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I live in Phoenix, AZ, how do I care for my Hibiscus plant? (in a pot
IreneBlakely IreneBlakely Answered on Jan 18, 2024

It is doing well in the summer heat but I am not sure how well it will survive the 30 deg. winter.

Can a cork floor be whitewashed?
Elizabeth Elizabeth Answered on Jan 18, 2024

The cork floor is old and needs resurfacing. Can it be sanded back, whitewashed and then sealed with polyurethane?

Do you think this canvas is too small for the space???
Mary Mary Answered on Jan 17, 2024

I received my canvas and now I think it is too small for the space. It is 35 x 23. The wall is about 95" and the table is 48" I temporarily propped it on the chair so... See more

How can I make something like a slip cover to cover this couch (pic)?
Darcy Darcy Answered on Jan 17, 2024

I have 2 couches that are actually 2 recliners with a compartment in the middle with cup holders. I have looked everywhere for something to cover them. (Slip cover) C... See more

Breaker box does not have a main power shut off
Raychel Rose Raychel Rose Answered on Jan 16, 2024

We need to replace a breaker in a Murray box but there doesn't seem to be a main power shut off. Does anyone see something that I don't? The condo was built in 1978.

How do I kill the power from my main breaker?
Steve Kondris Steve Kondris Answered on Jan 16, 2024

I have a home built in 2006, the main panel does not seem to have a main breaker...? See attached pic of the main panel. It's a Siemens G3040 200 amp panel. Outs... See more

Why do the light bulbs in my ceiling fan keep burning out so quickly?
Mary Mary Answered on Jan 16, 2024

My ceiling fan has a light attached. The light bulbs keep burning out. I put a new bulb in and a week later it is burned out. This happens to all three of the ligh... See more

How to change a high ceiling light bulb
For13296154 For13296154 Answered on Jan 16, 2024

My ceil ing i 19 feet high

How do i cover up my laundry dryer vent that does up the wall
Kathymutter Kathymutter Answered on Jan 16, 2024

my laundry room is at the back entrance of the house and is the first thing people see when they come in. I need to do something to cover/hide the dryer pipe that ru... See more

What is the easiest way to clean enamel paint off steel window frames
Heila Butters Heila Butters Answered on Jan 16, 2024

The window putty was also poorly put in. Is there an easy way to remove or repair it?

What is the best way to fix a crown molding joint that has separated?
Paul F Paul F Answered on Jan 16, 2024

The separation occurred in the middle of the room (long run).

How do I get Lysol bowl cleaner stain off Formica?
Sandra Muto Sandra Muto Answered on Jan 16, 2024

I left container of Lysol bowl cleaner on top of Formica sink and it left a blue stain. Can’t remove.

How can I dress up this light fixture?
Michelle Michelle Answered on Jan 16, 2024

Hallway ceiling light I like to find a way to dress it perhaps a chandelier, any ideas welcome, thank you

How can I cover up my washer and dryer?
Susan Barutt Susan Barutt Answered on Jan 15, 2024

Our laundry “room” is actually just a closet. Originally it had bifold doors, but our new washer and dryer stick out of the closet so we had to remove the doors. ... See more

My laundry room has plywood walls! What can i do to do a makeover?
Stacey Reynolds Stacey Reynolds Answered on Jan 15, 2024

I do not like the way the walls look but don't want to have to replace walls or just paint over them. O thought about using plaster on the walls and do texture art on... See more

Which backsplash would go with butcher block countertops?
Lja23984216 Lja23984216 Answered on Jan 15, 2024

I really love the look of butch block counter tops but can't figure out what type of back splash to install that would not be too dark.

Can I over spray my tomato plants with castile soap and water?
Dar Dar Answered on Jan 15, 2024

I don't know if I should spray my plants daily or weekly to keep insects from destroying my plants. Can someone please help me? This is the first time I even planted... See more

Stained Carpet on Curved Staircase
Deborah Maguire Deborah Maguire Answered on Jan 15, 2024

I need to remove the old carpet and was quoted $10,000 to hardwood. Any suggestions of what else I can do besides carpet again?

Help on renovating carpeted staircase...
Steven Steven Answered on Jan 15, 2024

I am looking to pull up my carpeted staircase and stain the treads and paint the risers. The treads are solid bullnosed pine. There is a 90 degree turn on the stair... See more

Existing stair treads & risers installed over carpet! Help!
Lou Lou Answered on Jan 15, 2024

We easily discovered that the carpet was not removed by carpenters before installing wood treads and risers years ago in our home. The stairs now need to be repainte... See more

Help cleaning acrylic bathtub
Debra C. Rollins Debra C. Rollins Answered on Jan 15, 2024

We have a deep soaking bathtub that is only used by me. I am frustrated by all my efforts to keep it "squeaky clean". Have used both creamy soft scrub cleaners as wel... See more

Help! Cleaning a nasty bathtub.
Lori Kelly Lori Kelly Answered on Jan 15, 2024

I'm cleaning a distant relative's home. I cleaned the kitchen yesterday for 10 hours and 6 big bags of garbage! When I tell you I need advice for a black, moldy, soa... See more