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How can I build a fireplace in an alcove that we can remove?
Joel Hayes Joel Hayes Answered on Jan 02, 2024

How can I build a fireplace in an alcove that we can remove when we move out? I want it to look like its built in but the height of the alcove is 9 ft. We have consid... See more

Can I remove the mantel on a mobile home fireplace?
Robin Jarrett Robin Jarrett Answered on Jan 02, 2024

The fireplace is a wood burning one and in good condition overall but I hate hate hate the mantel. I worry that if I pull it off there will be "nothing" behind it. ... See more

Whats behind my rock fireplace, & how do I remove it?
Debbie Debbie Answered on Jan 02, 2024

It's huge with quartz rock. I'm so afraid to tear it out, because I don't know what's behind the rock, & what to do after it's gone. The garage is on the other side.... See more

How can I seal tree stumps for use as seats around my fire pit?
Matthew Matthew Answered on Jan 02, 2024

A few weeks ago a storm knocked over a huge branch on to my house. Had a service come out to remove it and had them leave big cut up pieces to use for seats around my... See more

Ceramic bird bath cracked from water freezing. Stop leaking?
Judy Ayres Judy Ayres Answered on Jan 02, 2024

cracked all the way through from front to back in several places. I would like to use Bondo. Would this “fix” kill birds drinking the water? Thanks, love readin... See more

How can I cover these window panes for more privacy?
J'edith Exum J'edith Exum Answered on Jan 02, 2024

Dumb me purchased a door that I liked, not thinking of the transparency of the window panes. Need suggestions on how to cover windows, where I can see out but no one ... See more

How can I cover a window in a closet without curtains but need privacy
Tamelia Tamelia Answered on Jan 02, 2024

I want to cover a window in my walk in closet but I don’t want to use a curtain, however I need privacy. How Can I cover the window and still let light in?

How can I cover the bottom portion of my windows, but not the top?
Anmethist Anmethist Answered on Jan 02, 2024

I have three windows that face the street that I would like to use blackout curtain material so I can sleep but also open top 1/3 to see th sky when I'm not sleeeping... See more

How do I replace wicker drawer pulls?
Peggy Peggy Answered on Jan 02, 2024

How can I replace broken drawer pulls on a small wicker chest?

How do I change the colors in my new Persian rug to look antique?
Manya Manya Answered on Jan 01, 2024

I have a new Persian rug that has very vibrant colours. I love to change it in order to look old, aged, antique and faded.any ideas.....of a technique ?thank you in a... See more

Help,did I buy the wrong color living room rug,furniture?
Sandraapostoles Sandraapostoles Answered on Jan 01, 2024

Costly light,powdery blue rug, one cream color chair,stripe cream,taupe,color settee and a taupe recliner.How can I make it come together?My walls are light gray.We t... See more

How do I save my new Sisal rug?
Elizabethmdarby Elizabethmdarby Answered on Jan 01, 2024

I didn’t realize a small Coke bottle had turned over onto my new sisal rug, so much of it had soaked into the rug. I ended up needing a professional rug cleaning, b... See more

What is the best tile adhesive to use outdoors on concrete steps?
Deborah Brimner Deborah Brimner Answered on Dec 30, 2023

I am going to decorate my porch steps by adding mosaic tile to the raisers of my concrete steps and would like to know what adhesive would work best. Also what kind o... See more

Im trying to find out if this set is valuable or not. Johnson Brothers
Allie Allie Answered on Dec 29, 2023

Wondering the value of this set if any. I have service for 10. Teacups, saucers, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, dessert plates, gravy boat., large and small plat... See more

Can I dye a wedding dress with Rit dye?
Terri Terri Answered on Dec 29, 2023

A friend of mine is getting married shortly and would love to have a dramatic black wedding dress.She has changed her mind AFTER buying her beautiful blush colored go... See more

How to clean laminate countertops?
Tikva Morrow Tikva Morrow Answered on Dec 29, 2023

Hey, folks! Need some kitchen cleaning wisdom here! 🏠 How do you all tackle the task of cleaning laminate countertops? Any favorite tricks or natural cleaners you ... See more

How do you keep crows from ripping open your garbage?
Syl9793882 Syl9793882 Answered on Dec 29, 2023

How to keep animals out of trash, there are crows that keep ripping open our garbage which in turn attracts more animals. All advice is appreciated!

Can an artificial Christmas tree be “flocked”?
Vmr15755604 Vmr15755604 Answered on Dec 27, 2023

I wanted to breath new life into my 15 year old articial Christmas tree. Instead of replacing it ,I was curious if flocking or spray snow would adhere to the branche... See more

What type of glue to use on duck cloth & fold technique for cushions?
Wendy Wendy Answered on Dec 27, 2023

I will be making cushions for my patio bench and need to know which type of glue to use on the duck cloth material and what type of folds to use the attach cloth to f... See more

Heavy rain caused concrete floor cracks to seep water?
Joe30381108 Joe30381108 Answered on Dec 27, 2023

How do I repair cracks in concrete basement floor that seeped water and ruined things after heavy rain.

How to repair clear coat spot on wood floor panel?
Lori Sproat Lori Sproat Answered on Dec 27, 2023

I'm a renter. The hall floor is I believe fake wood and clear coat top. Someone hung a hot oil plug in upside down. The warm oil peeled off a spot of the clear coat... See more

Sand piles from pavers
Nita Singler Nita Singler Answered on Dec 27, 2023

little sand piles are popping up between my pavers. Are those ants and how do I fix ?

What can I do with flower pots other than using them for flowers?
Laurie Bell-Kohn Laurie Bell-Kohn Answered on Dec 26, 2023

I have tons of flower pots, but no time or patience for flowers!! I need ideas of what else to put in them!

How can I use faux brick paneling as backsplash in my kitchen?
Gina Galyon Gina Galyon Answered on Dec 26, 2023

I saw this idea in a magazine and am wanting to try it. Of course I am going to paint the brick, white I think. But I want white cabinets as well. Any thoughts? To... See more

My new home is 4 months old and the caulk and grout are already crack
Jennifer M Jennifer M Answered on Dec 26, 2023

My home is only 4 months old the caulk and grout are cracking around the edges of the tile in the kitchen and bath. Is it normal for new grout to crack?