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How do I repurpose a very old bathroom sink?
Mary Sharp Myers Mary Sharp Myers Answered on Jan 08, 2024

Here is the sink. I need a non chemical way to bring the sink back to life.

I have golden oak trim and what color of wood floors should I use.
Kristen Kristen Answered on Jan 08, 2024

Lots of oak trim - doors, baseboard, kitchen cabinets and furniture.

How do I update all beige bathroom with what color towels?
Job33100262 Job33100262 Answered on Jan 08, 2024

Toilet, vanity and tub are bone color with brushed nickel fixtures. What color shower curtain and towels would make it pop, if possible?

How to re-tile shower floor?
Lendy Counts Lendy Counts Answered on Jan 08, 2024

The tiles are coming off the floor of this shower floor. It was built in the ‘70’s. I really would like to replace so it can be SCRUBBED REALLY GOOD! How difficu... See more

End Grain Cobble Block Wood Tile Flooring
Real Antique Wood Real Antique Wood Answered on Jan 08, 2024

Just wondering what people thought about our end grain wood tile flooring idea. So many different ways to lay out. What's your favorite?

Flooring choices for mobile home
J J Answered on Jan 08, 2024

Have a 30 year old mobile home that we will keep for 2-3 more years before selling. Not sure I want to invest $5-6,000 for laminate throughout. What about vinyl in la... See more

How do I attach legs to large tray?
Melanie Wyma Melanie Wyma Answered on Jan 08, 2024

I have a very large, heavy, oval silverplated butler’s tray that I want to attach metal legs to, to make an end table or small coffee table. I don’t know how to a... See more

Help for a tiny-too-shallow-coat-closet?
Kari Kari Answered on Jan 08, 2024

I have a coat closet which is 19 1/2" D x 30" W x 90"H. The pictures show my largest frustration which is the hangers must sit sideways due to the depth of the close... See more

Any ideas for taming partially used rolls of ribbon?
Jac Jac Answered on Jan 08, 2024

I recently acquired a ka-zillion rolls of fabric ribbon - assorted sizes. Aside from straight pins or tape (which is useless), has anyone found a way to control the c... See more

Can you hang things on a hollow door?
Rob12405487 Rob12405487 Answered on Jan 08, 2024

We just moved into a new downsize home! So exciting except, I would like to have a little more storage space in my pantry. My first thought was to hang wire racking ... See more

What kind of glue do I use to attach photos to wood?
Dave Foster Dave Foster Answered on Jan 07, 2024

I have some photos that I would like to glue to some wood plaques, but I'm not sure what type of glue to use!!??

What color should I paint interior doors that won't show dirt?
E E Answered on Jan 07, 2024

What’s the best color to paint interior doors so they don’t show the area around the door knobs? I’m sick of having to clean them every day.

What adhesive should I use to attach wood trim to a mirror?
Khicks4330 Khicks4330 Answered on Jan 07, 2024

I am placing wood trim on the edge of a mirror. What adhesive or adhesive tape would be best to use

Am I the only one?
KrysFL KrysFL Answered on Jan 06, 2024

I don't want to sound like a total "hater", but am I the only one who doesn't like distressed furniture? I see so many beautiful pieces of furniture that would look o... See more

How to remove wallpaper from behind toilet?
Pab32792157 Pab32792157 Answered on Jan 06, 2024

is there a way to remove wallpaper from behind a toilet without removing the toilet?

Other uses for for non skid shelf liner
Angelia.mims Angelia.mims Answered on Jan 06, 2024

I have alot of excess non skid shelf liner. Its too much to just throw away. I would really like to resuse it. Does anyone have any ideas to share, i would love to ... See more

Can you wallpaper a static caravan
Elizabeth Moyle Elizabeth Moyle Answered on Jan 06, 2024

Hi there I want to freshen up our caravan and would like any hints and tips.I know what a clever bunch the group is so any tips will be greatly appreciatedThank you i... See more

Can I put wallpaper or even contact paper on paneled walls?
Jan21764566 Jan21764566 Answered on Jan 06, 2024

All walls are have paneling. Want to change a few walls, but easily with limited cost.

Can you put wallpaper on top of a cork wall? Will it stick to it?
Els10335754 Els10335754 Answered on Jan 06, 2024

We are renovating and would like to put wallpaper on a cork wall. Is it possible to put non-woven (paste on wall) wallpaper on it?

How do I paint the glass panel on my front door?
Gab1264833 Gab1264833 Answered on Jan 06, 2024

How do I paint the glass panel so that it looks like stained glass and not so see-through?

How do I change the color of this glass mosaic lamp?
Andrea Andrea Answered on Jan 06, 2024

I would like to paint this glass Mosaic lamp I purchased it @ Pier 1 to a more jewel-toned color. Does anyone know what kind of paint to use?

Is there a way to paint colored windows?
Betty Brady Betty Brady Answered on Jan 06, 2024

See those ugly green windows beside my front door? I want to change the color, but I do not have the money to change out the windows. They are insulated. My house is ... See more

Painting cabinet glass doors???
Sophie Sophie Answered on Jan 06, 2024

Hi Everyone! has anyone tried to paint glass doors before? My cabinets top cabinets have a glass center, I want to paint them and I do not like the glass. Would be aw... See more

How to paint over glass uneven mosaic tile?
Pau34076947 Pau34076947 Answered on Jan 06, 2024

I have a dark kitchen I want to brighten up without much effort. Seams like painting might be a good option, but all the diy instructions I see online are on painting... See more