Repurposed old trunk

This trunk was given to my dad by his landlady when he was in college (very early 1960's), it is very old, although neither he or I know much about it. The beautiful blackletter text on it says, "Frank Johann Aus Sinsheim", which translates to "Frank Johann of Sinsheim" [a town in Germany].
Anyway, dad has had the trunk in his backyard for at least 10 years, exposed to weather - rain, snow, heat, drought - you name it. He has known that I have always wanted it, yet I never seemed to be able to have the time or room in my car to take it... until it literally fell apart and collapsed into a lovely weathered heap of boards in his yard. At last, it fit into my car! In its dilapidated state, it was no longer a trunk, but POTENTIAL! So I did the next logical thing - I cut it up and made a shelf. Here is the fruit of my efforts... with the original iron handles and charming old text.
Trunk repurposed into shelf
Trunk repurposed into shelf, with some favorite antique items - Palmolive jar, enameled finger bowl and Italian vase.

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  • Freida DeYoung-Thomas Freida DeYoung-Thomas on Nov 14, 2015
    Love this! I have one that belonged to my grandmother. Thanks for the idea. I will be doing this to mine and will place it in my living room along with all the other pieces I have that I've refinished when I move to my new house which will basically be dedicated to my parents and grandparents.
  • Teresa Teresa on Nov 15, 2015
    I adore this!