell coming from my washing machine. What is the reason for this and how can I clean my washer to get rid of the odor?

Easiest way to remove linoleum glue from concrete?
Winks74 Winks74 Answered on Apr 11, 2024

Linoleum has been down since 1970 and is adhered to the concrete subfloor. We've tried boiling water with zero luck and a chemical remover that Home Depot carried to... See more

Why is there low water pressure from the kitchen faucet?
Zach Waxer Zach Waxer Answered on Apr 10, 2024

Not sure what's going on but there's super low water pressure in my kitchen faucet at the moment. The bathroom sink and shower are fine - it's just the kitchen.

Hibiscus plant help
Sharon Sharon Answered on Apr 09, 2024

I am back from a winter in Florida and these are how my two hibiscus look....I have a couple of new green leaves coming, what do I do now? Thanks

Toilet cover keeps falling off!
Lea Grossman Lea Grossman Answered on Apr 09, 2024

Any suggestions on how to replace a toilet seat the one we have keeps falling off unless someone has an idea on how to fix the existing one, see photos below.

How or can you put metal roofing over shingles?
Sandy Sandy Answered on Apr 09, 2024

wanted to save the expense of tearing off old but good roof to put up a more desirable metal roof is it possible to lay metal on top of shingled roof?

What ideas can you do with crystal and cut glass bowls?
The31820706 The31820706 Answered on Apr 09, 2024

i have many pieces of cut glass bowls im sure some are lead crystal and i want to make something useful but have no ideas i know some melt bottles to make spoon rests... See more

How to move a gas stove?
Dustin Dustin Answered on Apr 09, 2024

Hello everyone,I need to rearrange my kitchen, and I'm wondering if anyone has experience or advice on how to move a gas stove safely and without causing any damage. ... See more

Is the floral moss at Dollar Tree real?
Marykrhodes Marykrhodes Answered on Apr 08, 2024

Is the floral moss at Dollar Tree real? And, can I put it on top of the rocks with my paperwhites? I am trying to get them to absorb a little less water because they ... See more

Electrical problems in my mobile home
Jill Jill Answered on Apr 08, 2024

Recently one morning I was running my blow dryer when all of a sudden it just stopped dead. (Some of you I am sure can relate to an overheated blow dryer and the fac... See more

I have a large brass bathroom mirror that has rust on it.
Cjp28117700 Cjp28117700 Answered on Apr 08, 2024

What can I cover it with to make it attractive again. It will need to be something that can be cut around many light fixtures. Mirror looks like a large makeup mirr... See more

What's an effective way to get rid of liriope? My entire front yard
Louise Louise Answered on Apr 08, 2024

used to be liriope, but dug it all up maybe 5 yrs ago. Planted shade grass which lasted 2 seasons. Then plowed up the yard again and now it's tree mulch with azaleas,... See more

How to keep birds off deck railing?
Rivka Hellendall Rivka Hellendall Answered on Apr 08, 2024

Hello, wonderful forum members! I need your help with a little avian issue I'm experiencing. My deck railings seem to be a favorite landing spot for birds, and while ... See more

How do I make a cleaning solution using vinegar and baking soda?
Gail Davis McGough Gail Davis McGough Answered on Apr 06, 2024

how do I make a cleaning solution using vinegar and baking soda

Ideas for DIY privacy screens
Anna Anna Answered on Apr 07, 2024

Our bedroom window faces right out onto the street (see photo), so we keep the curtains closed. However we want to keep them open and are looking at ideas for DIY pri... See more

How can I get rid of poison ivy in my yard and on the fence line?'
Wish I knew Wish I knew Answered on Apr 07, 2024

I've sprayed with something specific for p.i. and also Roundup, but the p.i. still keeps coming back.

Framing vintage hankies -- Help!
Bren Bren Answered on Apr 07, 2024

I have a collection of vintage hankies and want to display them in a frame. Should I use regular picture frame or a shadow box to prevent the hankies from looking ... See more

What do I use to seal painted concrete?
Christi Willard Christi Willard Answered on Apr 07, 2024

I was given a largish concrete goose(?)statue. I painted it with leftover acrylic and latex paints. I want to seal it so I can put it outside in my garden. I live in ... See more