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What can I coat a plaster of paris yard art decor to keep from errodin
Debby Padget Debby Padget Answered on Jan 22, 2024

I have a plaster of paris statue that I keep outside, but the weather is eroding it, is there something I can coat it with to protect it from rain and weather, and th... See more

How can I make laminate floors less slippery?
Sandy Hassinger Sandy Hassinger Answered on Jan 22, 2024

How to get rid of the slippery spots on my laminate flooring,with socks on you slide when walking

How can I cover up an ugly door in a rental apartment?
Olga Lelya Gee Olga Lelya Gee Answered on Jan 22, 2024

Hey Hometalkers!I live in a railroad-style apt in NYC, which technically has 2 front doors: one that we use, in the kitchen/living room, and one in the bedroom. How c... See more

How can I hide/decorate this ugly return air flow hallway box?
Phyllis Smith Phyllis Smith Answered on Jan 22, 2024

How to hide this box. It's in a main hallway. It is an eye sore. Phyllis614@hotmail.com

I am trying to get ideas on how to cover up a circuit breaker box?
Amanda Amanda Answered on Jan 22, 2024

Our breaker box is in our office and it is an eye sore. Does anyone have any ideas on how to cover it up so that our office looks nice?????

How can I cover up this ugly breaker box?
Lori Kelly Lori Kelly Answered on Jan 22, 2024

It’s high on the wall. It’s ugly. And I have to be able to access it. Please help! I’m out of ideas. My decor is primitive.

How to repair painted peeling countertops?
Patty Patty Answered on Jan 22, 2024

Can this problem be repaired or do I need to replace existing countertops with new ones?

Why do my sink faucets leak in the winter but not the summer?
White Oak Studio Designs White Oak Studio Designs Answered on Jan 22, 2024

My sink faucets drip in the winter and then stop in the summer. I know that a continuously leaking drip can waste 20 gallons of precious water a day so this drives me... See more

What do I use to seal a mosaic table to be used outside?
Janet McCarraher Janet McCarraher Answered on Jan 22, 2024

I am looking for a clear sealer that will withstand the weather.

What can you do with shoes that peel, inside and out?
Frances Basonic Frances Basonic Answered on Jan 22, 2024

Shoes don't seem to last very long now. I have a ton of shoes, some quite expensive, and they all peel and crack---inside and out!What has happened to quality?

How can I upcycle or reuse a microwave oven?
Barb Barb Answered on Jan 20, 2024

My microwave went KABLOOEY after 5 seconds running empty. I was trying to dry the water from the tray!

How do I change my laminate countertop from matte to gloss?
Cyndie S Cyndie S Answered on Jan 20, 2024

The countertop is from Lowes, it is a fake black granite look in matte finish. I want to add sheen to it so it looks more realistic.

Countertop is separating from vanity in bathroom. How do I fix this?
Gkelly134 Gkelly134 Answered on Jan 20, 2024

It looks like the glue is coming off. I attached a picture.

How to change a recessed light bulb?
Emma Marks Emma Marks Answered on Jan 20, 2024

I have a recessed lighting fixture in my living room that requires a bulb replacement, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I would appreciate it if anyone could prov... See more

Does anyone know how to get paint off of a tin roof?
Samanthal53 Samanthal53 Answered on Jan 20, 2024

We moved into an old 3 story house and when someone painted the dormers they dripped white paint all over the green roof and it looks awful.

How do you reuse trays that Cesar dog food comes in?
Sandy Mattes Cerveny Sandy Mattes Cerveny Answered on Jan 20, 2024

Can these little plastic trays be used for some kind of craft or other project? Hate to throw them out.

Does anyone know an easy way to remove paint from a tin ceiling?
Hum30952923 Hum30952923 Answered on Jan 19, 2024

My ceiling has many layers of paint and it's peeling all over.Add some details for your fellow Hometalkers! (Optional)

Hostas under a willow tree--Yay or Nay?
Terina Maria Terina Maria Answered on Jan 19, 2024

Our very large willow tree (Bubba) is beautiful but I want to add more visual interest by planting several varieties of Hostas around the base of her, in particular, ... See more

Ideas for this 3 ft stump in my front yard
Shannon Lawson Solis Shannon Lawson Solis Answered on Jan 19, 2024

My tree was knocked over by a storm and this is what we are left. I have no way of cutting it down any further and to me it's just an eyesore. My uncle set a couple o... See more

How do u make hummingbird mix for the feeder
MaDonna Kandie Garcia MaDonna Kandie Garcia Answered on Jan 19, 2024

Can u help me make food for my hummingbird feeder

I live in Phoenix, AZ, how do I care for my Hibiscus plant? (in a pot
IreneBlakely IreneBlakely Answered on Jan 18, 2024

It is doing well in the summer heat but I am not sure how well it will survive the 30 deg. winter.

Can a cork floor be whitewashed?
Elizabeth Elizabeth Answered on Jan 18, 2024

The cork floor is old and needs resurfacing. Can it be sanded back, whitewashed and then sealed with polyurethane?

Do you think this canvas is too small for the space???
Mary Mary Answered on Jan 17, 2024

I received my canvas and now I think it is too small for the space. It is 35 x 23. The wall is about 95" and the table is 48" I temporarily propped it on the chair so... See more

How can I make something like a slip cover to cover this couch (pic)?
Darcy Darcy Answered on Jan 17, 2024

I have 2 couches that are actually 2 recliners with a compartment in the middle with cup holders. I have looked everywhere for something to cover them. (Slip cover) C... See more

Breaker box does not have a main power shut off
Raychel Rose Raychel Rose Answered on Jan 16, 2024

We need to replace a breaker in a Murray box but there doesn't seem to be a main power shut off. Does anyone see something that I don't? The condo was built in 1978.