50 Secrets Of Successful Garage Sales

We are all trying to downsize our closets and garages, so why not do it with another person?
One of the best tips I got from a girlfriend of mine, was holding a sale with a couple friends commands more attention than doing it alone. Lets face it, a lot of us have more stuff than we need. The average woman has a dozen or so slacks, and only wears about 4 pairs on a regular basis. If you are a re-seller, make some extra money on the side by holding a sale 4 times a year, and team up with a number of girlfriends. People may plan for your sales as the word gets out.
Over the last couple of years my husband and I have been unloading a lot of goods. Living with less has been so much more rewarding. I also recently purged all my black clothes from my closet, and opted to wear color year around, which surprisingly makes me more happy! Here are 50 tips for great sales, and if you have some of your own, put them in the comment box below…..
-#1 Avoid Garage Sale Signs That Are Small And Brown- Cardboard with permanent marker simply doesn’t show up when you are driving. If people are driving at 30 -50 miles an hour, these signs are going to be hard to read in a moving vehicle. Often times, people won’t turn around if they cannot read the sign.
#2 Avoid Small Commercially Made Garage Sale Signs- These signs can be easier to read but often get mistaken for the “for rent” and “for sale” signs you typically see on a daily basis. These signs get ignored. What you say on the board is not as important than seeing the board. Write something unique like “epic” “huge”, “multi-family sale” These will draw people in more than your typical garage sale.
#3 Hyper-colored Bright Neon Poster Boards Are Perfect. (which is 22 X 28 most of the time) These can be mounted on to or more wooden 2 inch boards which then can be hammered into grass. Attach balloons and make sure your arrows are pointing in the right direction, says Kathy Peterson, a design expert and featured guest on HGTV’s Longest Yard Sale.
#4. Provide Arrows To The Location- Make it easy for people to find you buy providing arrows that lead them through complicated subdivisions. People don’t want to drive back, and look up the address in their phones. If you make it hard to find your home, people may turn around if it wastes too much time. If there is a stretch of road that is long, post a sign “straight ahead, keep going” Give people confidence your home is easy to find. Signs get left up a lot, so provide a DATE. Take down your signs after the sale, right at closing time. Be a good neighbor and community member, as nobody likes to show up at a garage sale after it’s already closed. In addition, people don’t like to see old, faded signs taped to poles, either.
#5. One day vs. two day. ” If you don’t have much, do a one day, but set up early enough to attract the early birds. Price to move. If you have a ton of stuff, or a multi-family, go for two day. Then you can price a bit better, and still have a day to mark down. Day 1 is for money, day 2 is to move volume. Second days will get fewer people so give massive discounts to move more stuff. Put more in your “free” box as the day goes on“ ebay guides
# 6 Differentiate Yourself. All garage sales are basically the same. Find a way to set yours apart. Last weekend, for instance, I billed ours as a “geek garage sale”, and emphasized that I had graphic novels, board games, and computer gear. My Craigslist ad brought folks from far and wide because of this.” -getrichslowly.org
#7. Use To Wooden Stakes To Prop Up Your Signs. Often times one stake in the center will cause the poster board to fold in. You want a stake at each end of the poster board. This will ensure that wind doesn’t fold your board that provides directions to your sale.
#8 Stand Out- This tip comes from Vintage Revivals -”Stand out from the 100’s of others going on that day. I did not advertise as a yard sale. I advertised as a Hoard Sale because A) its way funnier and B) that’s what it was! The ads from Craigslist were so awesome that people came from 2 hours away just to see what a Hoard Sale was. Here are a sampling of the ads:
HUMONGO hoard sale this Saturday! (October 8) According to my husband I am a freakin hoarder, and he is mad at me. Which means that I have to get rid of a ton of my treasures to save my marriage. Starts at 8 on the dot. No early birds, I will call the cops. Just kidding I wont. But really don’t come early. This is a DIYers paradise! Need a dining room chair or 21? Good cause we have those! See you there! Also I like cookies if you want to bring me some.
#9. Start Posting Signs Working From Your Home and Out To The Major Roads- If you start placing signs at the nearest intersection or busy road, and start backward, often times people will start to find your house before you are done. If you start with your home address, then the nearest street corner, then the next intersection, there is always a path back to your home.
#10 Stick To Your Advertised Hours- “Do not advertise that the sale opens at 7 am, if you aren’t an early riser. Times differ as much as people and can start anywhere from 6 am to 10 am. Be aware that if you say you will be open at 8 am, you might have eager buyers (aka “early birds”) standing in your yard at 7:30. If you say you’ll be open until 5 pm, do not close at 4pm” weekendtreasure.com
Advertise By Posting Individual Objects In Craigslist- Often times people won’t check the craigslist garage sales, but they will check out the furniture, toy, home sections of craigslist. Place an ad Wednesday, and then on Friday morning and afternoon with different pictures of your sale items. Take lots of photos so people know you have a lot to offer. Often the lack of pictures signal that your sale may not be worth attending. Make it clear that there are lots to offer. Some examples include weekendtreasure.com, garagesalehunter.com, yardsalesearch.com, craigslist.com, and facebook.com.

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