20Kw Kohler Standby Generator ElectraMedics Electrical installed today in Canton Georgia.

All the power most houses will ever need in an outage situation. The power turns on automatically so you never spend a night in the heat or cold (or dark)

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  • LandlightS i could not agree more they will not be happy at all with the that unit. If you put an undersized generator on a home especially gas powered, i am afraid you will spend more time trying to get the thing to work.

  • Cor1382303 Cor1382303 on Sep 28, 2015
    Oh wow, so by the look of the picture that's how a generator looks like. How would the installation be if you were to install something like that? I ask because later today my wife is taking me to see some generators at a certain store and also we do want to avoid the experience that we had last year of going out of power. <a href='http://www.totalgenerators.com/generators1.html' >=</a>