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Dents in stainless appliances
Barb Barb Answered on Jan 29, 2024

I have read a lot of suggestions on how to get dents out but none that I have tried have worked. It is not a deep dent so it doesn't seem like it should be difficult... See more

Reconditioning or refinishing wood staircase
V Valencia V Valencia Answered on Jan 29, 2024

We removed carpet from these stairs and will be installing a runner. The runner will cover most of the area where the old rug was, however, I would like to clean up t... See more

Help!!!! Want to keep bead board around bathtub.
Dbb28107015 Dbb28107015 Answered on Jan 29, 2024

We inherited my mother-in-law's house that is 70+ years old. We want to redo the bathroom. The tub has a shower in it and one of those ugly shower thingies. Behind... See more

How do I remove tree debris stains from my painted deck?
Sandra Botkin Gordon Sandra Botkin Gordon Answered on Jan 29, 2024

All kinds of leaves, seeds, blooms, etc., fall on my freshly painted deck.

How do I remove brick planters?
Cathy Barney Cathy Barney Answered on Jan 29, 2024

I want to update my front porch by removing planters and adding a small deck along the front half of the house. How can remove or incorporate the window planter into... See more

Marigolds growing! Should I pinch the buds?
Dianne King Dianne King Answered on Jan 29, 2024

My marigold plants are growing. I heard that pinching the buds until Autumn will allow them to grow without killing the plant. Is this true?

Luxurious Vinyl Plank floor is dull and streaky
Jenni Diskin Jenni Diskin Answered on Jan 29, 2024

We had our vinyl plank floor installed in October and I have tried cleaning it with everything from damp mop/vinegar water; swiffer; hands and knees wiping and it sti... See more

How could I redo my ugly, laminated, kitchen cabinets?
Sharon Sharon Answered on Jan 29, 2024

Dear DIY,I have had these lower kitchen cabinets for close to 30 years. I can't afford to reface them. Can I paint them? If so, what would I need to do so? Any advice... See more

Need advice for kitchen cabinet makeover
Kerry Veen Kerry Veen Answered on Jan 29, 2024

We have decided to paint our kitchen cabinets, but need to know which works better. Chalk paint or Rustoleum's kitchen cabinet kit? If you have used either your opini... See more

How can I brighten up my dark kitchen that has no window?
Shirley Ann Farris Shirley Ann Farris Answered on Jan 29, 2024

I want to paint cabinets, walls and backslash my kitchen has no windows. I want to lighten up kitchen with color as I have very small funds please help

How do I prevent squirrels from destroying my outdoor chair cushions?
Rwa20752356 Rwa20752356 Answered on Jan 29, 2024

Last year, squirrels completely destroyed six chair cushions that were in my backyard. They shredded the fabric and removed some of the white polyester stuffing. I... See more

Why am I getting black mold in my pool?
Bracha Moskoff Bracha Moskoff Answered on Jan 25, 2024

I've noticed these black spots forming in various areas of my pool, and I suspect it might be black mold. Is this possible?If you've had experience dealing with black... See more

What can I do with empty 1 gallon plastic distilled water containers?
Ftp7381651 Ftp7381651 Answered on Jan 28, 2024

What can I do with empty 1 gallon plastic distilled water containers with lids?

How can I use empty Clorox disinfectant containers?
Lois Lois Answered on Jan 28, 2024

Uses for empty Clorox disinfectant containers?

Turning bedroom sitting area into walk-in closet but where can I get custom closet doors?
Jamison J Jamison J Answered on Jan 28, 2024

I would like to use bi-fold doors but the opening is ~8ft x 7ft which are not common at all. So I am open to any suggestions of other types of doors. Also, any sugge... See more

Should I change my 4 bedroom house into 3 bedrooms?
Robin Chamberlain Robin Chamberlain Answered on Jan 28, 2024

Would taking the space of a 4th bedroom to enlarge closet and bathroom areas to make a master suite lower the value of my two story house? There is also a small base... See more

How to decorate a guest bedroom with PINK carpet
Rebecca Rebecca Answered on Jan 28, 2024

We just bought a house.. great bones.. awesome spaces.. but carpeting is not my taste.. We have a bedroom with pink ( almost a rose) color carpeting.. I would like th... See more

How can I hide an ugly cinder block basement wall?
Wendy Wendy Answered on Jan 28, 2024

A plumber got our cinder blocks wet in an area and now the white splotches are worse than the plain cinder blocks. I understand it is a bad thing to paint cinder bloc... See more

How can I hide this wall of mirrors?
Diana Diana Answered on Jan 28, 2024

Hello,My landlord will not let me remove these ugly mirrors! Even the small ones in the back! I don't like the mirrors and I have no idea how to hide them. Please hel... See more

Any ideas on how I could use leftover lattice? Inside decorating?
Heather Heather Answered on Jan 28, 2024

I have leftover lattice and would like to use it for some sort of indoor decorating project. Any ideas on a good use for it? It looks like this, just plain unfinished... See more

How can I hide/cover a wall air-conditioning unit when its not in use?
Agnes Van Horn Johnson Agnes Van Horn Johnson Answered on Jan 28, 2024


What color dressers should I use in the master bedroom?
Kelly | This Old Colonial Home Kelly | This Old Colonial Home Answered on Jan 27, 2024

I'm not a big fan of matching bedroom sets. In my opinion they lack personality and simply say, "Yep. I went to a furniture store and got everything in one stop." I l... See more

Where can I find replacement legs for a beautiful old cedar chest?
Enola Enola Answered on Jan 27, 2024

I bought an beautiful old cedar chest and only one of the 7"×4" legs are in tac.. but need 4 of these and a 19" piece of trim to match. Any help as to where I can fi... See more

How to find a light replacement for Pottery Barn chandelier?
Bill Archer Bill Archer Answered on Jan 27, 2024

We have a Exeter 16 mason jar type chandelier in the dining room. It has a broken jar and I’ve been looking for a replacement jar, but have had no luck. The fixture... See more

How can I remove a glass table top stuck to the table?
Debbie Lowery Bullard Debbie Lowery Bullard Answered on Jan 27, 2024

I have an old gorgeous wrought-iron patio table with a glass top that I've neglected over the years. We're finally getting around to doing some landscaping so we've ... See more

Can maple hardwood floor be stained a diff color?
Glenda Glenda Answered on Jan 27, 2024

Our house is over 20 years old and has narrow plank natural maple hardwood floors. We would like to update our house some by refinishing the floors so they don’t ha... See more

How do I set up an easy semi permanent fence for cheap?
Jessie Jessie Answered on Jan 25, 2024

I don't have photos, but I rent a singlewide space in a mobile home park. We want to makeover the small yard area, as we want some space for outdoor activities. The s... See more

How do I clean a vintage doll dress?
Bren Bren Answered on Jan 26, 2024

I found an antique Nancy Ann doll I want to give my mother for Christmas as a reminder of her childhood but the dress is really soiled. Mainly the front portion which... See more