5 Signs of Plumbing Defects in Your Home

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Imagine yourself lying in bed, drifting off to finally get to sleep late at night when you suddenly hear a drop of water from a faucet somewhere in your home or a swirling noise of a running toilet, or worse, a smell of a random stinky odor out of nowhere. Have you experienced that? Well, those are signs of possible plumbing issues in your house.

Plumbing problems occur in every household. While people expect them to happen, they might get worse and worse if you take no action at all. Thus, you better start getting professional help once you have noticed these five signs of plumbing defects in your home.

Discoloration of the Pipes

You might somehow overlook the discolored pipes at your house because of how frequently you notice those in other homes, but they are actually bad signs of a plumbing problem.

This problem is caused by the dripping of water from the sink or drain line. However, it can be more severe than a mere drip. Serious causes include a slow leak in the supply, which means the plumbing system is getting too much pressure. This problem may possibly lead to a large mess when left unattended. You may ask for help from plumbers by calling them or visit mrblueplumbing.com for a professional service.

Better start checking your pipes and look for any signs of discoloration as early prevention, like those under the sinks.

Discolored Water

The water coming out from the faucet is undeniably crystal clear, not until plumbing issues occur in your house. There could be issues in your pipelines that made the appearance of the water murky. Plus, discolored water can affect your health.

The discolored water can be in different colors, depending on the cause of that plumbing problem. For instance, it might range from the dirty colors of brown to black.

The most common color for this problem is within the range of brown, red, orange, and yellow. This occurrence means that there is a presence of iron or manganese from the rusting old pipes. The color variations have something to do with the oxidation level.

The dirty black water is extremely bad for your health when being mixed with beverages or food. The color comes from the presence of sewage by a drain clog or sewer backup in your house. You might want to buy a drain stopper or get professional help for pipe replacements.

Stinky, Foul Odor in Your House

If you ever smell something foul like rotten eggs, human waste, or even sulfur, you have a big plumbing problem in your house. Make sure to get your plumbing system checked and find the source of the problem as soon as possible.

Why does this happen, anyway? Well, it might be because your pipes are clogged or backed up. The traps in the plumbing system that serve as barriers to make the sewer gas keep going to its particular path to the roof might also be damaged. But it can be more severe than that.

In this problem, the sewer gas is seeping everywhere from the drains in your house. This can be highly hazardous to your health when being inhaled for an extended time.

Multiple Slow Drains

It is not surprising at all that slow drains are the most common plumbing issue. However, it is not much of a problem most of the time. You can simply remove the hair clogs on the bathtub and shower drains in the bathroom. Some slow drains are DIY fixable. But multiple slow drains are another story.

When you notice that the water in the sinks or drains takes several minutes to drain completely, you may have a deeper issue on your hands. In this case, the sewer line might be affected by some blockages, so it needs some real cleaning.

Any nearby large trees around your house can cause this problem, interfering with the water pipes and obstructing the water flow. It would be best to contact professional plumbers to fix this problem.

Sudden Spike of Water Bills

A sudden exponential increase in your water bill is undoubtedly a pain in the budget. While this can mean that there are changes in the provider's billing, this can also be caused by an issue in your plumbing system. If you have not done anything that can potentially increase your water usage, it is probably because of some unknown leaks in your house.

Once this happens, look for leakage at home. You might find one in your bathroom, a running toilet, the most common source of water bill spikes. But the house can have more on the little pipes. So, also get them checked.

Final Thoughts

Knowing these signs for potential plumbing defects can increase your awareness of preventing the problems from getting more extensive and challenging to resolve. While some of these problems are fixable on your own, others would require you to get help from experts and plumbers. As such, do not hesitate to call them before the issues will escalate into bigger problems.

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