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I have a large backyard. I love the idea of sectioning off, ie, bench, garden. I am so not DIY and suggestions on how to get started? I have a pond also that is need of serious help. I will post pictures of my yard and pond. Help! I live in Long Beach, CA.
its way overground and the filters/pump are broken. I have a leak and i can't find it!!!

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  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Dec 04, 2011
    Was the pond there when you moved in or did or did you have someone put it in for you? Can you take a picture of the pond from farther away so we can get a look at the whole pond? The estimate you go sounds like he is basically going to have to reinstall the pond using what ever materials that are salvageable and what ever is broken replacing. He would probably start by draining the pond, taking out the plant material. The leak could be from a hole in the liner or merely where it has slipped . Is it a prefab plastic tub affair or is it one that has a rubber looking liner? I don't know the plant material in CA well enough to help you long distance with your back yard, though if you measured it and sent detailed pictures I could offer you some suggestions as to how to go about what you want to achieve. it is our slow time of year and it is always good practice in the winter to look and something new and different, helps me stay out of the rut! If you contact me via pm I will gladly share my knowledge with you via email. Douglas is right though it does sound like you may be a bit overwhelmed and a local professional is the way to go, even if you have pay for a drawing and work on the project in phases. If you miss your water sounds, purchase a inexpensive pre-fab fountain and artfully place it beside or inside your existing pond for now, until you get things moving along.

  • Anna K Anna K on Dec 04, 2011
    If you have good measurements drawn to scale of your property/house/ and location, and lots of photos, you could actually get design help pretty inexpensively by either taking these items to a local garden center (who will often help design for free if you purchase the materials/plants there) or submit your info to a freelance designer (like myself) who can ensure your design has proper flow, the right amount of maintenance/plant material etc. to suit your needs. There is a certain amount of trust involved with an online designer (I insist on payment before sending full design), but if you use a credit card you can usually protect yourself. I would work with you on changes, etc. until the design meets your satisfaction-and coach you through the process of installation if you plan to do it yourself. I have traveled to other states to install my designs, but obviously this is not the most cost effective route. There are many great designers out there and I would strongly recommend having at least the layout done professionally. Good luck!